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Recent bar & restaurant customer reviews in London

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Aladin 132 Brick Lane, Shoreditch, London, E1 6RU (Map)

Best place for large groups! Efficient and value for money. Great Atmosphere, lively and bustling. The only restaurant on Brick Lane that was almost full on a Tuesday evening. Food was a hit amongst... More Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Jermain Noor, London

Picture of Aladin, Shoreditch, London

Book a table at Aladin, Shoreditch now - fast, free and confirmed!

Aladin, Shoreditch (Restaurant)
“By far the best of the famous curry lane. I live local and I have been to almost all the restaurants on Brick Lane but I always end up returning here cause not only is the food really awesome but the whole experience of dining here with friends is mesmerising. Lively bustling atmosphere and great sense of humour by the attentive waiters.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Emily S, london 19 Jul 15

Picture of The Blue Anchor, Hammersmith, London

The Blue Anchor, Hammersmith (Bar)
“We, two grandmas from Germany with our grandchildren,visited twice the Blue Anchor during our stay in Hammersmith. The girls enjoyed the atmosphere and liked very much the wonderful fish and chips. We too had a good time drinking the well tasting London pale ale during the warm summer evenings on the banks of the river. Guitarmusic and singing made is still more interesting. We´ll come back some day. ”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Hornhues, Stadtlohn/Germany 13 Jul 15

Mazar, Battersea (Restaurant)
“We were a table of four. We think the owner served us all, Mark. Tall dark and Hansome so polite (As a Chelsea Woman I can honestly say he is not in any way a creep to Women far from,but very respectful to all and makes you feel very at ease and relaxed!!) and knows exactly how to treat everyone. He was speaking 5 langauges that night to so many foreign people - WoW!!! we are certain he is secretly a spy ;) as he phoenaomally well travelled and has lived all over the world and even knew people we know in almost 8 different countires, Go Figure that!?! The food was excellent the evening was brilliant. Never spent so much time in one restaurant as the service was brilliant even though the battersea square was packed with hundreds of people, it was a very hot evening. He was a very funny guy and defo made our eve. My husband and I and our guests have since been back but it is not the same when he is not there, is he on secret mission?? Hurry back PLEEEEEASSSSeeee. Please make our evening our again. Look forward to the amazing service delicous food and Vino (Hick) and especially the very hot host, Mark thank you for making our evening. I am sure you made almost 100 tables very happy that night :)) ”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Jennifer, Chelsea 13 Jul 15

Picture of Sunset Strip, Soho, London

Sunset Strip, Soho (Bar / Club)
“My 8th trip to the Strip and it gets better every visit. The bar staff so friendly and welcoming, the music is always great to listen to and of course the beautiful, sexy, gorgeous ladies are the best in London. For 15 quid entry (all day ticket), pub priced drinks and 20 quid per private dance u can't go wrong. ”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Paul Smith, Erith 10 Jul 15

Picture of The Lock Tavern, Camden, London

The Lock Tavern, Camden (Bar)
“Yesterday looking for a place to have dinner found this gem. On sundays you can get 2 delicious burguers for 11£. Good atmosphere as well. Highly recommended!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Maria, Madrid 06 Jul 15

Picture of Metropolis Gentleman's Club, Bethnal Green, London

Metropolis Gentleman's Club, Bethnal Green (Bar / Club)
“Stay away from this place. The girls (one in particular, who will remain nameless) will ruin you, financially. As bad as Spearmint Rhino. Whatever you do, don't fall for them, and do NOT TRUST them. 20K lighter...”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Ed, Southend 06 Jul 15

Picture of CellarDoor, West End, London

CellarDoor, West End (Bar / Club)
“Wow, what a night. The atmosphere at CellarDoor is second to none. The staff are hardworking and so very friendly and helpful. You are made to feel welcome and almost like an old friend. With no dress code, you will never feel out of place, whether you are wearing old jeans or a cocktail dress. The drag artist is wonderful and the burlesque dancer is sexy and very entertaining. The toilet doors are rather cool too. Whether it be just for a night out or a celebration, CellarDoor is a must. I will certainly be visiting again. ”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Jo Marie Mason, Hillingdon 05 Jul 15

