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Recent bar & restaurant customer reviews in London

Mediterranean Cafe 18 Berwick Street, London, W1V 3RG (Map)

My sister and I have eaten here quite a few times, staff are lovely, the food is fabulous .... I frequently recommend it to tourists. It has a really nice feel to it but we love quirky. The owner is a... More Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Sonia, London

Mediterranean Cafe
Picture of The Holly Bush, Hampstead, London

The Holly Bush, Hampstead (Bar / Restaurant)
“I ATE AT THE HOLY BUSH WITH MY HUSBAND, SISTER AND NEPHEW _ THE MEAL WAS A DISASTER ESPECIALLY THE BILL OF 180 POUNDS - so called crab on toast was a pate - meat pie was like concrete with dry meat and carrots soggy red cabbage, the steaks were tasteless and chips soggy - wine was put on the table unopened the service was so unprofessional the so called waitresses did their best but for the price it was a rip off. Where have the standards gone of the good British food we always enjoyed in our pubs - a very sad and expensive evening in the HOLLY BUSH!!!!!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
jean vane, waterloo belgium 21 Nov 15

Picture of Carlisle Arms, Soho, London

Carlisle Arms, Soho (Bar)
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Christine, London, England 20 Nov 15

Picture of Quebec, Marylebone, London

Quebec, Marylebone (Bar)
“Very nice place to visit very friendly and there's allways a lot off fresh new people going there evey week . We have been going there for over ten years now . I all ways tell a lot of people about the Quebec but a lot of people say about the down stairs smelling of urine which is true . But now I hear it's going to be all refurbishe'd cannot wait . The up stairs was done nicely a few years ago . So it will be a feel good factor now that the down stairs is done so enjoy it every one yours Gary carlton ”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Garycarlton, Faversham kent me138th 14 Nov 15

Picture of The Windmill International, Soho, London

The Windmill International, Soho (Bar / Restaurant / Club)
“Just one word: TERRIBLE!!bored sad goel, depressing mood,all begging for my money! Not coming back ever!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Alexander, London 14 Nov 15

Picture of Talad Thai, Putney, London

Talad Thai, Putney (Restaurant)
“Your prices have increased hugely and some dishes are not worth it. You used to have a menu showing 10% discount for takeaway collections over £15. I have always paid over £38 and it is disappointing now that you don't offer a discount despite the high prices. I refer of course to 320 Upper Richmond Road.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
D A Diamond, London 13 Nov 15

Picture of Charlie Berkeley Street, Mayfair, London

Charlie Berkeley Street, Mayfair (Bar)
“I did not like this place one bit. Did not feel comfortable being a black male around the bouncers at all, was given extremely horrible looks upon entry and then questioned on more than one occasion to find out if I was a member. Even after entering I was then followed in by one of the doorman who then said I was 'too drunk' to enter, although I had not had one drink on the night and was forced to exit before even entering. I feel that this place is extremely racist and am no longer comfortable with going out in Mayfair. What an absolutely horrific experience!!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Mark, London 13 Nov 15

Picture of The Penthouse, West End, London

The Penthouse, West End (Bar / Club)
“Well i live in London and to call this a nightclub is ridiculous. Lifts never work so you are up and down 7 flights of stairs all the time. The fire engines were called out 3 times the night i was there because people were stuck in the lifts in summer. They ended up falling out of the lift with some passed out and ambulances had to be called to take them to hospital. Drinks are overpriced. Street clothed trainer wearing gangsters running round like they own the place carrying champagne bottles and cheaply dressed girls begging for their attention. No self respecting clubber would even go there as it resembles a zoo. 15% charge just to use your credit card. Toilets stink and look like they are 30 years old. Doormen with attitude and promoters pushing in people as they get paid by the club in front of you when you are at the front of the queue. Go to some of the more classy clubs less than 5 minutes walk away and let your hair down properly if you have any ;)”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Tanya Lane, Hampstead 09 Nov 15

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Chiquito, Greenwich (Restaurant)
“The restaurant was lovely great food nice staff atmosphere was nice very clean good price but I went on Friday the 6th of November when it came to paying the bill we were really disappointed as none of the cash card payment machines were working so we was asked to find a cash point and come back being honest people we did what was asked and came back with the cash so that was our only complaint really ”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Gill hucks, Greenwich 07 Nov 15

