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Recent bar & restaurant customer reviews in London

Smith's The Brook Green Hotel, 170 Shepherd’s Bush Road, London, W6 7PB (Map)

I visited Smith's for my birthday a few weeks ago. I booked a booth for me and my friends and it was honestly such a good plan. We had a spot to sit and chat and base our night. The cocktails were great... More Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Elizabeth Brady, London

Picture of Inito, City of London, London

Inito, City of London (Restaurant)
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Anoymous, London 09 Feb 16

Picture of Sunset Strip, Soho, London

Sunset Strip, Soho (Bar / Club)
“Been in the area with work and walked past his tempting looking place with a few scantily clad girls in view from the street. I thought what the hell I'll call in for a pint on a Monday afternoon. Was greeted by the doorman saying the will be fifteen quid, I said I'm only after a drink, so he said live show on downstairs! I though that's worth fifteen to have a look so went in and made my way downstairs. Small stage with theatre type seats set up awaited me, and four fifty plus men sat on the front row. There was an average looking euro bird dancing in underware who stripped down to nothing, I thought this is alright! Realised there wasn't a bar so back upstairs to grab a drink. At the bar had a reasonable looking euro babe grab my ass as ask if I wanted to go out the back room with her for a private, yeah I said in ten mins when I've had my drink come find me downstairs, I'm the only one not drawing a pension down there! Back in the theatre there was a tall pretty euro babe dancing will long brown hair and a killer figure. I watched her strip and held out a fiver mid way through. She thanked me and asked if I'd like a private after the show, yeah to right I would. So the show ended and she come back in back undies, and to the private room we went. She asked if I wanted a standard at £20 or extra dirty at £40. I went for standard. Believe me, there is no extra dirty in the uk, they just dance for longer. The dance was good, and lasted a long time anyway. After that it was back to the bar to find the girl who grabbed my ass. Straight back to the private room, £20 dance the the promised extra dirty at £40. The dance was hot, but a lot shorter that the first. Perhaps she wanted to get back to hanging out with her mates a upstairs. I was pushed for time by now and though I'd have a quick one with the big tit bird she was talking too. No chance, she had disappeared so I hit the pavement. All in all a great hour spent, and only about £65. I'd defo be back, but probably just watch the show, and pick the odd one for a private after. Be interesting to see the girls working a Friday night if Monday was any indication!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Dave J, Dudley 08 Feb 16

Picture of Filthy Fanny's, Shoreditch, London

Filthy Fanny's, Shoreditch (Bar)
“SUPER fun night, banging music and cracking cocktails. Love it!!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Meg Dunne, London 05 Feb 16

Picture of The Blind Pig, Soho, London

The Blind Pig, Soho (Bar)
“OK ”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
fred white, winchester 04 Feb 16

Picture of The White Swan, Whitechapel & Wapping, London

The White Swan, Whitechapel & Wapping (Bar)
“I found this WhiteSwan pub/club last weekend, so me and my partner went in. It was brilliant! Apparently they have recently finished doing it all up (and I like it). Most def gonna make this a regular haunt. Great music good atmos and very nice people both staff and customers. Well done all @ the Swan (5 STARS)”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Danny Peterson, London 02 Feb 16

The Horns, Shoreditch (Club)
“I chose The Horns as my first strip club on the strength of its opening times, prices and nearness to my mainline London railway terminus. It was the right choice, with great-looking dancers going to full naked on stage. I hadn't thought they would be in the bar in sexy underwear, so that was gravy. One was onstage when I walked in and sliding her basque down to show a perfect pair. She, and more so one other, gave me some time that had nothing to do with business. Yep, two beautiful girls talking to me without trying to change me or get my money. The ten quid private dances were outside my plans. I kept to public only, but I might well take the German girl that spoke to me for a ten-pounder if she's working the next time I'm in London. I nipped over to another club for two dances. Although they were longer, the dancers were less to my liking. But you can have a dancer in London thought of as a right stunner who wouldn't be watched by anyone in a New York club; they wouldn't see her from there. ”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Aders, Swindon 01 Feb 16

Picture of Barrio Soho, Soho, London

Barrio Soho, Soho (Bar / Restaurant / Club)
“Looked for somewhere that appealed to my lady and me for a little late night hospitality. Fancied a cocktail with some Latin Rythms. Had the cocktails. Reasonably priced and excellant. Watch that "Wonkey Donkey" it REALLY has a kick!! Sadly the latin rythms were missing. Thumping drum N Bass! After 20 mins my lady described it as " having someone stand next to you hitting you on the head with a hammer!" Just sad that it dissapointed by not providing what it advertised. However, will still go back for a Donkey!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Laurie, Wherever I moor my boat! 31 Jan 16

Picture of La Paletta, Hampstead, London

La Paletta, Hampstead (Restaurant)
“Dreadful attitude and diabolical service from waiters more interested in getting on their own mobiles and smoking right in front of you. also is so seriously poor and sloppy. .not fit for purpose ”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Graham shoebridge, Belsize park 30 Jan 16

Met Su Yan Kosher Restaurant, Golders Green (Restaurant)
“I took friends yesterday for lunch and they were very impressed with their food having visited there previously but I wasn't. The spring roll veg was nice but the sizzling lamb was very disappointing, the meat was tough and there were too many onions with the meal. The place was spotless, service was good and the price was par for the course with kosher restaurants which to me are a gigantic rip off. ”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Aine O'Neill, London 26 Jan 16

Picture of Gaucho Canary, Canary Wharf, London

Book a table at Gaucho Canary, Canary Wharf now - fast, free and confirmed!

