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Recent bar & restaurant customer reviews in London

The Canonbury 21 Canonbury Place, London, N1 2NS (Map)

A cracking pub with an even better beer garden. Bring on the summer! More Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Jules, London

The Canonbury
Picture of The Exhibit, Balham, London

The Exhibit, Balham (Bar / Restaurant)
“Have just moved into the area and had a great dinner last Thursday at the Exhibit with friends. The place was buzzing and the food fantastic. I had the Red Mullet which was incredible. The last time I had had Red Mullet was in Barbados and it was caught about an hour beforehand. Last Thursday nights was better. My friend had the 8oz Steak which he said was excellent! Everything seemed very fresh and came out from the kitchen in good time. The staff were also very friendly and helpful. After dinner we moved into the cocktail lounge and had some very good cocktails at the bar. We ended up staying until the place closed. Really great restaurant! I have been to BKB across the street as well and there is no comparison, The Exhibit wins hands down. Plus, BKB is about twice the price and the staff not as helpful or as friendly! Thanks Exhibit, I'll be back soon.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Jonty, London 17 Apr 06

E One Club, Whitechapel & Wapping (Bar)
“Swanky, friendly cabaret bar very close to Stepney station. Reasonably priced, plenty of entertainment, dance floor, pool table and open extra late!!!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Jonathon, London 17 Apr 06

One Paradise Road, Richmond & Kew (Bar / Restaurant)
“Certain nights are great like thursdays and saturdays, very much a pulling bird place, drinks are ok, prices ok, great wines.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Robert, London 14 Apr 06

Picture of Crown & Greyhound, Dulwich, London

Book a table at Crown & Greyhound, Dulwich now - fast, free and confirmed!

Crown & Greyhound, Dulwich (Bar)
“This is a great pub located in the middle of Dulwich Village. It serves great food especialy Sunday Roast and has a huge selection of beers whether you like bottle beers, largers or real ales. They also have an extensive wine list with wine from all over the world.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
paul smith, cape town 14 Apr 06

The Chester Arms, Camden (Bar)
“I didn't try the food, but it must really be somthing if it makes up for the lame cocktails and surly service. I had a white russian that tasted exactly like a glass of milk - when i gave up on cocktails and ordered a glass of wine the barman mixed two bottles - when the result was horrible he refused to change it!! I wont be going back.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Pete, London 14 Apr 06

Picture of The Phoenix, Victoria, London

The Phoenix, Victoria (Bar / Restaurant)
“Very "beautiful" - a little bit of Clapham, in the heart of London.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Gruff, London 13 Apr 06

Picture of The Harringay Arms, Crouch End, London

The Harringay Arms, Crouch End (Bar)
“I only go in there for the cheap booze and even cheaper men.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Sally, London 13 Apr 06

La Movida, Battersea (Bar / Restaurant)
“This is my favourite place for eating out in London. The food is superb and reasonably priced, the service is excellent and there is a lovely atmosphere. I have tried almost everything on the tapas menu and nothing disappoints. Top place, definitely worth a visit.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Fiona Daniels, Holland Park, London 13 Apr 06

Picture of Fabric, Clerkenwell, London

Fabric, Clerkenwell (Bar)
“Fabric is the best club in London. The atmosphere is amazing. There are so many different kinds of people who make you feel welcome. The music is out of this world and Fabric know how to get the best people in. I have been about 20 times and each time is better than the last time. I love it.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
katharine campling, Guildford 12 Apr 06

Picture of The Gun, Canary Wharf, London

The Gun, Canary Wharf (Bar / Restaurant)
“Its a lovely pub on the river with amazing outdoor views, good beer, a great wine list and lovely (but rather pricey)food. The real shame about this place though is how bad the staff are - they slow, not very attentive and often get stuff wrong and don't sem to realise the customer is surely always right!? I will still go to this pub cause the location and view are just wonderful but my advise to others would be get your drinks quickly and avoid the bar staff the rest of the time!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Cat, London 12 Apr 06

