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Recent bar & restaurant customer reviews in London

Misato 11 Wardour Street, Chinatown, London, W1D 6PG (Map)

The Staff are Unbelievably Rude! I´ve been to this restaurant several times before because the food is very good value for the portion size but today I vowed that I will never go to Misato again. The staff... More Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
kita, london

Picture of Verve, West End, London

Verve, West End (Bar / Restaurant / Club)
“The decor of this venue is not bad, staff are pretty friendly, good music and drinks not bad; however given our experience on Saturday evening, we will definitely not be returning. On arriving at about 9pm, the dancefloor was packed with drunk, rowdy men having a dance off - not an ideal atmosphere for a celebration with friends... not quite the night out we had been hoping for. Needless to say we won't be returning.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Rakhi, London 26 Mar 08

Picture of The Duke on the Green, Fulham, London

The Duke on the Green, Fulham (Bar / Restaurant)
“Fantastic experience in every way.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Bennie Howard, Durbanville 25 Mar 08

Picture of The Abbey Tavern, Camden, London

The Abbey Tavern, Camden (Bar / Restaurant)
“Great jerk chicken and an unusal caribean menu. Mad chefs in the kitchen. Beers are good and not bad value for £3. Easy to walk to from Camden tube. The best thing at The Abbey is its great beer garden and roof terrace. Great space to meet your friends and move onto Camden. ”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Michael, London 25 Mar 08

Picture of Central Station, Kings Cross, London

Central Station, Kings Cross (Bar / Club)
“What a dingy little dump. Really seedy. Horrible!! Can't emphasise how bad this place is. Don't go there.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Joe, London 22 Mar 08

Picture of Murphis Karaoke Bar & Restaurant, City of London, London

Murphis Karaoke Bar & Restaurant, City of London (Bar / Restaurant / Club)
“If only i could give a minus rating. The service was extremely poor the bar staff downstairs don't know what they are doing. It's as if they've never worked behind a bar before - waited 15 mins to get served at the bar, there were only 20 people in the place. If you want food i would suggest you eat elsewhere beforehand, the food was substandard. Girls, if you must use the toilets take a friend to make sure the door stays shut as there aren't any locks on the doors, also they can stand in front of the large hole in the side of the toilet to protect your modesty. Whatever you do don't lean of any of the wooden banisters you're liable come crashing down with a thud. All in all a big disappointment of a night that was supposed to be a birthday celebration. I definitely won't be going back, if you to enjoy a nightout singing karaoke i suggest songstar for the playstation and not this place.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
keith joseph, london 21 Mar 08

Picture of Quebec, Marylebone, London

Quebec, Marylebone (Bar)
“I spent the early afternoon of last saturday in the Quebec with a friend. The old atmosphere had gone. The two large-screen television sets were both tuned to a rugby game, which none of the older (regular) patrons was watching. However, a group of seven or more male-female couples (six particularly raucous women and one maid cuddling with her man) were watching and yelling their approval and other comments. My conclusion: Nobody goes to a pub to watch television, except members of coaching parties. Sports addicts go to their own local or watch it at home. Pub patrons go to a pub to have a drink, to meet friends, to chat, or just to have a lone drink in a friendly atmosphere. Must we say goodbye to the Quebec? Has the Quebec turned into a pub for charabanc parties?”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
John Lewis, London 21 Mar 08

Picture of Made In Brasil, Camden, London

Made In Brasil, Camden (Bar / Restaurant)
“Was`rather let down, heard good things - Service slow, cocktails not as good as the Cuban in the stables market. Not sure if I'll return.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Ashley Town, London 21 Mar 08

Picture of De Hems, West End, London

De Hems, West End (Bar)
“Very nice! Also nice is you are from Holland to socialize. Staff is also very nice .. just.. NICE !! :D”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Nienna/Jaline, London 20 Mar 08

Picture of Verve, West End, London

Verve, West End (Bar / Restaurant / Club)
“Was there on Monday night, what an awesome place, it was absolutely packed, the Dj was on point all night every tune was a classic. The fact that it was also Industry night made it even better, the cheap drinks were brilliant. It was my first time there, and will not be my last.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Jaimie Fuller, Lonodon 20 Mar 08

El Rincon Quiteno, Holloway (Bar / Restaurant)
“This restaurant is one of the best examples of Latin American & International food in London... and also the service is excellent and friendly.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:

