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Recent bar & restaurant customer reviews in London

Henry J Beans 153-163 The Broadway, Wimbledon, Wimbledon, London, SW19 1NE (Map)

This is a great restaurant. We’ve been here several times and the food and service have always been spot on. Big portions, lively, relaxed atmosphere and great cocktails. I can highly recommend the chicken... More Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
slater, wimbledon

Henry J Beans
Picture of Bar Soho, Soho, London

Bar Soho, Soho (Bar / Club)
“It was definitelly a night to remember. A good looking man asked me for a drink on the 25th of february there. Sadly i said no for some reason. Anyways, if u read this I would love to see you again :) Great atmosphere, great cocktails. The waiter wasn't too friendly. I couldn't really hear the music but it was still pretty early (around 21.00). Definitely will be back.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
V, H 01 Mar 10

Picture of Rainforest Cafe London, West End, London

Rainforest Cafe London, West End (Bar / Restaurant)
“Well, apart from being 'hijacked' on a street corner by one of their salesmen, to con us into going there, I didn't appreciate having to pay £12 to get in, then finding out i could have possibly got it for 10 from another one of their 'salesmen'. Not only did we have tickets, but we still had to wait outside for half an hour to actually get in! By the time we got in, my feet were aching and when i tried to go and sit down at a table, i was told i wasnt allowed to do so cos i didnt have a 'wristband' - whatever that meant. I assume it's because i had to pay to go into that area! What a cheek. i didn't appreciate it. The decoration of the place is done well, i'll admit. but it doesnt make up for feeling so uncomfortable. I didn't bother going to the bar... my friends bought me a drink so i didnt know how much it even cost. the music was a bit housey for me, and the crowd was lots of young school leavers mostly. Only good thing about it is that it wasnt over crowded. I wont be going back again though.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
claire, london 28 Feb 10

Picture of Bar Salsa! Soho, Soho, London

Book a table at Bar Salsa! Soho, Soho now - fast, free and confirmed!

Bar Salsa! Soho, Soho (Bar / Club)
“This is the best salsa bar i have been to!! It had a hell of a lot to do with the people though. A very mixed group of people who all like to dance and have FUN. I had so much fun dancing with everyone - i am still buzzed out! the drinks were well priced and generous too. Loved it.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
claire, london 28 Feb 10

Picture of RS Lounge, Woodford & Chingford, London

RS Lounge, Woodford & Chingford (Bar / Restaurant / Club)
“Great service, lovely atmosphere, however most of the songs were repeated at least four times. Not too impressed with that.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Sonia, Forest Gate 28 Feb 10

Picture of BQ Brasserie, Knightsbridge, London

BQ Brasserie, Knightsbridge (Bar / Restaurant)
“I was so impress when we walked through Brompton Quarter Brasserie's door, it is spacious, sophisticated and the staff were friendly and professionals. The food is simple and delicious, they have a gourmet bar that leaves you struggling on what to choose, as everything looks fresh and delicious. I had a selection of home made ice cream for dessert and it is still on the back of my mind. I truly recommend this place and will certainly go back.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Dolores, Cirencester 28 Feb 10

Picture of Erebuni Restaurant, Bar & lounge, City of London, London

Erebuni Restaurant, Bar & lounge, City of London (Bar / Restaurant)
“Food was great. Vodka selection refreshing. Atmoshphere definitely fun - live music and kareoke and staff friendly. Look forward to going there again.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Natalia, Russia 27 Feb 10

Capri, Hammersmith (Restaurant)
“We went up to london for the jls concert after having eaten in capri last time, we went back. We were there at opening time, so we were the only table eating, had prawn cocktail and steak which was very very good and good for the money, will go back if in hammersmith again.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
kim wilkinson, St.Albans, Hertfordshire 27 Feb 10

Carluccio's, Angel & Islington (Restaurant)
“I had such a lovely time at Carluccio’s! The staff were all so welcoming and friendly and even found some crayons to keep my four-year-old occupied whilst I managed to enjoy a glass of wine (or two) and my yummy food. They definitely know what they’re doing in the kitchen! I know Carluccio’s is part of a chain but it doesn’t feel that way in the least, in fact the space feels very intimate and unique and the deli at the front is a lovely touch, I even picked up some fresh pasta so that I could give emulating the linguine with prawns and garlic sauce dish at home! I will be back again and will be recommending Carluccio’s to anyone who can stand my gushing!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Tabitha Grimshaw, London 26 Feb 10

