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Recent bar & restaurant customer reviews in London

Jerusalem Tavern 55 Britton Street, Clerkenwell, London, EC1M 5UQ (Map)

Very special place. You feel a bit like in a time hole, as the guests are somehow unique and a lot different to the usual pub audience, the place itself is SO unique that I actually started touching the... More Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Henning, London

Jerusalem Tavern
Picture of Flava's Lounge Bar and Grill, Ealing, London

Book a table at Flava's Lounge Bar and Grill, Ealing now - fast, free and confirmed!

Flava's Lounge Bar and Grill, Ealing (Bar / Restaurant / Club)
“I don't know about the previous comments but this place was awesome last night! There was a live band, the energy was great, and I didn't want the night to end! The bar staff were very nice [some real eye candy there!] They even helped me when I bought a round and couldn't carry all the drinks to where my friends were. Thats service! Overall, it definatly made a good night out in Ealing.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Trix, Isleworth 05 Feb 10

Picture of Kitchen Italia, Shepherds Bush, London

Kitchen Italia, Shepherds Bush (Restaurant)
“This is definitely going to become my regular lunch spot when visiting Westfield. Great concept, great food and brilliant value. The highest praise was from my kids - they ate every mouthful and the staff were genuinely friendly and helpful towards them. Top dishes were the malfaldine & sausage and the crispy break sticks. Be prepared that food comes as soon as ready from kitchen so dishes arrive at different times. We'll be back!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Alex, Chalfont St Peter 05 Feb 10

Picture of Le Mercury, Angel & Islington, London

Le Mercury, Angel & Islington (Restaurant)
“As a group of 5 women we had a very unpleasant evening here due to being seated next to a group of approx. 30 celebrating a birthday the noise was unbearable and ruined our evening, the manager was totally unsympathetic when we complained. Nothing wrong with the food but the booking policy needs overhauling to avoid anyone else experiencing what we suffered.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
linda snell, London 05 Feb 10

Picture of Kitchen Italia, Shepherds Bush, London

Kitchen Italia, Shepherds Bush (Restaurant)
“Really neat, original restaurant. Not the best food but very quick and cheap for after a good long shopping spree at Westfield!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Angela, Highbury 04 Feb 10

Picture of Jewel, West End, London

Jewel, West End (Bar / Restaurant / Club)
“I will try to be brief as much as possible on my review. Quite frankly a great bar! At first glance you may think that the drinks and food are expensive, but have another look cos they have happy hour, which make really quite affordable. Cocktails are unlikely any others that you have tried a billion times in other bars and the food is equally good. I usually go on week days but tried for the first time last Saturday, was really impressed with the amount of good looking girls (sorry, it's important to me!) and the dance floor was on fire! I would prefer if I could have had a table but the place was fully booked. Will try again next time! Overall, a very charming bar and great atmosphere. Recommend!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Wayne, London 04 Feb 10

The Slug & Lettuce, Waterloo (Bar)
“Slug and lettuce is an old favourite (or should that be old faithful). Always a place where you can get a table and enjoy a cheap eat. The drinks offers are great - this is fast becoming a regular watering hole for me thanks to it's location. You should definately give it a visist.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
mark, London 04 Feb 10

Picture of Fifth Floor Bar, Knightsbridge, London

Fifth Floor Bar, Knightsbridge (Bar)
“By far my favourite bar in London, with friendly knowledgable staff, delicious drinks and gorgeous decor where can you go wrong.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Claire, Tavistock 04 Feb 10

Picture of Fifth Floor Bar, Knightsbridge, London

Fifth Floor Bar, Knightsbridge (Bar)
“This place is definitely worth a visit if you're within a 50 mile raduis!! Has a fantastic vibe and amazing cocktail list. Love it! x”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Suzanne, London 03 Feb 10

Picture of Jewel, West End, London

Jewel, West End (Bar / Restaurant / Club)
“After a friend recommending this bar, I decided to celebrate my birthday there and I have to say that I have no regrets at all. Staff were very friendly and helpful with us (always with a smile). The food menu is affordable and tasty, inspired on spanish tapas, very nice, and the cocktails are made with perfection. The bar was full of beautiful and interesting people, great atmosphere, incense and candles everywhere and we loved the service. I have been there more times after that and every time is just superb. We always feel very welcome, rare to find it in London.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
A. Annabelle, London 03 Feb 10

Picture of The Windsor Castle, Notting Hill, London

Book a table at The Windsor Castle, Notting Hill now - fast, free and confirmed!

