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Recent bar & restaurant customer reviews in London

The Mayflower 117 Rotherhithe Street, Rotherhithe, London, SE16 4NF (Map)

I stumbled upon this pub recently and loved the olde worlde cosiness. It is a great place to visit for a pint and bag of crisps but do beware of frozen food, put together without due care. My monkfish... More Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Alyson, London

The Mayflower
Picture of La Trompette, Chiswick & Brentford, London

La Trompette, Chiswick & Brentford (Bar / Restaurant)
“A first classs restaurant. The food was fantastic although a bit on the pricey side, don't go here if you want a nice cheap meal, but it is true, you get what you pay for. Lovely atmosphere and fantastically friendly and helpful staff. If I could afford it, I would eat here every day.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Amelia Burns, [ Unknown ] 14 Jan 05

Picture of Bar Gansa, Camden, London

Bar Gansa, Camden (Bar / Restaurant)
“The food here is gorgeous.... shame about the inattentive staff with their botched up orders and sulky faces. When they put the automatic service charge on the bill we just laughed.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Nadia, London town 13 Jan 05

Picture of The Holly Bush, Hampstead, London

The Holly Bush, Hampstead (Bar / Restaurant)
“The best pub in London, great locals, great staff/management . Love the jazz and the beef and guiness pies!!! No where else does it better!!!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Anna Austin, Barwon Heads 13 Jan 05

Picture of The Church, Brixton, London

The Church, Brixton (Bar / Club)
“Absolutley brilliant! I had the best Sunday afternoon of my life! A great way to get shaker the cobwebs from the night before. Lively place with lively people! A definite must.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
anits, reykjavik 13 Jan 05

Picture of Bar Gansa, Camden, London

Bar Gansa, Camden (Bar / Restaurant)
“Great food, nice restaurant , good music playing - but the waiting staff were extremely rude and unhelpful, and completely messed up our order to boot.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Duncan, London 12 Jan 05

Picture of The Hawley Arms, Camden, London

The Hawley Arms, Camden (Bar)
“This Pub has changed since my last visit, and for the better. With an open fire and many chesterfields, I felt totally relaxed here. Supping on a Abbot Ale, and reading the papers was ideal whilst I waited for me friends. We will go back. Great Jukebox too.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Kent Brockman, London 12 Jan 05

La Mazorca, Brixton (Bar)
“This is one of my favourite restaurants. Really good food and consistent too. Everyone I have ever taken there (my mum, workmates, boozy clubbing mates) has loved it too. ”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
bibi, Brixton 10 Jan 05

Picture of Piano, Kensington, London

Piano, Kensington (Bar / Restaurant)
“Fabulous atmosphere especially with the pianist singing . The Piano Bar caterers for most tastes; from a little back ground music, to singing and dancing. Meticulous, conscientious staff, who occasionally burst into polished song. ”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Colin, London 10 Jan 05

Picture of Apartment 195, Chelsea, London

Apartment 195, Chelsea (Bar)
“Simply the best bar in the area. The fantastic staff look after you in sumptuous surroundings and serve to-die-for cocktails. Great for an after work tipple or an informal party. Give it a try, you’ll soon be back.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
daniel walter, london 10 Jan 05

Picture of The Cat and Mutton, Hackney, London

The Cat and Mutton, Hackney (Bar / Restaurant)
“"Super, smashing, great!" as the once great Jim Bowen would say. Simple food brilliantly cooked, under-stated decor and the biggest lavatory door in Christendom! Fantastic for a slap-up Sunday lunch or an evening drink and snack, the Cat & Mutton delivers on all levels. Staff are friendly and very attentive. Have even taken my 92yr old granny there and she loved it!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
wazzoch, london 10 Jan 05

Brixton Bar & Grill, Brixton (Bar)
“A truly grim place to spend an evening. I waited a long time as they aggressively refused entry to the friend who suggested I meet him there to try it out. I wasn't aware of this till he rang me to suggest I meet him in the Ritzy bar instead. Very VERY expensive drinks, rude condescending staff who roll their eyes a lot when you try to get served because they'd rather be continuing their conversation about Celebrity Big Brother and the glass I was given was dirty (lipstick traces). I can't give it 0/5 as there is no option to do that, but it doesn't rate 1/5, in fact I'd rate it minus 5. I hope it goes bust soon and something better comes along. I've been in chip shops with more style and atmosphere.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Bibi, Brixton 10 Jan 05