Picture of Le Cave à Fromage, Kensington, London

Le Cave à Fromage, Kensington (Restaurant)
“I've been at this restaurant twice - we ate both a cheese and meat platter - the meat platter was good although it could have been a bit more varied. While the cheese platter was not so varied and it looked at though the morsels of cheese were lingots of gold. The varieties of wine are not great, but what we drank was good. This restaurant rates itself or was rated as the 3rd best in the world. I really have a hard time believing it!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Rick Weiss, Cary, NC - USA 07 Nov 15

Picture of Olivelli Dulwich, Dulwich, London

Olivelli Dulwich, Dulwich (Restaurant)
“I have dined here twice - the first time, the restaurant had been open only a week and the meal was satisfactory but the service was very poor. We ordered starters which never arrived and had to wait too long for food before asking staff twice for our bill. a few months later we decided to give the restaurant a second chance but quickly regretted it. Whilst the food was served quickly this time, the service was neither friendly, welcoming or professional. Once our meals were served, we were not asked once if the meals were to our taste and, on this occasion, I ordered a pasta dish that was bland, misleading from the description on the menu and, in my view, overpriced! Sufficed to say I did not eat my dish but when the waitress cleared the plates, she simply took them away without a word! We were served by four different members of staff during the meal and felt the service (silent treatment) was poor from all of them. We will NOT be returning a third time! ”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
L Thurley, East Dulwich 06 Nov 15

Picture of Boulevard Bar & Brasserie, West End, London

Book a table at Boulevard Bar & Brasserie, West End now - fast, free and confirmed!

Boulevard Bar & Brasserie, West End (Bar / Restaurant)
“We were visiting London to see a show in the West End and were looking for a spot to enjoy some dinner beforehand. We stumbled across Boulevard and loved the amazing service, great food and wonderful atmosphere. Beats the usual chains you find in central London. ”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Janine Clark, Bristol 06 Nov 15

Picture of The Commissary, Shoreditch, London

The Commissary, Shoreditch (Bar / Restaurant)
“Such a great location and the food is soo good! ”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Katy Wright, London 05 Nov 15

Picture of The Commissary, Shoreditch, London

The Commissary, Shoreditch (Bar / Restaurant)
“The food is some of the best i've tasted! Such a good menu!! ”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Katy Wright, London 28 Oct 15

Picture of The Golden Lion, Putney, London

The Golden Lion, Putney (Bar)
“a traditional local, with a large beer garden, catering for people of all ages and all walks of life. Walked in on a monday afternoon to an unexpected fun game of Bingo. Food and drink were good quality and reasonably priced”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
ann, fulham 28 Oct 15

2 Brydges Place, West End (Bar / Club)
“I was a guest there last Christmas and it was fantastic! At Christmas you could see the tree in Trafalgar Square out of the window next to Two Brydges own Christmas tree, that was amazing! ”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Clarissa George, Lancaster 27 Oct 15

2 Brydges Place, West End (Bar / Club)
“I've been here a few times with my girlfiend and always been impressed, the food and drink are really great, the atmosphere is really special and I've seen Nicole Kidman in there!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Migum Howard, Cirencester 27 Oct 15

Picture of The Woodman, Battersea, London

The Woodman, Battersea (Bar)
“We had Sunday lunch here on 25th October, there were 8 of us, we were on a lovely round table. The staff were extremely helpful and friendly and the food just lovely. The roast beef and accompanying vegetables cooked to perfection. Thank-you for a great afternoon”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Sarah Heward, Tamworth. Staffordshire 26 Oct 15

Picture of Platinum Lace, West End, London

Platinum Lace, West End (Bar / Club)
“Cold reception. Smelly dingy place, Not diversity girls all look the same ( no wow factor) or sexy appeal! Biggoted attitude from management to staffs. Girls are badly treated/ felt sorry for them . Apolled. I do not recommend it Alistair ”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Alistair, Surrey 22 Oct 15

Picture of The Arbitrager, City of London, London

The Arbitrager, City of London (Bar)
“I have been here, it is really London's hidden gem! Great concept, perfect place to go as the winter nights draw in. It gives you the feeling you are in an exclusive bar, known only to the few connoisseurs. The review describes it really well, it captures the atmosphere of the place.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Mar, London 13 Oct 15

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