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Recent bar & restaurant customer reviews in London

The Old Ivy House 166 Goswell Road, London, EC1V 7DT (Map)

Just re-opened after a refurbishment, this is a terrific little pub. It's very clean, tastefully decorated and very welcoming. The staff are friendly, efficient and helpful. The music is good, varied,... More Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Iain, York

The Old Ivy House
Picture of The Jam Tree, Clapham, London

The Jam Tree, Clapham (Bar)
“The Jam Tree is excellent with a welcoming atmosphere and fab service, take it from one who knows.!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Anita Burnett, Abingdon,Oxfordshire. 24 Oct 12

Picture of Stringfellows, West End, London

Book a table at Stringfellows, West End now - fast, free and confirmed!

Stringfellows, West End (Bar / Restaurant / Club)
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
joseph, phil 23 Oct 12

Picture of Whites Gentlemen's Club, City of London, London

Whites Gentlemen's Club, City of London (Bar / Club)
“Went to this club with my best friend on Friday we had an hour with two English girls Mary-Anne and Gia in the tiger room, very good atmosphere We thought Some of the drinks were a little bit on the expensive side but has a decent house champagne , everyone is talking about this club, definitely 4 stars We're going back.s”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Stev, London 22 Oct 12

Picture of The Shed, Notting Hill, London

The Shed, Notting Hill (Bar / Restaurant)
“I celebrated my birthday at The Shed. The begin with the establishment looks very cool and stylish. The rustic but tasteful decor evokes an informal but civilsed atmosphere that makes any dining experience a pleasure. The place was busy at 8pm, which I thought was brilliant considering it hasn't been open for too long, and thats always a good sign I think The table was booked for 13 people, but we added 2 more at the last minute. This wasn't a problem and they catered to our every need, including a nut allergy, which was greatly appreciated. A great selection of beverages, from the highly drinkable lager beer to the taste bud tingling 'daily loosener', all went down a treat. Obviously the food is the main attraction to any restaurant. To be quite honest I was a little blown away by the standard of the food. The quality, simplicity and originality of everything we ordered was second to none. A few personal favourites included the confit pheasant on toast, crispy pigs ears, lamb chips (probably my favourite) and the rolled lamb saddle. Absolutely excellent, elegant and down right tasty food. The passion of the staff, the owner Richard and the head chef Oliver is evident to see and I am greatly looking forward to returning at some point in the near future. Thankyou for a great birthday guys!!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Peter Oppersdorff, Exeter, Devon 22 Oct 12

Picture of 2 Brewers, Clapham, London

2 Brewers, Clapham (Bar)
“Firstly, that's an old photo. The building looks much classier that the photo. My first time was a month ago, been back every weekend since. It wasn't till the end of my first night there that I found out there was a bigger club room at the back, not that the front room is small. There is a big glittery stage which when there isn't cabaret performing is used as a giant podium for other punter to pose/dance. Having done the place a few times I can see the difference in the two rooms; front is camp pop, rear is harder and dance based. Unlike so many of these type of community based gay bars, this one seems to cater for all tastes. I guess I'm biased but it works for me, I'm late twenties and do the usual gym, bars, theatre....this is the highlight of my weekend. The crowd is varied and has a high percentage of (friendly) eye candy. Drinks are average price I guess, but not expensive. Gets my vote.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Daniel, Watford 20 Oct 12

Dastarkhan, Angel & Islington (Restaurant)
“it is so good in jamshedpur of 1st time......... thank you.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
satish pradhan, jamshedpur 19 Oct 12

Picture of Raffles, Chelsea, London

Raffles, Chelsea (Bar / Club)
“We waited 15 minutes in the queue to be told there were too many men in the club already, but were then asked if we had a credit card. We did and were allowed in and shown to a table. We were put off by the fact the place was virtually empty, the ambiance (lack of), clientele (flash the cash brash), price list (£100 - £18K!) and staff, so decided to leave (after about 2 minutes). On trying to do this, the extremely camp, primadonna maitre'd told us they would have to apply the entrance fee to our card as we had entered the premises and proceeded to ask 'if we had been out in London much?' (we have) in superciliousness tones that will guarantee I never set foot anywhere near the place again. He then refused to return our card... The issue was resolved easily, amicably and quickly by the manager, who was the only person in the place who wasn't entirely rude. I cannot recommend strongly enough that others do not go here - it is dreadful; the very worst that Chelsea has to offer.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Tim0, London 18 Oct 12

Picture of Cocochan, Marylebone, London

Cocochan, Marylebone (Bar / Restaurant)
“The food was great, and the atmosphere even better.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Sylvio, London 18 Oct 12

Picture of Shaka Zulu, Camden, London

Shaka Zulu, Camden (Bar / Restaurant / Club)
“Had a wonderful time at Shaka Zulu. The food was really delicious and unusual...I love trying new things. The staff were very helpful when explaining the menu and the atmosphere was great. Decor of the place is insane but we all love it I will definitely be going back and bringing my friends. Definitey would recommended this restaurant.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Pola, london 18 Oct 12

Picture of Shaka Zulu, Camden, London

Shaka Zulu, Camden (Bar / Restaurant / Club)
“We went to Shaka Zulu for my friends birthday , we've had an amazing night, the food there is great, service is very good and helpfull . Decor of the place is just amazing , we cant wait go there again. We all love this place is the best place in north London.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Ms sylvia slow, london 16 Oct 12

