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Recent bar & restaurant customer reviews in London

Latymers Thai cafe 157 Hammersmith Road, Hammersmith, London, W6 8BS (Map)

I work near Latymer's and use it both at lunch-time and in the evenings. Value, service, quality etc are all excellent (5/5) - you will not find a better Thai pub. More Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Liam, London

Latymers Thai cafe
Picture of Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes, Bloomsbury, London

Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes, Bloomsbury (Bar / Restaurant / Club)
“Excellent venue for corporate parties. Bowling, good food and dancing worked a treat for our 150 guests.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Mark, Chelsea 17 Jul 06

Picture of The Phoenix, Victoria, London

The Phoenix, Victoria (Bar / Restaurant)
“When the facts change, I change my opinion. And in this case - the facts have changed. A great example of how pub refurbishment needn't create a sterile McPub atmosphere. Good mix of pubbishness and enough soft chairs to sink into after too many post work beers. Great beer, good pub food - now they just need to train their staff how to pour beer.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Tim, London 17 Jul 06

Picture of Egg London, Kings Cross, London

Egg London, Kings Cross (Bar / Club)
“One of the best club i've ever been to....”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Girish, London 17 Jul 06

The Barracuda, Ealing (Bar / Club)
“ok i recently went into bar barracuda and have to say that although the place needs refurbishing i had an awesome night, there is a got a funky new mixed race happy bar maid who is fine fine fine, the doormen were lovely and the dj is damn fine i mean i like my funky r'n'b dj white boy and he is just that. so yeah all i want to say is people you should just give the place a try again it's worth it on a saturday or sunday. this place is clearly back on the up and coming short list.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
sarah, ealing 17 Jul 06

Picture of The Ship, Barnes & Sheen, London

The Ship, Barnes & Sheen (Bar)
“Lovely pub, there was a child named Owen for my son to play with but unfortunately John, Kay and Owen have moved to Ireland. The new staff is allright they could be a little better...”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Jamie, london 16 Jul 06

Picture of White Hart, Barnes & Sheen, London

White Hart, Barnes & Sheen (Bar)
“Big space... Nice location, Awful staff, Awful food, Beer OK but over-priced.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Jamie, London 15 Jul 06

Picture of The Raven, Hammersmith, London

The Raven, Hammersmith (Bar / Restaurant)
“This place used to be great, with great music and atmosphere. Recently, however, that seems to have dropped off, with everyone getting ruthlessly kicked out at 11, and bar staff that just don't seem to want to be there. Bring back the good old days!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
jeff, london 14 Jul 06

Picture of Brook Green Hotel, Hammersmith, London

Brook Green Hotel, Hammersmith (Bar)
“Avoid eating in this pub! One of my friends had the revolting experience of nearly eating a large live slug that was working it's way through his tuna salad. If this was not bad enough, the attitude of the manager was utterly appalling and left all of us off our food and angry by the way our friend and the group were treated. We barely received an apology. I would stay clear of this place. ”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Christina Wadsworth, London 14 Jul 06

Picture of Cafe Kick, City of London, London

Cafe Kick, City of London (Bar)
“This is an awesome cafe-bar. For me it is reminisant of cool local bars in small town South America. This place has loads of character but the ultimate reason to visit Cafe Kick (other than the foosball tables) is the Excellent Cocktails. I've been to Rio, but the Caipirinha's were better than in RIO! We had FUN that night. LOL!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Bruce, London 13 Jul 06

Picture of The Black Sheep Cafe Bar, Crystal Palace & Norwood, London

The Black Sheep Cafe Bar, Crystal Palace & Norwood (Bar)
“This is one of the best bars in south london, its relaxed and stylish but not overpriced, with excellent and attentative bar staff. Lovely comfortable inside seating as well as a great outdoor pub garden, with funky cushions. The food and cocktails are very good! Bruce”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Bruce, London 13 Jul 06

Picture of Dion, City of London, London

Dion, City of London (Bar / Restaurant)
“Great relaxed atmosphere. The staff super friendly and always go out of thier way to help.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Naveed, London 13 Jul 06

