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Recent bar & restaurant customer reviews in London

The Church Electric Brixton, Town Hall Parade, London, SW2 1RJ (Map)

awesome day out best places to go!! More Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
henry, [ Unknown ]

The Church
Picture of Bar Polski, City of London, London

Bar Polski, City of London (Bar)
“A bar that wears it's heart on it's sleeve and it's pumping out excellent Polish vodka to boot! Great staff great bar snacks and great value for money - Zubrowka and apple juice never tasted so good!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Kevin Gannon, London 27 Sep 04

Picture of Thirst, Soho, London

Thirst, Soho (Bar)
“I turned up to Thirst saturday night around 12ish and was pleasantly surprised by cheap entry, polite door staff and great atmosphere. First imprssions: small and crouded but this soon levelled off and the night really began. The DJ''s had the tunes well under control- the sign stating "no requests" was justified by a great set. £3 a bottle of stella or JD/coke was pretty welcome considering the area and god only knows how, but the punters were the best behaved croud I''ve seen out in such a confined, (sorry- intimate) space! Over all impressions: top night and top venue, only hope it can remain this way!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Ross, [ Unknown ] 27 Sep 04

Picture of Tiger Tiger, West End, London

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Tiger Tiger, West End (Bar / Restaurant)
“I totally agree with the bad reviews, this place is so awful I can''t believe it survives. I feel sorry for the poor tourists who visit London expecting it to be a cool and trendy city and who end up here. Generally the clientele are foreign nationals who are visiting and don''t know any better, illegal immigrants and chav hen and stag do''s (shame on you for hiring a limo - you are neither rich nor famous). For the boys naff shoes and McDonalds issue trousers are the pick of the day and for the girls anything so long as it is short, short, short. Don''t even bother going if you are not a''s meat market with expensive drinks....”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Vicki and Andy, Teddington 26 Sep 04

Rose and Crown, Ealing (Bar)
“Nice old mans pub, Great beer garden for the summer. Quiz night is always fun on a sunday, very hard though. Nice food! Lots of aussie bar staff though.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Terry, London 25 Sep 04

Picture of The North Star, Ealing, London

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The North Star, Ealing (Bar)
“One of the best pubs in ealing, cool music, good choice of spirits and a good if slightly expensive food menu. Pikeys don''t like it bcos they don''t play chart music or serve stella They also sell people''s art which means that it always has something nice if slightly avant garde to look at inside.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Terry, London 25 Sep 04

Picture of Orange Tree, Richmond & Kew, London

Orange Tree, Richmond & Kew (Bar / Restaurant)
“Hugely overrated bar. Food is average, as is the bar staff. Due to the layout this bar also has no atmosphere. Sorry....but I wouldn''t bother.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Vicki and Andy, Teddington 25 Sep 04

Picture of Belushi's, London Bridge & Bermondsey, London

Belushi's, London Bridge & Bermondsey (Bar)
“Its a franchise pub but this one can be interesting. Its always packed with travellers from Scandinavia or USA cause theres a cheap hostel type place nextdoor. The food is terrible , the drinks are just above average price for London. Its the sort of bar that features on a programme about binge drinking. Nothing special but its there.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Eon, [ Unknown ] 24 Sep 04

Picture of The White Horse, Brixton, London

The White Horse, Brixton (Bar)
“Great venue - run by Alex who''s review is at the top- I only wish they''d bring back BOK with Studholme and Svetlany - Londons finest djs :)”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Eon, [ Unknown ] 24 Sep 04

Picture of The Railway Tavern, Clapham, London

The Railway Tavern, Clapham (Bar)
“This place has a good Thai restaurant upstairs. very comfortable lounges. Downstairs is a bit rough but upstairs makes for a good start to the night. Very good and reasonably priced food.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
ja, [ Unknown ] 23 Sep 04

Lowlife, Marylebone (Bar)
“I always have a great evening when I hang out in Low Life. Chilled venue, great music, the best cocktails in town. Basically if you''re looking for somewhere to kick back and meet a friend after work for a jar or two, this place takes some beating!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Justin, [ Unknown ] 23 Sep 04