Picture of The Gun, Canary Wharf, London

The Gun, Canary Wharf (Bar / Restaurant)
“What a great place! The staff were really friendly, attentive and knowledgable and more importantly, the food was great, great buzzing atmosphere and a lovely fire to roast in front of. Will definitely be going back!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
AnnaS, London 20 Mar 08

Picture of Noorjahan 2, Notting Hill, London

Noorjahan 2, Notting Hill (Restaurant)
“We have eaten here many times before its always fantastic divine food and excellent service.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
maxi walters, Paddington 20 Mar 08

Picture of Verve, West End, London

Verve, West End (Bar / Restaurant / Club)
“Had my 30th birthday at Verve last weekend and it was fabulous. The DJ played some great music and the drinks and food prices were great value for money (especially during happy hour). Great crowd of all ages and the place had a fantastic atmosphere. I had an awesome good birthday :)”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Simone Bains, London 20 Mar 08

Picture of Tart, City of London, London

Tart, City of London (Bar / Restaurant / Club)
“Just opened so i just had to try it out and what a Fantastic job! Cocktails are to die for and can't even taste the alcohol, but be warned 8 cocktails later and the high heels go in the handbag. Tried to impress the butch though, moving on to (hangover-free) beer towards the end of the night. Artwork is amazing in there and a little bit cheeky, and if you haven't tried the platter for 3 your missing out. Will definitely be telling the girlfriends about Tart, and there's just something about a French barman ;)”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Richardo Noble, London 19 Mar 08

Picture of Grand Union Camden, Camden, London

Grand Union Camden, Camden (Bar / Restaurant / Club)
“I checked out the Grand Union for the first time since its re-fit last night and was really impressed with the new look. The back room is now open all the time, which more than doubles its capacity, and there's a totally different feel about the place. There are retro booths hidden round the side of the bar and plenty more seating, which means it now feels like a proper burger joint, which it always billed itself as. On top of that, there's table football, great music and still not that many people know about it. The Grand Union just got good.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Chris Dow, Camden 19 Mar 08

Picture of Jewel, West End, London

Jewel, West End (Bar / Restaurant / Club)
“To be frank, I wasn't to keen on the place, the decor was fantastic and the music was great but because of the parties booked it limited my friend and I to one small area, which was full of people so it was difficult to move around and it took a long time to get service and drinks. The atmosphere wasn't good and I didn't find the staff too friendly either, so I have had a completely different experience to everyone else. Maybe I just went on a bad night, I think the parties had a major effect on the enjoyment. I might try again sometime considering all the good reviews.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Suzy, Chelmsford 19 Mar 08

Picture of Jewel, West End, London

Jewel, West End (Bar / Restaurant / Club)
“I've spent so many of my friday nights there last summer, simply because Jewel is THE best bar in the West End to me. Miss u ..but see you very soon. :)”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Deens, Warwick Uni 18 Mar 08

Picture of Grand Union Camden, Camden, London

Grand Union Camden, Camden (Bar / Restaurant / Club)
“Having recently moved to Camden a work colleague recommended I try the Grand Union for a few drinks with friends on a Thursday evening. We only intended to have a bottle of wine between the three of us and then move on somewhere else but we ended up there until closing time! Having sat down with a bottle of the house white, which was really great for just over a tenner we watched loads of their burgers get taken past us and decided we couldn’t resist trying one. Spoilt for choice we decided to order a different one each so we ended up with a smoked chilli, a greek lamb and a cheese and bacon. The only downside was that we all lost complete respect for one anothers table manners whilst eating but this was quickly rescued by the satisfaction that comes after eating a grand union burger! Unlike many bars in Camden where the cocktail list is either non-existent or intimidatingly long and complex the list here is a small selection of classics with a few house specialities thrown in for good measure. The ginger aussie behind the bar was helpful and pointed out the Bramble, the Gin Garden (which sounds so weird but is actually awesome) and the Old Fashioned (scary amounts of alcohol considering how easy to drink and tasty this is!) Not being cocktail connoisseurs we were glad of his advice and he turned out to be spot on.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Victoria Coupland, London 18 Mar 08

The Temperance, Marylebone (Bar)
“I think I can shed some light on the two previous reviews.. There has been a change of chef between the two visits.. I asked because I went there for lunch a couple of Sundays ago... the Roast Beef was pink and very tasty.. the half a Chicken was huge and all the vegetables crisp and fresh.. I think well worth a visit and on Sundays the kitchen stays open well past 3.00pm..”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Philip, London 17 Mar 08

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