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Recent bar & restaurant customer reviews in London

The Artesian Well 693 Wandsworth Road, Vauxhall, Clapham Common, London, SW8 3JF (Map)

The Artesian Well is one of my favourite bars in South London, friday nights are the best - love it! More Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Steff, London

The Artesian Well

The Village Kitchen, Ilford & Walthamstow (Restaurant)
“I have been visiting the Village Kitchen fairly regularly since the beginning of the year (probably been about once a month) and have never had a bad experience. It is just up the road from me so it is a lovely treat to take a book and sit and relax while being looked after by Hannah, the ever wonderful waitress. On my first visit I was putting cracked pepper on my meal and she overheard the fact that the pepper grinder was almost empty and got me a fresh one. Now that's service above and beyond what you would receive in most places I suspect! The food has always been lovely, cooked just as requested, and there is no skimping on the servings. The menu has changed recently and they now offer kangaroo. It is good to see something so different and unexpected in one's local restaurant. The white chocolate cheesecake is to die for, and Hannah rustles up a fabulous Raspberry Bellini too. It is also lovely to be recognised when I walk in and greeted in such a friendly way. Hannah also knows I am there to relax and asks the kitchen not to rush my meal so I can enjoy myself (without my even having to ask). Terrific service. I recently took friends there on their final night in the UK after travelling around Europe for 3 months. After all their experiences, they reckoned their meal at the Village Kitchen was one of the best that they had had. Highly recommended and I'll be back!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Narrelle, London 15 Jul 10

Picture of Me Love Sushi, Swiss Cottage & Primrose Hill, London

Me Love Sushi, Swiss Cottage & Primrose Hill (Bar / Restaurant)
“If you have never tried sushi before you should! And this is a great place to try it the staff are more than happy to give their recommendations and which tend not to include loads of raw fish, so you’re eased in gently! They have a large choice with a variety of fillings, which include meat, fish or just veg. They also have a range of cooked dishes so you can try some sushi but don’t need to have a complete meal of it if you don’t want to! If you are trying the sushi then my favourites are the California temaki, prawn nigiri and pickled asian radish hosomaki.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
kat, Dartford 14 Jul 10

Picture of Al Fresco - The Italian Place, Enfield & Barnet, London

Al Fresco - The Italian Place, Enfield & Barnet (Bar / Restaurant)
“Terrible! i was there last friday night A table for 6 the waiters were forgetful and we had to tell them when we were ready to order at each course. They were happy to leave up sitting there all night waiting for them to ask us. When the mains came they for got 2 sides, we asked 3 waiters for them over 20 minutes in the end we got them. I asked 4 times for a drink and each time was told to wait a minute, in the end I had grab the manager and he actually got it for me. Finally the dessert menus arrived, we chose and waited over 30 mins and again had to almost shout to get the attention of the waiters. We were very unhappy by this point I asked for the bill instead of ordering desser. When the bill came they had charged us for 2 extra sides and added a service charge as we were a group of 6. I went straight to the manager and complained he did not seem bothered, but did take off the service charge and 25% of the bill. We used to love this place but it has gone down hill over the last couple of years in terms of service and food. I will never go there again following this last visit.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
hass, london 14 Jul 10

Picture of The Winchester, Angel & Islington, London

The Winchester, Angel & Islington (Bar / Restaurant / Club)
“Friendly staff, Great location, Amazing decoration, feels extremely homely and comfortable, big open windows by the sofas, great breakfast and brunch!! Amazing place!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Sonja Holly, London 13 Jul 10

Picture of Dirty Martini Covent Garden, West End, London

Dirty Martini Covent Garden, West End (Bar / Restaurant / Club)
“Avoid at all costs-I had a lovely meal in the main part upstairs at Tuttons. But then went to start my hen night thinking it was a classy cool cocktail bar but oh my good god. We arrived having reserved a booth, to which each person had to spend a minimum amount on drinks etc, this would have been fine-if we had been served! We walked in to what could only be described as a health and safety hazard waiting to happen-a tiny room down some stairs with a bar, jammed with people- we had to ask for a certain waiter -we were told by the security guy upstairs-in order to get our booth as others had occupied it-so my friend asked for this person was greeted with a dirty look from the head barman. Nice! Anyway we got the booth sorted in the end, and the 1st thing that hits you is the smell, seriously Dirty Martini-I am telling you this for your own good, clear up your act and trust me you don't even get used to it no matter how long you are there! The booth only fit 6 people and there were 12 of us so half were left standing-and you cant dance as there is no dance floor?? I have no idea why they play the music so loud if you can't dance? Ok so we thought lets try out a drink-40 mins later and the people who had arrived after us had been served b4 us-we waited and waited and they said they had lost the order, fantastic! So not only were we sat in a place smelling, there was no air con so we were roasting, and we couldnt have a dance or a drink-very dissapointing so we left and moved on to Road house down the road-which was far far better made up for it all!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
rd parkes, London 12 Jul 10