Picture of The Cuban, City of London, London

The Cuban, City of London (Bar / Restaurant)
“Perhaps our expectations were too high, but we found the portions on the tapas offer to be extremely small and of a relatively poor quality. The cocktails were nice, as was the £10 bottle of red. The one waitress covering the whole dining area did a sterling job, though the music was too loud and the atmosphere wasn't the best. I certainly wasn't feeling any Cuban vibes.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
rehana, London 26 Feb 10

Picture of Club 49, Soho, London

Club 49, Soho (Bar / Club)
“The staff was awful: rude and obnoxious. Bouncers made the evening really miserable by being rude and condescending to all who entered including me. Completely unwarranted for such a small unremarkable club! Shame, had the staff been pleasant the evening would have been rather lovely!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
london girl, london 25 Feb 10

Picture of The Hand & Flower, Fulham, London

The Hand & Flower, Fulham (Bar)
“I agree with the writer when it comes to the ubiquitous gastropub with its fomulaic ambience, lacklustre food and equally unimaginative clientele. I've eaten at The Hand and Flower, and in a city like London there really is no excuse for such mediocrity. If this is really what floats the boats of the reviewers above may I politely suggest they should get out more?”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Charlie S, London 25 Feb 10

Picture of Hi Sushi, Soho, London

Hi Sushi, Soho (Restaurant)
“I love Hi Sushi! The only thing that is weird is that the table - although booked is only held of 5 mins. So you have to be bang on time with arrivals etc. The food is ace and plentyful so you will not be disappointed! I really recommend this fab little restaurant! I have introduced many people over time and keep a regular apperance there!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
marie, London 25 Feb 10

Picture of The Hand & Flower, Fulham, London

The Hand & Flower, Fulham (Bar)
“I dont recognise any of the points made my Kate - it sounds to me like she has a problem with gastro pubs and people who live in nice postcodes. I have visited the pub several times now since it was done up and every time the food has been outstanding. ok some of the dishes might be slightly on the expensive side but it is worth paying for when the price is matched by quality food and service. maybe she should stick to McDonalds.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
chrisfoodie, london 24 Feb 10

Chez Liline, Finsbury Park (Bar / Restaurant)
“My friends and I had one of the best meals we have ever had in London. Thank you”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Cecilia McNicole-Rynd, Edinburgh 23 Feb 10

Picture of The Hand & Flower, Fulham, London

The Hand & Flower, Fulham (Bar)
“I went here at the weekend and the staff were really nice and friendly, especially the manager. The goats cheese starter was definitely the best part of the meal for me, and the portions were all really big so I think it's good value for money!!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Tracy, London 23 Feb 10

Picture of Ristorante Biagio, St James, London

Ristorante Biagio, St James (Restaurant)
“went on my wife's 40th birthday, food was o.k but found the staff very un-helpfull and rude. very disappointed!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
spen, marlow 22 Feb 10

Picture of Odette's, Swiss Cottage & Primrose Hill, London

Odette's, Swiss Cottage & Primrose Hill (Restaurant)
“Fantastic afternoon eating, wonderful lunch cooked by Bryn himself.... the pidgeon was to die for, home cooked bread, can't wait to visit again.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Helen, Bethesda 21 Feb 10

Picture of Blacks, Soho, London

Blacks, Soho (Bar / Club)
“Blacks was until quite recently a haven of civilised conversation. In the last 6 months it has become dominated by a loud crowd in large groups of what the Italian owner might call 'mal educatti', but presumably it is what he wants. Please, Moira and Giuseppe, review your policies. Make a return to the cell phone free, quiet and considered behaviour once required of your members, or lose the very people it was created for!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
paolina, Londra 21 Feb 10

Picture of The Cuban, City of London, London

The Cuban, City of London (Bar / Restaurant)
“The Cuban seems differant, it was my first time there was recommended to go by a mate. Went there for a work leaving party was excellent had a great time. would recommend anybody to go. A*”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
samantha jones, London W1 18 Feb 10

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