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Recent bar & restaurant customer reviews in London

Cubana 48 Lower Marsh, Waterloo, London, SE1 7RG (Map)

I went here after reading the fluid's reviews, I had a really good time. The food was great (I had pollo criollo), and my friend highly rated the steak too, in fact I think the previous food criticism... More Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Christian, London


Indian Flavours & Mosquito Bar, Clapham (Bar / Restaurant)
“My exprience of Indian Flavours is "a great nightout," you have a fantastic meal and stay on for the late night after marth which goes on till 5am.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Paul Tompson, london 12 May 07

3ONE7 Bar, Hampstead (Bar)
“Went to the 3 One 7 Bar last Saturday, was suprised how clean and up to date it was, loads of screens and the drinks were quite cheap. On Saturday it was like a club night except the DJ was really cool and played all my songs! He even mixed most of them up (Wonderful). Nice atmosphere with cool staff and DJ. It finished at 2am so we didn't have to bother going into town. We all had a Cool night ( 3girls / 2boys).”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Taylor, London 10 May 07

Picture of The Rivers Edge, Hampton & Teddington, London

The Rivers Edge, Hampton & Teddington (Bar / Restaurant / Hotel)
“Probably the worst service I have ever received in the UK. The waitress was rude, almost to the point of being aggresive, unhelpfull and impatient.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Lara Gates, Hampton 10 May 07

Picture of The Blagclub, Notting Hill, London

The Blagclub, Notting Hill (Bar / Club)
“Easy to find and very welcoming. Loved the dark setting and booths. Very classy. A wicked night out. Thank Blagclub! ”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
john, London 09 May 07

Picture of The Rivers Edge, Hampton & Teddington, London

The Rivers Edge, Hampton & Teddington (Bar / Restaurant / Hotel)
“The service was awful, the food was cold and the portions were small. Nice location but total rubbish.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Kerry Beniston, Teddington 09 May 07

Picture of Salt Yard, Bloomsbury, London

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Salt Yard, Bloomsbury (Bar / Restaurant)
“After reading some reviews about the Salt Yard, we were really looking forward to eating there. The menu looked good and a great location. Well there were four of us, and the food was OK. Next day though we all suffered from stomach pains and regular trips to the toilet. Each of us ate different dishes I had “Confit of Gloucester Old Spot pork” served with courgette fries, tomato and basil sauce. The dish tasted good, as did my friends dishes. However, the next day was rough on all of us – and when my wife called the Salt Yard to inform them, they were beyond rude – and said that it was not their problem. Well I am sorry, but if four people become ill through eating their food – “It’s their problem”. If only one person got ill, then you could wonder if that would be attributing to something else. Come on Salt Yard – tidy up your act, and maybe clean up your customer relations act, and maybe teach you staff cleanliness. We will not be going back to the Salt Yard, and would recommend if you want a nice place for a drink then the Salt Yard would be fine, but for your stomach sack - stay away from their food.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Bob Holding, London 08 May 07

Picture of The Lighthouse, Battersea, London

The Lighthouse, Battersea (Bar)
“What a great and welcome to change to the Battersea scene. The refurb has given the old dovedale / new lighthouse and fantastic fresh new edge. With importing the fancy canadian chef, the food quality and service have rocketed in the right direction, deliciouse welsh rarebit... Who needs trappist when you have organic cider? I wish this pub was on my doorstep. ”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
james, London 08 May 07

Blah! Blah! Blah!, Shepherds Bush (Bar / Restaurant)
“My favourite place of comfort and a treat from dailly routine. Here you will enjoy dishes created from fresh produce with just enough herbs/spices as not to disguise the natural flavours. The prices are very reasonable for what you recieve. Each month i look forward to a visit and i am sure you will too. Thumbs up!!!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
juju, london 07 May 07

Picture of The Triangle Bar & Restaurant, Finsbury Park, London

The Triangle Bar & Restaurant, Finsbury Park (Bar / Restaurant)
“This shabby triangular building houses one of the most original venues in North London, the exterior giving little clue to the delights inside. Coming in somewhere between a Morrocan palace and a final-year art project, the most distinctive feature of this bar and restaurant is its installation, featuring a raffia motorbike, a laid table, a bed and a shopping bag… all stuck to the ceiling. On the real floor, the mirrored fireplace, metal furniture, hanging plants and numerous candles make for a surprisingly intimate feel. Towards the back patrons, cross-legged on the raised floor, tuck into meals from a catholic menu. Serious drinkers might complain about the absence of draught beers and the small wine list, but there's a good selection of bottled beers, including Kirin and Casablanca. And for sheer sensory overload, it's definitely worth a visit. ”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Matt, london 07 May 07

Zanzibar, Edgware & Mill Hill (Bar)
“An Excellent place where the food, the ambience, the service, the staff are all out of this world. Zanzibar is a must for Indian Food Lovers.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Shah, Harrow 07 May 07

The Queen Vic, Stratford (Bar)
“Loved slumming in here it was a good laugh. Party Party Party. Some old bird had popped her clogs and I believe they were holding her funeral party there. Pauline was her name. I seem to remember one of her bri nylon cardies draped over a chair as a tribute. Ah bless.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Rhianna, london 06 May 07