The Windsor Castle, Notting Hill (Bar)
“Two meals for £15 with a drink during the week is a fantastic deal and so it has become my lunch break retreat! I havent been in there during the weekend though but they are advertising a Cribbage (its a card game!) tournament for Sunday evenings so I will be going their this weekend.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
James Platford, London 03 Feb 10

Picture of The Yard Bar, Soho, London

The Yard Bar, Soho (Bar)
“I have to say I have been coming to The Yard for years (about 10) - and I am pleased with the new decor, etc. However, I do agree with most of the comments. The Staff, OMG the Staff. They are absolutely ghastly. Very cultivated bodies but nothing (it seems) up there. It might well be that they are so badly paid that they cannot be bothered to smile a little or be nice to people. The drinks are sometimes overpriced (not as bad as The Edge, for instance) and the house wines should be reconsidered, as they are quite bad too. Now, it is one of the quietest, more pleasant venues in this Soho of ours, but I think they could gain a lot from reading what people have to say about them. True, it's our decision to go there and give them business, but at the end of the day, the New management (cutting edge bars) should be aware of the reason why the previous management did not work out. It is not just making the venue prettier anymore. Us queens do have standards too!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Carlos Redondo, London 02 Feb 10

Picture of The Yard Bar, Soho, London

The Yard Bar, Soho (Bar)
“I have to say,on entering the premises i was nicely surprised by the decor leading into the The Yard/Loft. The ambiatic feeling followed through once upstairs in the Loft. This was quickly shot down down in flames when greeted (if that,s the word), by bar staff that looked as if they were asked to serve drinks at thier Grannies funeral!!! How rude and prissey they were, not just the one but all!! If they had spent the same amount of time on thier customer service skills (which were zilch), as thier appearance then i would consider a return visit!! What a shame!!!!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:

Picture of Thalassa Restaurant & Bar, Enfield & Barnet, London

Thalassa Restaurant & Bar, Enfield & Barnet (Bar / Restaurant)
“Extremely disappointing!! Would never recommend, and especially not for groups. Positive: it looks lovely and clean...thats it. Negative(s): we arrived @ 8.30 and finally got our main course in dribs and drabs at 11pm. Staff poorly trained, (some looked too young to serve alcohol) didn't have a clue, got the orders wrong spectacularly! And we were not the only ones they messed up on. We prebooked for 16 but when we arrived they only had a table for ten and said we could shuffle in. Not an issue if the table was big enough but we were on each others laps as it was. When the food arrived some cold side dishes were missing and most of the food was bland. We had to keep asking for drinks orders and the were out of stock of almost everything on the menu. When we complained at the end the staff said these things happen!! Needless to say, my 1 and only visit was made there. Ruined the whole night for us.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
[ Unknown ], cambridge 31 Jan 10

Picture of Viet, Soho, London

Viet, Soho (Restaurant)
“Top quality Vietnamese food this. I've been to Vietnam and I didn't find much better there. Hence this tiny place is always busy, even on weeknights. There's usually a queue out the door so don't dawdle too long. Let someone else share the experience. Really cheap if you BYOB. Don't bother with the Thai options.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Sam, Greenwich 30 Jan 10

Picture of Costa Dorada- Spanish Bar & Restaurant, Soho, London

Costa Dorada- Spanish Bar & Restaurant, Soho (Bar / Restaurant / Club)
“Ok, ok - so granted we came to this Spanish restaurant in Soho far too early for what constitutes dinner-time in Spain. But the place was pretty empty. Maybe it fills up later. Waited for over half an hour before we got asked what we'd like to drink (and then only because we'd flagged down 3 x servers). Meze platters are generous and tasty (but would suggest maybe they have tea-candles on the table to keep it warm?) Will I come again? Maybe after 11 to watch the dancers.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Aletia James, Clapham 29 Jan 10

Picture of Jen Cafe, West End, London

Jen Cafe, West End (Restaurant)
“There's a lady who stands in the window making dumplings and other treats. In the window. How could I not go in? Sadly the satay meat balls tasted nothing like peanuts but give this place a thumbs up for value for money and good tasting (albeit not what you expected) food.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Theresa, Wimbeldon 29 Jan 10

The Dove Freehouse and Kitchen, Hackney (Restaurant)
“i love this place - its proper British comfort food with fantastic well priced roasts including a roast chicken to share and roast pork with perfect crackling - all meat responsibly sourced from the Westcountry. Amazingly, the friendly kitchen staff appear to be Thai so there is also an (as yet unexplored ) Asian menu. The bar staff are also a pretty cool Broadway market crowd, but the crowning glory of the Dove is its vast range of Belgian gourmet beers, one of the widest in London and the real reason why the pavements are heaving with Boho trendies from spring through to autumn.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
richibich, plymouth 29 Jan 10

Picture of Odette's, Swiss Cottage & Primrose Hill, London

Odette's, Swiss Cottage & Primrose Hill (Restaurant)
“A fine balance of flavours in food that looks minimal but is more than adequate. Good front of house and relaxing if rather small interior. Would go back there any time.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Scott, Caerdydd 29 Jan 10

Picture of Tooting Tram and Social, Tooting, London

Tooting Tram and Social, Tooting (Bar / Club)
“I used to think The Selkirk was the best pub in Tooting but then I stumbled across this place. What a find. They have all kinds of crazy nights going here from live music to burlesque to swing dancing to village fetes (I kid you not!). It's amazing. A huge great big singular room filled with all kinds of weird artefacts. The wine list is pretty decent and the proximity to the tube means it wont be difficult to stumble home. Great tunes too.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Leigh, Tooting 29 Jan 10

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