Picture of Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes, Bloomsbury, London

Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes, Bloomsbury (Bar / Restaurant / Club)
“We recently held a corporate night at Bloomsbury Bowl for 150 people. The night was managed smoothly by their staff and our clients loved the venue. We went for private hire off all eight lanes, karaoke rooms and used their cinema to show our client ad campaign. A complete venue for entertaining in London and good value for money. Well Done.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
James Hunt, London 13 Jul 06

Picture of Phoenix Artist Club, Soho, London

Phoenix Artist Club, Soho (Bar)
“The Phoenix is a relaxed always friendly bar for mainly artists, actors and musos, to have late night chilled out drinks and chat, its never rowdy and has just background music, it sports the occasionl cleb in there, has good bar snacks. Staff are in the main friendly. You'll need a friend to get you to become a member though!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:

Picture of The Bowler, Clerkenwell, London

The Bowler, Clerkenwell (Bar / Restaurant)
“what a disappointment. Their only culinary acheivement that we could see was making sausage, mash and gravy be utterly tasteless. Fish cakes were good, but somehow inauthentic, like reheated from frozen, albeit high-grade. Don't bother, there's 'way' better than this is our fine city.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Floss, london 11 Jul 06

Picture of Bentley's Oyster Bar & Grill, Mayfair, London

Book a table at Bentley's Oyster Bar & Grill, Mayfair now - fast, free and confirmed!

Bentley's Oyster Bar & Grill, Mayfair (Bar / Restaurant)
“I went to Bentleys main restaurant rather than the downstairs bar which also serves food. Although, this is a renowned fish restaurant, my friend and I went for something more carnivorous - the liver and the mixed grill. These were both superb dishes, succulently cooked and with great flavours. The overall atmosphere was pretty business orientated (on a Wednesday) so if you want more of a buzz the downstairs bar may suit you better.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
GJ, London 11 Jul 06

Picture of 5th View, St James, London

Book a table at 5th View, St James now - fast, free and confirmed!

5th View, St James (Bar / Restaurant)
“A work colleague and I ventured into 5th view last week after hearing about this bar and food. Got a a seat near the windows with a view and breeze. Service is great, food is just lovely - souffle like kisches with a wonderful ensemble to choose from of main, side, salad and dressing. I daresay I've been back there with friends almost every day and unabashedly on my own. Highly recommend it!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Glenda Butler, London 10 Jul 06

Picture of Thai on the River, Battersea, London

Thai on the River, Battersea (Bar / Restaurant)
“I DID like this place. But on Saturday my partner and I took his mother for what we expected would be a fantastic evening. We know the food and the venue are great - we've eaten here many times. BUT........... we booked for 8pm and arrived on time. at 8.10 - despite every table on the patio being empty, we were still not seated. We asked why and were told our table was being laid. We waited some more, and then when we complained that we were STILL waiting we were told that our table was the one -- the ONLY one -- looking out the side of the restaurant on to the road. The waitress was rude and surly, she clearly didn't have the time to use good manners and we eventually walked out, our evening ruined. My advice -- avoid this place despite the great venue and the good food... because the staff are clearly not interested in keeping good customers. I certainly won't be returning. ”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
TimR, London 10 Jul 06

The Castle, City of London (Bar)
“Arriving at Farringdon station last friday night we came across 'the castle' prior to reaching our intended destination; fabric. From the outside: a boozer with loads of people drinking in the setting sun, which is what made us curious about this pub. On the inside: a buzzing friday night pre-club knee's up! The djs played a mix of electro house, a refreshing change from the usual 'funky house', if you know what i mean. With friendly staff, happy customers, cool music and a great range of beers this is london's pre-club best kept secret!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
ej, london 09 Jul 06

The Maynard Arms, Crouch End (Bar)
“simply the slowest service I ever experienced in London! Ordered my burger (just a plain burger...) at 2 on a not very busy sunday and it arrived at 3, after I started eating my sofa....”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
eugene, london 09 Jul 06

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