Picture of Apartment 195, Chelsea, London

Apartment 195, Chelsea (Bar)
“Loved Loved Loved this place, so classy and stylish it hurts. Beautiful people everywhere, but at the same time not necking or french kissing mirrors. Really lovely staff everywhere, they made you feel more than welcome, no snob value here, but at the same time had the same approach to all. Definetly would recommend this little piece of paradise. I was staying at the Sloane square hotel and this was a fab little bolthole to start the night with a swing!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Johno, liverpool 06 May 07

Picture of All Bar One, West End, London

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All Bar One, West End (Bar)
“Hopeless here, it was a killer to get served, and basically staff were extremely rude. Despite tipping a few quite generously, they stood around looking quite vacant, and in need of a personality transplant. Here's a tip, sack 'em all and take on some immigrants.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Johno, liverpool 06 May 07

Cafe Sol, Clapham (Bar / Restaurant)
“I saw this in the Latin section, that's totally wrong. Its just a fajita restaurant, that turns into a disco-thing after on Fri/Sat, full of Claphamites getting too drunk and trying to get laid. The Old woman who meets you on the door is generally very rude. But if all you're after is fajitas it's OK!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Chris, London 05 May 07

Picture of Beach Blanket Babylon, Notting Hill, London

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Beach Blanket Babylon, Notting Hill (Bar / Restaurant)
“It was a surprise from my boyfriend, and what an incredible night it was. The decor was fantastic, gin and tonic strong, service spot on, rack on lamb to die for, left the venue wanting more. I highly reccommend a visit!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Sian Mccatty, Wimbledon 04 May 07

Victoria, Notting Hill (Bar)
“Pretty decent London pub. Food reasonable, beer good. Could do with better outside seating. There's an open fire in the winter and the library room upstairs is fantastic. Often gets skaters coming by from Hyde Park.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Matt, London 03 May 07

Picture of Vertigo 42, City of London, London

Vertigo 42, City of London (Bar / Restaurant)
“"the cheapest drink comes in at £10 a glass and you rate it value for money - wish i was earning your salary (sorry didn't get chance to try the £1295.00 Veuve Clicquot, Ponsardin Yellow Label Brut)." In response to above, suggest user reads wine list more carefully, £1295 is the price for a Nebuchadnezzar (20 Bottles), so works out at £64.75/bottle, pretty much what you would expect to pay. Am going to Vertigo this weekend, will let you know what it's like (hopefully not full of uncultured idiots).”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:

Baroque, Ealing (Bar / Restaurant / Club)
“As an ex-pat, I'll pay over the odds for a taste from home. But when it's not my home, I have to judge a restaurant on more standard criteria. The food is beautifully presented and obvious care has gone into sourcing fresh ingredients and quality meats. But it was served lukewarm and without much on the side. The cocktails were similarly inventive, but at 6 quid each, were neither expertly mixed nor were particularly strong. Anyhow, on the whole though, the food's good and it's authentic Kiwi cuisine - which I understand is hard to find in London. The service is okay (friendly, but not terribly professional), the music was fun, and there's booths for larger groups - which is always good for a night out with mates. My main complaint with The Kiwi Kitchen, though, is that it's like eating food from a really good gastropub in a Puzzle Bar. Also, from my viewpoint, it's dead expensive. A starter, a main and a drink will set you back more than it will at most good gastropubs - and even at some of London's finer restaurants. It's like Andrew Edmunds without the charm - and with a laminated menu. I've never had better Kiwi food anywhere else, but I've had better food in a better environment for less cost in many places elsewhere. I'd certainly say go if you're interested in Kiwi cuisine, but now that my curiosity is satisfied, I doubt that I will be returning.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Lydia Dye, London 03 May 07

Picture of The Triangle Bar & Restaurant, Finsbury Park, London

The Triangle Bar & Restaurant, Finsbury Park (Bar / Restaurant)
“Prepare to be transported to another world. Inside this palace of curiosities between Crouch End and Finsbury Park, with its rich fabrics, beaten metalwork, glowing candles and enchanting alcoves is a food-lover's heaven. Moroccan-inspired but with elements of Asian, European and even Australasian cuisine, the menu is as eclectic as the decor. We ate sardine salad with couscous - the fish moist with a perfectly crispy exterior, the couscous tender and spicy - then Thai green chicken curry, once again the ideal heat, texture and taste. My companion's sirloin steak had a garnish of ginger which had her squeaking with pleasure. Owner Aziz Begdouri devised both the exotic interior (including a surreal bed with furniture stuck to the ceiling) and the funky fusion menu, having been a chef in both his native Morocco and in London. Triangle won Archant's Best Moroccan restaurant in London award in 2006. Combined with the chilled music, the gracious and happy service, the small but idyllic garden, the low-level den where you sit cross-legged on cushions, the inventive wine list (try the Moroccan sauvignon blanc - it's knockout) and the plethora of intricate, lovingly worked details everywhere you look, this is a stunning triumph of a restaurant.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
david nicholson, london 02 May 07

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"Had the best Taglioni Salmone, lovely wine with it, great family friendly atmosphere. Free glass of Prosecco on arrival because it was Father’s Day. Excellent pricing and we were fitted in seamlessly despite..." Which venue is this?


"Girls were rude demanding tips for a poor show. If this is the best club London has to offer don't bother going anywhere else in the city." Which venue is this?

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