Gaucho Canary, Canary Wharf (Bar / Restaurant)
“Our first experience at Gaucho Canary and we can safely say it won't be our last. From the moment we stepped into the restaurant we were warmly welcomed, greeted by a very pleasant gentleman who took my coat, then took us to our seats. The waiter explained the menu to us and what he would recommend!! The steak was absolutely to die for!! Hands down the best steak we have ever had! Absolutely beautiful. Thank you”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Chloe, Wigan 25 Jan 16

Picture of Franco Manca, Chiswick & Brentford, London

Book a table at Franco Manca, Chiswick & Brentford now - fast, free and confirmed!

Franco Manca, Chiswick & Brentford (Restaurant)
“We went there for a late lunch and the restaurant was half empty. We had to ask 3 different waiters for a baby high-chair and we were waiting forever for someone to come and take our order. Not to forget about the manager who saw us seating at the table and trying to catch an attention of the staff and did not react at all. Finally after asking the waitress to take the order, she surprised us with her very easy going attitude or rather a lack of manners. She was supporting herself with her both hands on our table and chewed a gum while talking to us..... However, the PIZZA was very nice, not the original Italian but for the London standard very good. ”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Ivona, Richmond 24 Jan 16

Picture of The Red Bar, Mayfair, London

The Red Bar, Mayfair (Bar / Hotel)
“Whilst staying at the hotel we decided to go in for a drink on Friday the 4th of December. The atmosphere was great and the drinks were flowing. There was a band playing and they were awesome, I'm getting married next year and would love to know the name of the band to see if they would play at the wedding. Can anyone help me find the name of the band please?”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Matt Bryson, Sheffield 21 Jan 16

Picture of Ye Olde Swiss Cottage, Hampstead, London

Ye Olde Swiss Cottage, Hampstead (Bar)
“Good place”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
RAAJ, Mumbai 11 Jan 16

Com Viet, West End (Restaurant)
“While restaurant hunting, we came across this gem of a Vietnamese cuisine. A cozy place to be with some good food. Could not get enough of it. It was my last supper with my colleagues before I departed for vacations. We tried out couple of dishes form the menu and they were all amazing. One thing that caught my attention was the shaking beef. it was really shaking, a must try. Summer rolls and spring rolls was really yummy too. And no Vietnamese meal is complete without the Saigon beer. Pretty cheap for the location they are in and great service. Def Recommend”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Sarah, Harrow 11 Jan 16

Picture of Sunset Strip, Soho, London

Sunset Strip, Soho (Bar / Club)
“Avoid. Girl confirmed that she would have relations but she did not deliver and relieved me of 600 quid. Thanks very much!!! ”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
James smith, Londkn 08 Jan 16

Picture of Babble City, City of London, London

Babble City, City of London (Bar / Club)
“I had my work Christmas party here in December and checked my large bag into the cloakroom, they lost it, blamed me for it saying i had taken it out. The cloakroom attendant was rude, the management said they'd call me the next day and didn't even though my bag contents totalled up to £700 and we'd spent a fortune as a company hiring the Crimson Rooms. Cut a very long story short they gave my bag to a girl by mistake, luckily she found my ID and contacted me through Facebook and even went to the trouble of returning my bag to the club. Upon collection the £80 was missing along with a few other items. There is no doubt in my mind it was the club and not the honest girl who put herself out to bring me back my bag. No apology came from the club when I collected the bag, still insisting it was my fault and when told about the girl returning it all the management had to say was 'oh is it'. An absolute disgrace considering we trusted this business as a company and they didn't give a damn what had happened. Urge people not to put their trust in this pathetic club. You will loose out if you do!! Forgot to add, at beginning of the night cloakroom attendant tried to charge me £2 per item (coat and bag) and management told me he's not even supposed to charge for bags so clearly on the take!!!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
sammylicious, London 04 Jan 16

Marquis of Granby, Fitzrovia (Bar)
“What a fabulous night at the M.of G. yet again! This is the third year in a row that my wife and I have come for New Year celebrations. Lovely, wonderful staff. Really tight ship. No messiness, no nonsense, just everyone having a one-hundred-per-cent fun time. Then, finally, just to top it all, we merely have to step out onto the pavement at midnight to have a perfect view of the fireworks, followed by a five-minute walk home. Is it any wonder that we keep coming back!Thanks for a fabulous night----yet again”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Jim Foley, Fitzrovia 01 Jan 16

Mama Calabar, Wembley (Restaurant)
“Love everything about the restaurant good, mature crowd, Excellent food and friendly staff what more could i ask for. That's why i keep going back for more and more.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Sheela Museni, Hertfordshire 21 Dec 15

Picture of Hong Kong Buffet, West End, London

Hong Kong Buffet, West End (Restaurant)
“The staff were rude with seating arrangements, I noticed they gave table service to other tables except mine. The tables were to close together that I had to ask the people at the next table to move there chair whilst I got food the drinks were expensive I went to the toilet which was like going into the world of unknown down a cold cellar with no running water, dirty floors. In fact the whole experience was terrible. ”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
carra, lewisham 20 Dec 15

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