The Royal Oak, Borough & Southwark (Bar)
“Wow this is a truly terrible pub! I was very disappointed. I had read that the Sunday roast here were worth a try so I called and booked a table for 2, I rocked up at 10 to 2 and waited at the bar to be served, attempted to make eye contact with anyone one of the people who appeared to be bar staff very few of whom were actually serving, they were mostly just hurrying around without actually apparently achieving anything. If there is one thing the staff are capable of it is an ability to totally ignore the customers and then be surprised when you have to say excuse me very loudly when they have been polishing a glass for 5 minutes less than 2 feet from a bunch of thirsty customers. Anyway I booked, I waited, I waved for attention, had a word with the girl who finally responded asking for a pint and which table was the one I reserved, she said she would look into it, she then went and stood at the other end of the bar and did nothing, she did not even bother to pour my pint, I went over and asked what was happening she walked away without saying anything, I then asked another bartender who appeared and he just said the table was taken. I have never been so rudely treated in my life and I hope you don’t have the misfortune to go to this pub!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
phillippa, london 15 Oct 12

Picture of The Bridge Pub & Dining Room, Hammersmith, London

The Bridge Pub & Dining Room, Hammersmith (Bar / Restaurant)
“The menu, having been beautifully-evolved by an Italian chef called Diego, has picked up again, and found its feet. There is a balance between the pleasurable, carb-loaded dishes and the lighter touch that eluded it in the wayward period in between. The service is generally excellent, though can be variable depending on who you get at your table. There are a few dizzy waitresses from clearly supportive families who aren't really focused on refining the job, merely just doing it in a way they see fit, and that can let other areas down. However, in general it is incredibly friendly, and the pub quiz on a Wednesday is worth the occasional look-in too: entertaining and nicely competitive (except for one team, who were just too up themselves when I last did it a couple of weeks ago!). The pub does lots of deals to bring in the punters, and really seems to want to create a community feel. I am sorry for Joanna in her review, as I can see that it might happen on a very off day, but really surprised at k.d's comments, as that certainly isn't how the place is now. What I would say, having gone there 7 or 8 times since February, is that it is, on the whole, an excellent experience.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Aaron, London 13 Oct 12

Picture of Adventure Bar Clapham Junction, Clapham, London

Adventure Bar Clapham Junction, Clapham (Bar)
“Have to love this place, after work on a friday it's always packed with a great atmosphere - people singing and dancing and the cocktail happy hour 2-4-1 is amazing. I love their pizzas that they get delivered and the flavoured vodkas”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
June, Balham 12 Oct 12

Picture of Grand Union Camden, Camden, London

Grand Union Camden, Camden (Bar / Restaurant / Club)
“Lovely place in a great location - I went at the weekend before a night out and was waited on hand and foot! Good food, drink and music - what more could you ask for?”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Frank Pratchett, London 10 Oct 12

Picture of The Lord's Tavern, Maida Vale & St Johns Wood, London

The Lord's Tavern, Maida Vale & St Johns Wood (Bar)
“Service is exceptional and the quality of food is second to none! Would highly recommend.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Foodlover, Suffolk 10 Oct 12

Picture of Wellington Club, Knightsbridge, London

Wellington Club, Knightsbridge (Bar / Club)
“Rude, obnoxious staff, slow service, very average food for high price tag! Music was average and the layout was cramped.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
L, Brighton 08 Oct 12

Picture of Browns Gentleman Club, Shoreditch, London

Browns Gentleman Club, Shoreditch (Bar / Club)
“For the eagle eyed followers amongst you, you may have spotted my comments on these review pages before, and you'd be damn right! This time I would like to share my thoughts on the money collection by your fine, FINE ladies in the house. It's only a small gripe, but a gripe all the same. I was talking to my chum Indra and we are both in agreement that you should maybe collect the pound coins in some fine china cups (and a saucer if you will?) instead of pint glasses-it would feel more traditional and far more classy. Hearing a pound drop on that fine china gives me happy thrills just thinking about it!! Indra suggested that he would even consider going 5 nights a week instead of the three he already spends there if you were to take us up on the cup and saucer offer!!! So a penny for your thoughts guys and please keep up the good work!!! Matty and Indra”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Matt Queralt, Oxford 04 Oct 12

Hop Namo, Shoreditch (Restaurant)
“We visited on a Thursday night - probably only 10 other customers in total. You sit in a shipping container that is open to the elements so it's a bit cold in October! Don't expect to seated or greeted, it wont happen. Just grab one of the upturned KFC buckets and sit yourself down for a memorable experience. You may believe that you are missing about 70% of the menu. You are not. Basically its pho or hue. We also ordered some spring rolls that seemed to be Scottish in origin as they were deep fat fried in a mountain of oil. A badly dressed man will appear 10 minutes later. He may look like a fellow diner but actually he works here. This man will ask you what you want and nothing more, don't try and order food and drink as although you might be hungry from the 20 minute wait, it's just drinks for now! Awful place, awful service and awful food. Just Don't Do It. (tm)”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
chris, london 04 Oct 12

Picture of Hung's, Soho, London

Hung's, Soho (Restaurant)
“One of my favorite restaurants in London Soho... Very authentic and Delicious =D”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Suad, Jordan 03 Oct 12

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