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Recent Fluid reviews for bars & restaurants in London

Cinnamon Brick Lane (Map)

Best for: Indian food, escaping the madness of Brick Lane, service. Great: Atmosphere, Tandoori mixed grill, regional specialities. BANG – the door of the flat...” More
Alex Williams, Fluid London reviewer

Picture of Massala, Epsom & Cobham, London

Massala, Epsom & Cobham (Restaurant)
Best for: An evening away from the city (Surrey) , exquisitely interesting curries. Great: Indian cuisine that will make you explode When I was first told that I...”
Cat McGovern, Fluid London reviewer 14 Oct 10}

Picture of Khamsa, Brixton, London

Khamsa, Brixton (Restaurant)
Best for: Fresh ingredients, juices, cakes Great: Relaxed atmosphere, décor, ethos It's 77 days until Christmas and counting but strangely enough it feels like Christmas...”
Leo Owen, Fluid London reviewer 14 Oct 10}

Picture of Bar Pepito, Kings Cross, London

Bar Pepito, Kings Cross (Bar)
Best for: Tapas, sherry, nights out in King’s Cross; Great: atmosphere, olives and jamon In a city that changes as rapidly as London, there was always something...”
Ben Brill, Fluid London reviewer 13 Oct 10}

Picture of The Courthouse Bar, Soho, London

The Courthouse Bar, Soho (Bar / Restaurant / Hotel)
Best for: Soho cocktails, ex-prison adventures Great: Indian paneer with capsicum, Dickens Delight cocktail ‘Flush W.C after use. Pull Near Door’ – well that ought...”
Philippa Morton, Fluid London reviewer 13 Oct 10}

Picture of Grand Union Wandsworth, Wandsworth, London

Grand Union Wandsworth, Wandsworth (Bar / Restaurant / Club)
Best for: beer garden, party atmosphere, stylish decor Great: service, cocktails, burgers I’m a great lover of food. My mouth will automatically start watering...”
Claire Williams, Fluid London reviewer 12 Oct 10}

Picture of Laughing Gravy, Borough & Southwark, London

Laughing Gravy, Borough & Southwark (Bar / Restaurant)
Best for: pre-theatre in Southwark, Christmas parties, dates. Great: great seasonal menu, wine list, service. All day, if not all week, I had been hankering after...”
Felicity Hardingham, Fluid London reviewer 07 Oct 10}

Picture of The Victoria Inn, Peckham & Camberwell, London

The Victoria Inn, Peckham & Camberwell (Bar)
Best for: Up market drinking in Peckham, comfortable seats. Great: Fish dishes, service. Once the gloomy setting for the seminal British sitcom Only Fools and Horses,...”
Alex Hawkes, Fluid London reviewer 29 Sep 10}

Picture of The Belle Vue, Clapham, London

The Belle Vue, Clapham (Bar / Restaurant)
Best for: Father-daughter evenings out, cosy pub dinners Great: Clapham Common locations, Tiffany lamps “My child”, said the father, “in twenty two years of life...”
Anna Robin, Fluid London reviewer 28 Sep 10}

Picture of Itadaki Zen, Kings Cross, London

Itadaki Zen, Kings Cross (Restaurant)
Best for: vegetarian and vegan food; organic food and drink, sustainable food. Great: Japanese food, service, tempura. I haven’t been to King’s Cross for quite...”
Alex Williams, Fluid London reviewer 27 Sep 10}

Picture of Pescatori, Mayfair, London

Pescatori, Mayfair (Restaurant)
Best for: Mayfair chic, fresh seafood, calm ambience Great: Fresh flavours, changing menu, dessert selection Fishermen in the UK wear bottle green gaters and battle...”
Nathalie Bonney, Fluid London reviewer 24 Sep 10}

Picture of Spectrum Bar, Waterloo, London

Spectrum Bar, Waterloo (Bar / Restaurant)
Best for: Desserts, fast service, English dishes with a twist, décor Great: Service, food presentation, lampshades, conference roof terrace, ambience County Hall...”
Leo Owen, Fluid London reviewer 22 Sep 10}

Picture of Citrus, Mayfair, London

Citrus, Mayfair (Restaurant)
Best for: delicious Italian food, wines by the glass, odd wallpaper Great: friendly service, Piccadilly/Green Park location, tiramisu Myself and my companion -...”
Christian Rose-Day, Fluid London reviewer 16 Sep 10}

Picture of Dishoom, West End, London

Dishoom, West End (Restaurant)
Best for: Modern & traditional Indian cuisine, a West End breakfast, posh toilets Great: tapas-style sharing dishes, Bhang Lassi Central London has long been a land...”
Leah Harper, Fluid London reviewer 15 Sep 10}

Picture of Roux at Parliament Square, Westminster, London

Book a table at Roux at Parliament Square, Westminster now - fast, free and confirmed!

Roux at Parliament Square, Westminster (Bar / Restaurant)
Best for: Spotting politicians, Michel Roux's Modern European magic, being one of London's best restaurants Great: EVERYTHING! You know a restaurant is empty, if,...”
Kate Williams, Fluid London reviewer 15 Sep 10}

Picture of All Star Lanes, City of London, London

All Star Lanes, City of London (Bar / Restaurant)
“Bowling proves to be a catalyst for divisionary debate between my friends. Although not quite fanatical, there are those of us who hold a flame for the sport, and, when faced with an empty date in the...”
Faye Armstrong, Fluid London reviewer 02 Sep 10}

Picture of Tsuru Sushi, City of London, London

Tsuru Sushi, City of London (Restaurant)
“On the fringe of the city, where corporate money and chain style restaurants sit opposing the trendy and avant-garde bars and restaurants of Shoreditch and Old Street, is a new sushi eatery called Tsuru....”
Paul Wells, Fluid London reviewer 26 Aug 10}

Picture of The Bishop, Dulwich, London

The Bishop, Dulwich (Bar)
“Chess is a game of war. Two opposing armies face each other and one by one viciously attack. Everything is reduced to black and white. There are only two possible results: total victory or total...”
Anna Robin, Fluid London reviewer 26 Aug 10}

Picture of Brasserie Joel, Waterloo, London

Book a table at Brasserie Joel, Waterloo now - fast, free and confirmed!

Brasserie Joel, Waterloo (Restaurant / Hotel)
“According to award-winning chef and ludicrously successful restaurant-owner Emeril Lagasse, the secret to creating a great restaurant is simple: “great food, great wine and great service”. Seemingly a...”
Alistair Martin, Fluid London reviewer 24 Aug 10}

Picture of Cinnamon Kitchen, City of London, London

Book a table at Cinnamon Kitchen, City of London now - fast, free and confirmed!

Cinnamon Kitchen, City of London (Bar / Restaurant)
“Bishopsgate is kind of dirty in a strange way, bustly and hustly especially on weekdays and even more so on hot, sticky evenings. Scratch the surface of this Liverpool Street locality, however, and navigate...”
Danielle Aumord, Fluid London reviewer 24 Aug 10}

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"fantastic fresh food. I'm very keen and fussy on my food. really I did enjoy the fresh food, good atmosphere and the friendly staff. well done and keep it up" Which venue is this?


"Very bad experience. Booked a table, before paying making sure that the table will not be moved at some point to make space. Looks like the woman taking bookings called Candice will promise you anything..." Which venue is this?

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