Picture of Plough & Harrow, Hammersmith, London

Plough & Harrow, Hammersmith (Bar)
“This is one the Wetherspoons Chain of Pubs where the Beer is Cheap and quite good quality. As a Wetherspoony I found this to Good. If you are a Wetherspoony you could try the Moon & Spoon in Slough on Mondays where Beer is £1.09 a Pint.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Graham Goodall, [ Unknown ] 23 Sep 04

Picture of Coach & Horses - Youngs, Barnes & Sheen, London

Coach & Horses - Youngs, Barnes & Sheen (Bar / Restaurant)
“I ended up in here (after I got my £2.60 back from the Sun just up the road) because the beer was foul. I had an excellent Pint of Youngs in the Coach & Horses with my refunded £2.60 and still got some change.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Graham Goodall, [ Unknown ] 23 Sep 04

Picture of Karaoke Box, Soho, London

Karaoke Box, Soho (Bar / Club)
“Booked an hour on Sat 18.9.04. Wasn''t sure what to expect but had a great time. The main problem with the venue is the exterior, it isn''t very clear where you go in! Our room hire was £15 per hour (5 person room) plus £3 per person entrance fee and we had such a laugh we booked a further 30 mins. Bought the obligatory drink but weren''t hassled to buy more (which we did anyway). Definately recommend for a proper Japanese style night out.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Emma, [ Unknown ] 21 Sep 04

Picture of Freemasons Arms, Hampstead, London

Freemasons Arms, Hampstead (Bar)
“my god! the rants to the brewery seem to have had an effect! the freemasons arms has had what seems to be the makeover needed to bring it upto the standard the location deserves. It now sports a large airy bar area, with pre-requisite leather sofas. The restaurant area seems to be busy serving what looks (ive not eaten there yet) good quality food - and the garden (which lets face it, this pub is all about) has had a full refurb - unrecognisable from the old concrete patio with benches. full marks!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
edmundg, [ Unknown ] 21 Sep 04

Picture of The Plough, Barnes & Sheen, London

The Plough, Barnes & Sheen (Bar / Restaurant / Hotel)
“What a breath of fresh air from the usual pubs you get in London. This pub is the perfect end to a long walk in Richmond Park and as you sit outside sipping your traditional ale it is hard to remember that you are 10 miles from the centre of London and not in a small village in Devon. Lovely bar men and women who are more than happy to take a few minutes out of the busy day to chat and make your stay at the pub a truly pleasurable experience. Full marks!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
John Edwards, [ Unknown ] 21 Sep 04

The Pavilion, Battersea (Bar)
“Well, this place just rocks. though it''s not for everyone. if you are looking for a nice quiet boozer that smells a bit of piss in the summer then this is for you. Usually pretty much empty, cheap pool table, friendly staff, sometimes even free beer when you run out of cash and they will let you sleep on the floor if you cant get home. We love it”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
DaveSofa, [ Unknown ] 21 Sep 04

Picture of The Cinnamon Club Restaurant by Vivek Singh, Westminster, London

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The Cinnamon Club Restaurant by Vivek Singh, Westminster (Restaurant)
“Great service and terrific drinks. And in such an unusual location.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
steve, London 21 Sep 04

Picture of B@1 (Be at One), Clapham, London

B@1 (Be at One), Clapham (Bar)
“Really friendly, cheesy COCKtail shaking blokes! Good cocktails, great music mainly an older crowd so music such as Van Morrison, Steely Dan, old funk and soul.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
p.bristow, London 20 Sep 04

Picture of The Palmerston, Dulwich, London

The Palmerston, Dulwich (Bar)
“A great disappointment. Service ranged from apathetic to contemptuous, after which the food is not even worth going into.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Teri, [ Unknown ] 19 Sep 04

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"Girls were rude demanding tips for a poor show. If this is the best club London has to offer don't bother going anywhere else in the city." Which venue is this?

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