E One Club, Whitechapel & Wapping (Bar)
“Shame about the new place! Its no longer a gay venue so get rid of the rainbow flag NOW. staff is indeed ull-mannered and insensitive to old customers who kept the place alive and fabulous. I'll never again return to the place until they sort out their identify crisis. DON'T GO!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Felicitous, Barking 11 Jul 10

Picture of Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes, Bloomsbury, London

Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes, Bloomsbury (Bar / Restaurant / Club)
“After my sister's hen do last night, I would have to strongly warn any other large group against going to this venue. There were problems at almost every stage coupled with some extremely rude staff and a chaotic atmosphere. That said, some staff were sweet and the manager was very sympathetic when we complained and gave us ten bottles of free wine. Here are some of the problems we encountered so you can make up your own minds!: Bowling: The 4 lanes we pre-booked and paid for had over-run so we had to wait almost half an hour to get on. When we did, the girl started the machine running but did not let us know, so nobody was actuallly playing & some of the time we paid for was wasted. Also a problem writing the correct names above each lane. Drinks: One of our party asked for a Mojito but the girl serving her filled her glass with crushed ice USING HER BARE HANDS saying this was "just the way we do them here". Ewh! Food: At the restaurant we were told there was nothing to eat except 12 pizzas as they had "run out of food". After I pressed the issue, the waitress said that we could all order chips, nachos and 12 pizzas but nothing else. I asked to speak to a manager and then we were told the entire menu was available, but we would have to wait. We were happy to do this, if the girl had only told us this at the beginning! No space to explain exactly what happened, but then a male Italian waiter was incredibly rude to us all on several occasions and actually stormed off at one point - actually never seen anything like it! One poor waitress ended up in tears when she was trying to work out our bill. Not because anyone in our group was angry (in fact we were all trying to calm her down!) but because the system was unable to cope! Karaoke: We had to walk in to make the previous group leave our pre-booked room. Embarrassing and should have been done by staff. Everyone in our group had some sort of bad experience and the bar staff in the Kingpin suite were very grumpy and even took exception to me asking for water! All in all, maybe ok for a spontaneous studenty night if you just want to get bladdered and haven't prebooked things. But for anyone over 25, or with ANY expectations of customer service or things actually running to plan, I would give this place a very very wide berth. They couldn't run the proverbial in a brewery.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
lauraclout, Bromley 11 Jul 10

Picture of The Driver, Kings Cross, London

The Driver, Kings Cross (Bar / Restaurant / Club)
“Rude security.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Natalie, London 11 Jul 10

Cave Austin, Blackheath & Eltham (Bar)
“Went on night out for friends birthday startedbadly a few people dropped out and it ended up just the two of us, ended up in cave austins oh what a great night the music was fab we danced all night defo reccomend it.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Toni, Dartford 10 Jul 10

Picture of Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes, Bloomsbury, London

Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes, Bloomsbury (Bar / Restaurant / Club)
“we went for a friends birthday, booked for 2 lanes and a kareoke room.. apon arrival we were told we would have to wait for our bowling, ok so we went to get a drink, the bar was packed with only 2 staff serving. after waiting 25 minutes to get a drink we were informed that half the cocktail list was unavailable, we couln't get food for another 1/2 an hour, when we finally went to bowling our lane kept braking and it took a long time to send someone to fix our lane. kareoke was ok, but all in all a stressfull night! i would not recommend go to bloomsbury bowling if you want to have good time!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
lsomkson, london 09 Jul 10

Maguro Sushi, Maida Vale & St Johns Wood (Restaurant)
“This restaurant was one of my local favourites and I have been several times. The quality used to be really good and the word of mouth quickly made it a very busy spot. Until today. I ordered some salmon sashimi and a california temaki. When the salmon sashimi arrived, I first noticed it wasn't looking as good as the previous times. It was also cut very thick, Anyway I didn't worry too much, went ahead and took a bite. It was definitely not fresh. I politely told them it didn't taste good to me, so (realised they didn't have fresh salmon that day), I asked for some avocado maki as a replacement (I was still waiting for my temaki anyway). Instead of apologising, the manager/owner gave me a very annoyed and arrogant look, like I was taking rubbish. That sure didn't make things better. Anyway, the California temaki arrived. I used to love this as they were using fresh crab meat and avocado. I had a closer look, and the crab meat had been replaced by SURIMI!!! Now what were they thinking?? Like I wouldn't notice the difference?? I am sure everyone knows surimi is the lowest of low when it comes to fish! A fish by-product even! That was really too much and I obviously didn't eat it. When I told them, I got another hateful look from the manager, who was clearly NOT interested in my satisfaction. I ended up eating only the avocado maki, which even those weren't as good as the previous time. The seaweed quality was far lower, with a 'fishy' taste. I left really hungry and extremely disappointed. If they wanted to make more money they could have raised the prices, not lowered the quality. Never going back there again.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Elle, London 09 Jul 10