Picture of Sway, West End, London

Sway, West End (Bar / Restaurant)
“I was in London on a weekend city break from Italy. I am originally from London and like to get back as much as possible. I had heard of Sway but had never gotten round to going. I went there on a Saturday night with a few friends and loved it. We managed to get there just before ten pm and missed the cover charge, which was a good start to the evening. The place was quite busy, but we didn't have to wait long at the bar. The staff were relaxed and seemed to be enjoying themselves. The best part of the night for me was the music. It was really funky house and the DJ in the main area knew what he was doing! All in all it was a great night (even though the next morning wasn't). I will definitely be going back there.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
mario, pescara 12 Apr 06

La Movida, Battersea (Bar / Restaurant)
“This is simply one of the best Tapas/Bars in London. What a great find. The food is excellent and the service is excellent. This is now my regular eaterie. Definitely give this place a try you will not come away without feeling a touch of spain has hit you.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Mark Foster, London 12 Apr 06

Picture of Clapham Grand, Clapham, London

Clapham Grand, Clapham (Bar / Club)
“I LOVE LOVE LOVE this place! Impossible to have a bad night here unless you enjoy standing round looking miserable or having a quiet drink! A place packed with happy, up for a good time people. No pretentious, no judgemental chaviness just a great place to dance, chat and let your hair down.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Kate, London 10 Apr 06

Picture of Revolution, Clapham, London

Revolution, Clapham (Bar)
“Cheap but that's about all it has going for it. Rude staff, pervy men and the feeling something is going to kick off at any moment. Food fresh out of it micro wave packet!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Kate , London 10 Apr 06

Picture of The Wellington, West End, London

The Wellington, West End (Bar)
“While i can't complain about the quality of the beer, the food and service in the upstairs restaurant was amazingly bad. I have never encountered such a rude waitress, and the 'sunday roast' was extremely average.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Dave, London 10 Apr 06

The Famous Cock Tavern, Angel & Islington (Bar)
“This Pub is terrible. Next to station but no other reason to go there. It would be better to wait outside in freezing hail then venture inside and be faced with the rudest staff ever to work behind a bar. Basil Fawlty must have trained these guys in their hospitality skills. Shamelessy rude staff but when confronted by their manager I can see where they really get their rudeness from. Sorry Basil.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Gareth Jones, London 10 Apr 06

Picture of Lucky Voice Soho Private Karaoke, Soho, London

Lucky Voice Soho Private Karaoke, Soho (Bar)
“This place is just amazing, the food, the decor and what makes any good venue the staff.. I think the guys name is david who runs it, he is super cool!! Well done martha lane fox.. this is such a good place.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Ke, hinkly 09 Apr 06

Picture of Salt House, Epsom & Cobham, London

Salt House, Epsom & Cobham (Bar)
“We previously loved going to the Salthouse for drinks... great ambience. Tonight we arrived and were greeted by a young woman (how do I put this delicately?.. with her rear cleavage in clear sight) instructing everyone who entered to remove their hats and jackets. I found this curious... it was snowing outside and she didn't even allow customers a chance to get settled. She seemed more concerned about the appearance of customers and keeping customers away from the bar than serving anyone. We had enjoyed going to the Salthouse for drinks, but with all of the other choices in Epsom, we'll pass on the Salthouse in future.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
C. Williams, Epsom 08 Apr 06

Hop Poles, Hammersmith (Bar)
“This is largely regarded as the worst pub in Hammersmith. That's not true. I visited it and must conclude that this is possibly the worst pub in the entire of London. The bar staff are ignorant and slow, do not know about the events advertised in their own pub and the clientelle is the worst mix of aged alcoholics and youngsters for whom drinking is the reason not the adjunct to a night out. If your idea of a good night out is to be served terrible beer by surly staff while wondering if a fight is going to kick off any second then this is the place. It lacks any vestige of hospitality. Quite quite shocking.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Mark, London 08 Apr 06

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"Extremely RUDE staff Joanna who is GROSS and Uneducated and very unprofessional!! She is jealous of white customers and refuses to serve them. This Rude Joanna is disgraceful and mental!! She is NOT FIT..." Which venue is this?


"Extremely RUDE staff Joanna who is GROSS and Uneducated and very unprofessional!! She is jealous of white customers and refuses to serve them. This Rude Joanna is disgraceful and mental!! She is NOT FIT..." Which venue is this?

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