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Recent bar & restaurant customer reviews in London

Dion Paternoster House, 65 St Pauls Churchyard, St Paul's, City, London, EC4M 8AB (Map)

The live band at dion on Wednesday nights really makes this bar a regular night out in my diary - I'm a huge music lover and this is some of the best I have heard on any stage! Great to see a bar in London... More Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Paul, London

Picture of Gaylord, Fitzrovia, London

Gaylord, Fitzrovia (Restaurant)
“Total rip-off. There is a £1.50 cover charge for a poppadum each, whether you want it or not. This is served with communal sauces, obviously recycled from another table! The pints are £5 each. Food is overpriced, overcooked and served slightly cold. The services is slow, incompetent (we had to ask for table water three times, and still only got one glass for seven people), and outright rude. One waiter tried to clear the table after we'd eaten, stuck his behind in my face and 'apologised' with "Sorry, mate". After this, we decided to not pay the 'optional' 15% gratuity added to our bill without asking us. The waiter then said the bill was short, and after pointing out we didn't wish to pay the gratuity, the restaurant manager came out to demand the tip! We very angrily pointed out the appalling service and rudeness in asking for a gratuity and left. Bottom line is that this is probably the *worst* restaurant experience I've had in London. Avoid at all costs.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Jack Norell, London 20 Aug 07

Picture of Octoberfest Pub, Fulham, London

Octoberfest Pub, Fulham (Bar / Restaurant)
“Went to the Fest recently with some work mates. Being German myself I was looking forward to it. I can only say. The worst Pub I ever went to in London! Not German at all. No good atmosphere, silly food and unfriendly staff. What a nightmare.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Cristin, London 20 Aug 07

Baroque, Ealing (Bar / Restaurant / Club)
“I am a fellow kiwi and found the food to be excellent and well presented however overpriced for the area. Portion size could increase by 10% to reflect these prices as unfortunately my English friends left feeling humgry and a little disgruntled at paying over the odds - although all agreed the food was superb. The staff were friendly and welcoming however not all were briefed on kiwi food despite a very informative menu. I asked for a lemon and paeroa and got a blank look until I said L&P. The decor could do with improving as the seats were ripped and lacked a kiwi theme that could be introduced by tree ferns, picture frames with NZ history and native plants and animals around the room. A childrens menu would be beneficial and discounted meals for local businesses which are always looking for new and interesting lunch and dinner venues. I would love to revisit with my family but honestly couldn't afford to do so unless the prices came down a few quid and a children's menu is introduced.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Diane Charles, Greenford 20 Aug 07

Picture of Balans Soho Society, Soho, London

Balans Soho Society, Soho (Bar / Restaurant)
“The manager of this restaurant has to be the rudest person ever. Totally dismissive of me when a waitress spilled wine over my skirt, I asked if I could be re-imbursed for the dry cleaning. He looked away. Disgraceful. Service very poor. If YTS was still in evident this lot would be refused a job. I will not be visiting Balans again! Well not Soho anyhow. Sort it out!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
jaqui st clair, glasgow 19 Aug 07

Picture of Balans, Chelsea, London

Balans, Chelsea (Bar / Restaurant)
“Popped in here for Sunday brunch. Staff really nice and friendly despite the place heaving at the seams. Food was delicious and the service was prompt and very professional, almost like a conveyer belt system. I would definitely come again, and I tipped the waiters royally. This has to be the best balans, as the one on Compton street has a very poor level of service of late!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
jimmy, liverpool 19 Aug 07

Picture of Star Tavern, Belgravia, London

Star Tavern, Belgravia (Bar)
“I really liked this pub. Quite posh. My friend and I both stumbled across it quite literally, after having a blow out at Harvey Nichols. Two very eligible chaps were at the Star Tavern and treated us to some of the finest merlot. Did not eat here, but this is definitely a place to be seen at. Quite a few Ivana Trump lookalikes here, as it must be a Knightsbridge thing. Definitely not a cheese butty kind of place.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
debra, nottingham 19 Aug 07

Picture of All Bar One, West End, London

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All Bar One, West End (Bar)
“Well even though this joint was packed to the rafters the atmospheric delights of this conducive establishment surpassed itself. Bar staff simply scrumptious, in behaviour and also looks. Lashings of leg and some of the finest set of totty on show, this side of Chelsea. Myself being an upper class boy, I love a working class gal. This place had some beautys!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
jonty, cardiff 19 Aug 07

Picture of Garlic & Shots, Soho, London

Garlic & Shots, Soho (Bar / Restaurant)
“My experience of this place is far from good. When I arrived first for the booking, a slight head tilt was given to me as to where I was sitting. When they learned that not all of us were eating mains as some choose to eat tapa's, at £10.95 a plate, they obviously did not like this and the manager stood behind the bar all night glaring at us with dagger eyes. It put me off, and I felt wrestles as I tired to eat my food drenched in oil, presented badly and failed to impress me for it's price. When we received the bill, there was an error with being charged too much, they corrected it, but this time, slapt a 12% service charge without any indication on the menu that this was the case. The manager's face would have cracked if he attempted to smile. We thought we would try out the plenty of shots they do in their state of the art "vampire bar". What a load of cheap material poorly designed to give a dark and dingy, uncomfortable and boring look. There was no atmosphere, it was not "spooky" or gave you any sense of feeling "gothic" but instead I had a feeling of urgency to make a swift exit. The only positive thing about this place is the actual decor in the restaurant, the rest of it and the crew were an absolute disappointment. Where I am grateful for the garlic experience but you know that saying, "been there, done that, ticked off"? That's for this place.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Kristy, London 19 Aug 07