Picture of The Dulwich Wood House, Dulwich, London

The Dulwich Wood House, Dulwich (Bar)
“We visited this place last night but were sorley disappointed at the standard, size and cost of the food. I feel we probably have got better value for money and tastier food in a Harvester”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Paupau, Beckenham 09 Jul 10

English House, Kensington (Restaurant)
“I was there some years ago and it was a stand out. I wanted to tell someone going to London not to miss it. I still have the post card and immediately found it to give her the address then thought to check the web to see if it's still there. Can't wait for her to enjoy the atmosphere and the fabulous food and wine.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
judy, Massapequa Park, NY 08 Jul 10

Picture of Me Love Sushi, Swiss Cottage & Primrose Hill, London

Me Love Sushi, Swiss Cottage & Primrose Hill (Bar / Restaurant)
“Took my children here during the Easter holidays when we were visiting family in the area. Wasn't sure how they would be as they’d never tried sushi before but decided to risk it as I'd seen they did cooked dished as well and they’re good at trying new foods normally. I didn't need to worry because they loved it and didn’t even want to bother with any of the cooked dishes (which is unusual as their favourite dinner is chicken noodles) we just shared plates of sushi with some dumplings, chicken skewers and tempura veg. They want to go back in the summer hols!!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Tayd, Twickenham 08 Jul 10

Picture of Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK), London Bridge & Bermondsey, London

Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK), London Bridge & Bermondsey (Restaurant)
“I met a couple of my girlfriends here for our monthly catch up and we ended up staying for ages. The choice of burgers is enormous. It took us about 15 minutes to decide. The onion rings were average, as were the fries, so I'd recommend skipping both, but the burgers are all good. Especially when combined with a Mac's Gold New Zealand beer. Desserts are non-existent too but that's only because the burgers are so enormous. Quirky location, interesting decor.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Leigh, Tooting 08 Jul 10

Picture of The Elephant Inn, Finchley, London

The Elephant Inn, Finchley (Bar / Restaurant)
“Looks very nice, in the summer there is a lovely outdoor terras en they serve Thai food.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Vanja Dunn, London 07 Jul 10

Picture of Zonzo, Paddington, London

Zonzo, Paddington (Restaurant)
“I found this place by accident too and had a gorgeous meal! The staff are really friendly and I had a 2 course meal for £9.99. Can't wait to go back!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
kelly, London 07 Jul 10

Picture of The Old Thameside Inn, London Bridge & Bermondsey, London

Book a table at The Old Thameside Inn, London Bridge & Bermondsey now - fast, free and confirmed!

The Old Thameside Inn, London Bridge & Bermondsey (Bar)
“I've visited this pub on 3 occasions and each has been disappointing with the latest showing the staff to be so rude and unhelpful. I called in with 3 friends for Sunday lunch. Starters are advertised on the menu, but I was told in no uncertain terms that it was impossible for the kitchen to deliver starters and main course separately (despite their menu claiming that they aim to deliver a first class service!). I asked to speak to the manager about what seemed like a ludicrous situation and he had more attitude than the staff. The good thing about the location of this pub is that there are many better places within a 5 minute walk. I highly recommend you try somewhere else for a much more pleasant dining experience.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Paul, London 05 Jul 10

Picture of The Dickens Inn, City of London, London

Book a table at The Dickens Inn, City of London now - fast, free and confirmed!

The Dickens Inn, City of London (Bar / Restaurant)
“My wife and I went to have evening meal in the Grill on Sunday 4th July 2010 as an end to a weekend in London. Service slow even with 4 staff on duty but two? senior staff seemed to be working against each other leaving the two junior staff running around like headless chickens!!! 20 minutes to get the first drink and another 20 mins before the first course arrived, this was of Tiger Prawns and was quite good. The second course was of Sirloin Steak and Rib Eye Steak both with Chunky Chips..on ordering we had requested the Sirloin as Well Done and Rib Eye as Medium what we received was a Rare Sirloin and a rib Eye that was just browned on the outside!!!!! the Chips were powdery and there we a large spoonful of black Olives. My wife was unable to eat the Sirloin and I had difficulty in eating my Ribeye.. The Chips were also left....When we spoke to one of the senior staff they just offred a FREE glass of wine as we were still hungry we ordered the Almond pie and Vanilla Pod Ice cream this turned out to be one small scoop of super market ice scream, I will not say Vanilla as it was tasteless and a slice of Almond pie which was no more than 1 inch wide at the pastry end!!!! Total cost of this meal was £83 My advice is do not eat here.... Over priced, poor food and service.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
[ Unknown ], Newark 05 Jul 10

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