Picture of The Liquor Station, Wembley, London

The Liquor Station, Wembley (Bar / Restaurant)
“You need to change the big hero security guy very very rude.. I came to celebrate a birthday party planning to open a tab of 2000£.. Because your place was the only nice place in Wembley open.. And this guy has to learn a lot about ospitality.. I'm sorry to say this.. But this is not the right way to work.. I'm very disappointed.. ”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Paul, London 03 Jul 15

Picture of Maoz, Soho, London

Maoz, Soho (Restaurant)
“Went to eat in and found the staff member at the till to be extremely rude and aggressive with zero manners. Even though I continued to be very polite to him his behaviour showed no change. Food is of average quality.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Sam, London 01 Jul 15

Picture of Sunset Strip, Soho, London

Sunset Strip, Soho (Bar / Club)
“I've been a visitor to this since the early seventies then under different management but in those days and right through the the eighties , nineties and naughties one thing remained the same. You pay your money and you watched a show. Two hours later you leave back into the fresh air and overall had a good time. In the last few years I've noticed things were changing, for the worse. Last Saturday I made, probably my last visit to the club, I hesitated before I paid my money but decided I give it one more go. My fears were soon realised. The amount of men drinking and talking to the women in the entrance lobby should have forewarned me. Yes that's right no striptease show. That happened last time too. As soon as I paid the £15 entrance fee I was accosted by a stripper, or should I say a East European woman. A striptease artiste she was not. "There's no one down there", she said but I can give you a private dance for £40. I'm not gullible and I sort of knew this was going to happen and with a sinking feeling I agreed. "The show probably go on later as it gets busier" she said when I enquired. It was 4.00pm in the afternoon! Years ago you could go in at 1.00pm and the show would have been in full swing. It was busy but all the men were in the bar no doubt being fleeced of their money with promises of private dancers. How gullible. Down the stairs past the empty stage and into the private dance cubicle. But, I knew my prices first it was £10, then it was £20 now it's a staggering £40. For what? 3 mins of gyrating in front of you, you can't touch even though she's brushing herself against you or she will probably "scream the bleeding house down". Then the Arthur Daley management would be down in a shot or the guy playing the records. Not that I would as I had time whatsoever to get remotely turned on. As it was I gave her £20 and turned down her offer of "aving two of us performing for you". After she finished it was "would you like another one" in a thick accent. "£40 ? you would like very much eh" I made my excuses and quickly left. All in all I was in there under ten minutes and had parted with £35'. The point I'm trying to make is this; this so called club is the palest of shadows of its former self. It's not interested in giving men value for money by putting on a proper show its there for one reason only... To make money... "Short cut the show girls... Just take the money flash your tits and move onto the next sucker". My advice, and I'm serious ditch the private dances, reinvent the old fashioned striptease format and you're on a winne”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Gerry Broomfield, Bromley 30 Jun 15

Picture of Wong Kei, West End, London

Wong Kei, West End (Restaurant)
“I cant believe how rude the staff in this filthy shabby restaurant were. Im glad I didnt see the kitchen because judging by the cold slimy overcooked food that finally arrived it must be revoltig!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
jon privett, london 28 Jun 15

The Six Bells, Acton (Bar)
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Ingrid Martini, Kirchheim unter Teck, Germany 25 Jun 15