Picture of Red, Soho, London

Red, Soho (Bar / Restaurant)
“if any of you know anything about cocktails you would spend a little more time savouring the bar red selection. those bar men you so despise are clearly there for their talent (though i actually find them pleasant if you are pleasant first) becasue i have never had a better mai tai in my bloody life and the singapore slings rock. as for the music, whatever you're into. everyone hates people who are not open minded with music taste, and you complainers probably consist of those pathetic types who always annoy dj talent with stupid requests for house because you can't understand nu-jazz or the like because your minds are too small to open up to new sounds. i recommend red for the cocktails (you get what you pay for finally) and the music (if you hate it it may just be a reflection on YOUR bad taste!).”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
benny, london 10 Jan 05

Footlights, Wimbledon (Bar)
“We came to footlights for a get together this weekend as we'd been told it was good by a local friend. It turned out not to be good - it was fantastic!! I had d a long chat to Dj who had just the right amount of old and new stuff - and some trick chessey stuff too. It was amazing hearing some old tunes we had forgot about! The DJ even even does requests. We were made to feel very welcome and it's tops a party atmosphere. It is just a shame we all live so far away - otherwise we would be there every weekend.!! ”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:

Picture of Loungelover, Shoreditch, London

Loungelover, Shoreditch (Bar)
“This has to be one of the most spectacular bars in London. If you're looking to impress and don't mind flashing the cash then this is definitely the place. I went there once with friends, but for me that was enough. Paying top-end West End prices in the East End - no matter how sumptiously (and camply) decorated - sticks in the craw somewhat. It was waiter service only and a minimum of £10 a drink - plus to add insult to injury - there was only one or two ladies' loos in the whole place. Definitely worth a visit though to check it out, but be warned - despite the grim location - it ain't cheap!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Paula, London 07 Jan 05

Picture of Boujis Nightclub, Kensington, London

Boujis Nightclub, Kensington (Bar / Club)
“Upon entering the establishment I found myself somewhat astounded by the sheer abundance of magnificent totty. Wonderful bar with the most perilous cocktails this side of the Rhine! All in all a 6/10”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
jimmy, london 07 Jan 05

Picture of Babel, Clapham, London

Babel, Clapham (Bar)
“Anyone who was at Babel just this new year's eve will know what a fantastic place for a party it is. I have lived and gone out all over London since I moved here and have had the best times down in Battersea's best venue. No frills, just excellent service, gorgeous cocktails and interesting people to meet!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Germaine, London 07 Jan 05

Picture of Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK), Battersea, London

Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK), Battersea (Restaurant)
“I thought I was just going for a burger with mates but how wrong was I. These burgers are the best I have ever eaten and I do consider myself a well travelled conoseiur of these kings of the fast food chain. The Kiwi burger is massive, with very fresh produce and rivals the best of the gourmet burgers you can find in New Zealand (home of the Kiwi gourmet burger) or anywherelese for that matter. The fries were big and fat with a delicious aioli mayonaise plus tomato sauce. We got out of there for a tenner each feeling like we were ready to take whatever London could throw our way.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Ben Hawkins, London 07 Jan 05

Picture of O'Neill's, Soho, London

O'Neill's, Soho (Bar)
“Visited for a couple of drinks on New Years Day and ended up staying for the remainder of the evening. This is a fun pub with friendly people ..... had such a laugh and looking forward to many more trips there.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Bryan, Ware 07 Jan 05

Picture of Snooty Fox, Angel & Islington, London

Snooty Fox, Angel & Islington (Bar)
“On a Sunday afternoon there is nothing better than relaxing in this fine establishment. Read the paper, watch the footy and eat something really tasty from the lunch menu. Great 'ambiance' and great name too!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Tony, London 07 Jan 05

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