SW9 Bar Cafe, Brixton (Bar)
“Well what can i say about this bar, it looks welcoming from the outside, but the staff (and prices) have put me off going back, i had to wait 5 mins whilst the person behind the bar finished his private conversation, then didn't even appologise for keeping me waiting! Take a tip from me, employ someone who enjoys bar work and talking to your customers!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
zoe, london 17 Aug 07

Picture of Sway, West End, London

Sway, West End (Bar / Restaurant)
“I often lunch here as the food is great and you're guaranteed a seat. Let down by the slow service.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Steve Molesworth, London 14 Aug 07

Picture of 606 Club, Chelsea, London

606 Club, Chelsea (Bar / Club)
“Have to concur with the other reviewers I am afraid. When you are obliged to book a table for dinner in order to see the artist then it would be nice if you could actully see the artist and get served some decent food. We were absolutely wedged into a corner. And yes school dinners is about right. Basic cooking, hugely overpriced AND you have to pay a further £10 per head music charge, despite the fact that levy seems to have already been built into the cost of the food. I felt a bit ripped off to be honest. Sorry 606. Not for me....”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Kristina, LONDON 13 Aug 07

Picture of Thai Square Angel and Islington, Angel & Islington, London

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Thai Square Angel and Islington, Angel & Islington (Bar / Restaurant)
“I used to come every week to eat at Thai Square in Angel and i always find the food perfectly cook and well presented..... the staff are amazing and very friendly..... I would recommend to everybody to go there and taste the quality of the food..... just be careful, sometime the food can be a bit spicy......”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
fred, london 13 Aug 07

3ONE7 Bar, Hampstead (Bar)
“One of the best nights out there is, great venue, clean and well managed. Friendly staff and doorman and a good over 21s crowd, will come back time and time again with my wife and friends.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Mr D Whilts, London 13 Aug 07

Picture of Flask, Crouch End, London

Flask, Crouch End (Bar)
“I have been eating and drinking at the Flask for years, and have always found it to be a charming pub with great atmosphere and good food. Even after the menu was revised a couple of years ago (along with the prices), the food remained of a high standard therefore paying that little extra seemed reasonable. Whether they were having an 'off' day yesterday, or have simply become complacent due to popularity and the knowledge they will always fill seats, is hard to say. However the £9.90 pricetag that accompanied the Sunday roast seemed grossly above reasonable considering the meal that was placed in front of me. Fatty, undercooked shoulder of lamb, with a few beans and carrots, and roast potatoes that appeared to have been boiled and deep fried to give them a crunchy outter. I rarely make a complaint about food but when you are paying near enough £10 for Sunday lunch, it's fair to say expectations are a little higher than average. You could forgive them if it was a one off, but my friend's caeser salad came floating in a half inch of water with wilted iceberg, and another friend was told his chips (the deep fried variety - not baked) would be 30 minutes.. I only hope the Flask sit up and take note because this is dragging an otherwise delightful pub down.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Emily, London 13 Aug 07

Picture of The Red Lion and Sun, Highgate, London

The Red Lion and Sun, Highgate (Bar)
“I went to The Red Lion and Sun and thought it remarkably good. I will stop using beerintheevening as they are carrying reviews several years old and the point is that this place has been redone. I visited in August 2007 and found a great stmosphere, seriously good food and a good range of drinks. The new owner is, I think, an Aussie or Kiwi, and is quite a catch. I reckon I will become a regular here. ”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Anna, north London 11 Aug 07

Picture of Artesian, Marylebone, London

Artesian, Marylebone (Bar / Hotel)
“Peaceful yet alluring, calm yet a dash of authority in it's elegence. If you want style and some panache, you feel it at this place. But make sure friends are willing to spend a bit, it is expensive, it maybe a good addition to a London Bar Hop, drop by for a drink or two to appreciate the pampering and service you get here which is excellent. If you got money to burn, you would stay longer.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Gurcharan Johal, Goodmayes, Essex 11 Aug 07

Picture of Christopher's, West End, London

Christopher's, West End (Bar / Restaurant)
“Food and staff were fantastic. Bar downstairs was also lovely and staff very entertaining. A great evening!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Debbie Harcourt, London 10 Aug 07

Picture of The Albion, Angel & Islington, London

The Albion, Angel & Islington (Bar)
“yes great spot... nice beer garden etc etc... but appalling waiting staff and terrible cooking... would give it a wide berth... buy some beers and head to the park instead... there should be inspectors shutting places like this down...”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
not happy, london 10 Aug 07

Lee Fook, Kingston (Restaurant)
“We ate in Lee Fook for the first time last night. We are actually involved with food, so appreciate a great meal. My colleague and I both had Dumplings and Crab claws to start, which was mouthwatering to say the least, and freshly cooked. For our mains we had The Seafood combination bean curd in hot pot and the roast duck canton style, which were both cooked to perfection. The seafood was so fresh that it melted in your mouth, as for the duck, all I can say is that I was in heaven, it was the best duck that I have Ever tasted, our accompaniments were Steamed rice and the fried noodles, again cooked perfectly. We decided to have Saki as our drink which was a perfect choice served in a warm tea pot with a warmer underneath, what a lovely touch. Bonnie was our waitress, who was very helpful and genuine. We will highly recommended this restaurant to everyone we know, and if you haven't yet been, then do make a special trip there as you will not be disappointed. Aud and Sue”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Aud and Suzi, Kingston upon Thames 09 Aug 07

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