Delisserie, Edgware & Mill Hill (Restaurant)
“I want to amend my last review! THERE IS NOTHING GOOD ABOUT THE PLACE! I waited a very long time before going back in and trying again only to find different staff, same problems plus new ones! Food: I started with chicken soup. It came with a lot of fat on the surface and it was cold! I had to send it back to be heated up! I ordered a burger and asked if it could be pink in the middle or rarer and was told by the waitress it could be, I also asked if it was big and she said yes so I was looking forwards to a nice big juicy burger of about a quarter pounder in size I'd be surprised if what turned up was an eighth pounder or thereabouts! After that being wrong the Manageress took over dealing with me and I tried again with something listed under jumbo hotdogs. It has in it thin little pieces of roast beef horrible cheese that was melted I-don't-know-what mixed with I don't know and tasted horrible with caramelised onions and, strangely for a dish they call a hot dog, NO SAUSAGE! What I had was a beef, onion, and cheese ROLL/SANDWICH! So then I thought I'd give the salt beef and roast beef sandwich another go forgetting what it was like the last time as it was a long while ago. I asked if the beef was medium rare to rare, especially as I had seen elsewhere on the menu that the beef medium rare (pink in the middle) IT WASN'T! IT WAS WELL OVERCOOKED! It arrived cold straight out of the fridge! It didn't even cross the mind of anyone in the kitchen to put the very overcooked roast beef and the salt beef into the microwave and heat them up to at least room temperature! I sent the French fries back three times as the first two times they arrived they were the complete opposite to what I wanted, they came cold and not even remotely crispy! I had to show her a picture on my mini computer (that is what I call mobile/smart 'phones) of rare beef so that she could see what rare beef looks like! The owner is friends with my brother, but I will have to find some other way to talk to him without (using) that connection! It gets MUCH TOO NOISY in there! It is so bad you have to shout at each other from half a foot away from each other! and the problem with sitting outside in the nice (cool) air is that the staff very rarely come out to attend to you! DEFINITELY NOT VALUE FOR MONEY!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Bradley, London 24 Jun 15

Picture of Olivelli Dulwich, Dulwich, London

Olivelli Dulwich, Dulwich (Restaurant)
“We visited for a Fathers Day lunch with our London based kids and were treated to a wonderful meal. Starters, main course and desserts were excellent. ( My part Italian wife said it was one of the best Spaghetti Vongoles she had tasted ! ) The service was top notch and our lunch was a great experience. We will be visiting again very soon.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Phil Hamlen, Winchester 21 Jun 15

Picture of Egg London, Kings Cross, London

Egg London, Kings Cross (Bar / Club)
“Security guys are awful, astronomical prices inside and for the entrance.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
E, London 20 Jun 15

Picture of Thalassa Restaurant & Bar, Enfield & Barnet, London

Thalassa Restaurant & Bar, Enfield & Barnet (Bar / Restaurant)
“I was excited to dine at Thalassa, but was extremely disappointed with my recent visit. It was not a busy period, yet the starters took over half an hour to appear and the prawns were over cooked. No bread was offered. The main was a chicken kebab. The chicken was bland - no flavor whatsoever - and the chips were drenched in oil making them extremely soggy (to the point where they would break as soon as I pierced them with my fork). Salad was average. Although due to weather and the doors being open it could not be helped, flies throughout the restaurant were off-putting when eating. Reading through the other reviews, I hope this was a one off experience and they were just having a bad day.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Catherine, London 12 Jun 15

Picture of Shilpa Indian Restaurant, Hammersmith, London

Shilpa Indian Restaurant, Hammersmith (Restaurant)
“Shilpa Indian Restaurant provides for the best and the most authentic Indian cuisine. In the genre of Indian cuisine I only trust one name that is Shilpa Indian Restaurant. Thank you guys for such great service!!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Allen T, Hammersmith 09 Jun 15

Picture of Bloom, Fulham, London

Bloom, Fulham (Bar / Restaurant)
“ After paying a £65 bill we refused to pay the discretionary tip. This was because 2 soda waters cost us £9, the food was overpriced for the quality and the service was very poor. Instead of an apology and thanking us for our constructive criticism we were told that we HAD TO PAY and we would not be welcome back. We were then followed down the street by the waiter who repeated the same. Justification of bad service right there. There was nothing on the menu that mentioned a compulsory service charge. Appalling and disappointing. What is discretionary service charge? This is a payment suggested by the restaurant, which the customer is totally free to make or not. ”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Sarah, Fulham 08 Jun 15

Stone Bar, Dulwich (Bar / Restaurant)
“The food at this venue is fantastic. But that's where it ends, the service is appalling. We came here for my sisters 40th birthday and was asked to pre-order food, However only half the meals were served and staff were extremely rude. Good venue for a meal for two put for large parties avoid as you will be very disappointed!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Emma Gordon, London 06 Jun 15

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