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Recent bar & restaurant customer reviews in London

Rupert Street 50 Rupert Street, Soho, London, W1D 6DR (Map)

Since it was refurbished last year rupert street has to be one of the best bars to eat and drink in London - food is fantastic during the day, and theres always somewhere to sit. Nights are packed with... More Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
andrew ricketts, [ Unknown ]

Rupert Street
Picture of The Longford, Hampton & Teddington, London

The Longford, Hampton & Teddington (Bar)
“the stone house is an upmarket relaxed bar with exceptional food and friendly staff. The bar supports the musical talent of 3 different djs on thurs, fri and sat night and a live band on sundays. The full table service till 5pm and calming mood lights make this the ideal pre-party venue for anyone. The doorman are the ideal hosts making guests feel welcome from the time they enter the venue till the moment they leave. I recomend this bar to children, teenagers and adults alike!(the hot chocolates are especially great!)”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
kate faure, [ Unknown ] 31 Mar 04

Picture of Admiral Codrington, Chelsea, London

Admiral Codrington, Chelsea (Bar / Restaurant)
“Full of big posh sods with plums in their mouths blithely waving their gold cards about and shelling out £50 for 6 drinks. Rubbish, unless you're a big posh sod.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Ben Smith, [ Unknown ] 31 Mar 04

Picture of Inc Bar, Greenwich, London

Inc Bar, Greenwich (Bar / Restaurant)
“YUK YUK YUK. far too up its on arse”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
stef, [ Unknown ] 30 Mar 04

The Slug & Lettuce, Angel & Islington (Bar)
“I personally NEVER to go to a Slug & Lettuce, however the one on Upper St. I do like. I find it to be very friendly with excellent and very attentive service. Friendly place to drink any day or night of the week.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Suparna, [ Unknown ] 30 Mar 04

Picture of The Castle, Angel & Islington, London

The Castle, Angel & Islington (Bar / Restaurant)
“This is a good bar and I was impressed with a couple of very friendly Australian girls that worked there. The food was good and beer selection excellent.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Howard Priestley, London 30 Mar 04

The Perseverance, Bloomsbury (Bar)
“Great Tapas and a really good wine list”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Sarah, [ Unknown ] 29 Mar 04

Picture of North Pole Piano Restaurant, Bar & South Pole Club, Greenwich, London

North Pole Piano Restaurant, Bar & South Pole Club, Greenwich (Bar / Restaurant / Club)
“My favourite restuarant in London... fantastic atmosphere... great food... a little on the expensive side but well worth it... ”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Darryl, [ Unknown ] 29 Mar 04

Mr Lawrence, New Cross & Brockley (Bar)
“Great place to go out with your mates to catch up... easy food... great wine... no rip-offs... and it is at the end of my road”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Darryl, [ Unknown ] 29 Mar 04

Picture of Cargo, Shoreditch, London

Cargo, Shoreditch (Bar / Restaurant / Club)
“I recently went to an 'African Fusion' Night whihc was excellent!!! I don't know anywhere else in London where you get to see 4 live acts of that quality/ calibre for £6 (if u arrive b'fore 9pm). The atmosphere was really charged and it was clearly eveident that a good time was being had by all!!! Worth every penny and then some !!! All in all one of the best clubs I've been to in ages....”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Blessing, [ Unknown ] 29 Mar 04

Picture of Gallipoli Again, Angel & Islington, London

Gallipoli Again, Angel & Islington (Restaurant)
“Service is excellent as well as the food and value. A care free safe and clean atmoshpere with lots of laughs and giggles.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
William_King, Slough, Berkshire 29 Mar 04

Club 414, Brixton (Bar)
“Havnt been for a while, but always had a good time.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Ranan, [ Unknown ] 28 Mar 04

Picture of Piano, Kensington, London

Piano, Kensington (Bar / Restaurant)
“The staff at Piano Bar are outstandingly friendly and by the end of the evening the atmosphere is totally magic. The drinks might seem a bit expensive but considering the standard of the entertainment it's still good value. Some people might find it a bit cheezy but "weak jazz" is a preposterous description of what I've enjoyed - loads of classic songs from the 60s thru to the 90s sung brilliantly by professional performers in an intimate setting. Get a seat at the piano itself and just go with the flow. My only concern is that if enough people discover this Kensington gem, it might end up so popular I won't be able to get in the door..”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
A L Metcalfe, London 27 Mar 04

Picture of The Maple Leaf, West End, London

The Maple Leaf, West End (Bar)
“very rude at closing time. lights on at 11, despite serving a pint at 11. they take up position by 11.05 over the rear tables. At 11.15, before drinking up time is through, they tell you that thats it and all the canadians acquiesce, maybe because they dont know about the 20 mins drinking up time. the bar is clear well before 11.20, with half pints paid for remaining on the table. damn uncivilised ! btw, its was fine before 11 !”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
larry, [ Unknown ] 27 Mar 04

Picture of The Holly Bush, Hampstead, London

The Holly Bush, Hampstead (Bar / Restaurant)
“The best pub in London. Good atmosphere and lots of smiling and beerdrinking people. The food is very good.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Morten Damgaard, [ Unknown ] 26 Mar 04

Picture of Ruby Blue, West End, London

Ruby Blue, West End (Bar / Restaurant / Club)
“After your review we thought we'd try out what it was like anyway as I used to go there quite often when it was Havana. Much to our suprise, we noticed that the venue has infact gone through a refurbishment. The General Manager (who was a women and not the guy you mentioned in the review) was really cool and was working the door that night. The staff were full of smiles and the new decor gave the whole place a lighter feel. The drinks were'nt as expensive as we thought and the bar snacks were great. Maybe you should update your review? It looks like it has'nt been updated in about 3 years. ”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Lind-sue Thompkins, [ Unknown ] 25 Mar 04

Cave Austin, Blackheath & Eltham (Bar)
“Used to be really good. It is now rubbish! Atmos = 2/5 abit of a yobs place now and cramped. The toilets are not clean. Slightly over priced....Poor service.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Darren, [ Unknown ] 25 Mar 04

Picture of Cafe Boheme, Soho, London

Cafe Boheme, Soho (Bar / Restaurant)
“hi i work 4 years for cafe boheme as bar manager, head barman and to be honest we not making only jugs of beer. we have 50 cocktails on the list and we sell them well. very welcome. please come. grzegorz. 0207 734 0623”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
grzegorz, [ Unknown ] 25 Mar 04

Picture of Imbibe, Borough & Southwark, London

Imbibe, Borough & Southwark (Bar)
“its the best place ever, to spend an amazin' night”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
veronica, [ Unknown ] 24 Mar 04

Picture of Finnegans Wake, Ealing, London

Finnegans Wake, Ealing (Bar)
“this is not only the best pub in da world but da best place!!!!1”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
hayley, [ Unknown ] 23 Mar 04

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