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Recent Fluid reviews for bars & restaurants in London

The Calthorpe Arms Clerkenwell (Map)

“Ok, from the lengthy list of "things a bar must have", this place has chosen to offer the top three...and absolutely nothing else. To compliment the alcohol, seating and toilet provided, you will need...” More
Kouros Roshanzamir, Fluid London reviewer

The Calthorpe Arms
Picture of The Coat and Badge - Youngs, Putney, London

The Coat and Badge - Youngs, Putney (Bar / Restaurant)
“Summer: it smells of glamour, barbequed meat and the endless comfort of a beer garden. Summer punters need beer gardens. It’s fact. They bloody love ‘em. They cant get enough of ‘em. They want draping...”
Christian Rose-Day, Fluid London reviewer 07 Aug 05}

Picture of Barrio Cocktail Bar & Cafe, Battersea, London

Barrio Cocktail Bar & Cafe, Battersea (Bar)
“You have to admit, that’s quite a good name for a South American styley drinking hole isn’t it? Barrio as in Mexican slum but also as in Bar Rio. Ha! Well, I like it anyway. This teeny bar is set in...”
Sophia Wong, Fluid London reviewer 01 Aug 05}

Picture of Bizzaro, Paddington, London

Bizzaro, Paddington (Restaurant)
“In the tourist hostel that is the Paddington area, dominated with establishments out to gather the visitor pound, this restaurant is an unblemished gem. Located slightly to the west of Paddington Station...”
Colin Napier, Fluid London reviewer 20 Jul 05}

The Devonshire Arms, Kensington (Bar)
“The Devonshire Arms Better the Devon you know. In the summer the Devonshire Arms is a handy place to know cos it’s the only pub in the neighbourhood with a beer garden. And what a cute outdoor area...”
Sophia Wong, Fluid London reviewer 20 Jul 05}

Picture of Nell Gwynne, West End, London

Nell Gwynne, West End (Bar)
“One Gywenne, one out. With a capacity of 20 (at a push) The Nell Gywenne is a real bijoux pub. Thankfully, on the night I went (Tuesday) it wasn’t up to its full capacity hence I’m calling it bijoux...”
Sophia Wong, Fluid London reviewer 11 Jul 05}

Picture of Adam Street, West End, London

Adam Street, West End (Bar / Restaurant / Club)
“There are two ways to make sure that no one forgets where your bar is 1) Be excellent 2) Call it after the address. Adam Street, then, is doubly memorable. A staircase leads you down to this private...”
Sophia Wong, Fluid London reviewer 05 Jul 05}

The Maid of Muswell, Muswell Hill & Hornsey (Bar)
“No longer an Old Maid, the Maid of Muswell has reopened with a chic new look (and younger looking sign) that is bound to attract new admirers. She also knows the way to a man (and woman’s) heart and as...”
Paul Caffell, Fluid London reviewer 16 May 05}

Picture of Number 22, Brixton, London

Number 22, Brixton (Bar / Restaurant)
“22 and all grown up. Though located between Brixton and Dulwich this Herne Hill gem attracts more of the mature Dulwich set. It does this, not by having a Stannah stairlift installed, but by concentrating...”
Sophia Wong, Fluid London reviewer 11 Apr 05}

Pu's Brasserie, City of London (Restaurant)
“A quick review - I've been to Pu's a number of times; either eating with a special friend, or with a big group of people. Every time I come, the staff are always friendly and helpful, the food is always...”
Duncan Welch, Fluid London reviewer 24 Mar 05}

Picture of Catcher in The Rye, Finchley, London

Catcher in The Rye, Finchley (Bar)
“A novel approach. The Catcher in the Rye is a welcome addition to the Finchley eating and drinking scene. Having recently been refurbished from being a grubby pub to a pub to go to for grub (by the...”
Sophia Wong, Fluid London reviewer 16 Mar 05}

Picture of Fitzroy Tavern, Fitzrovia, London

Fitzroy Tavern, Fitzrovia (Bar)
“£1.95 for man in a box. You know which lager I mean don’t you? It’s the one on tap with a little man wearing lederhosen in a see-through plastic box on the pump. Ayingerbrau or something. Well, anyway...”
Sophia Wong, Fluid London reviewer 14 Mar 05}

Picture of Butchers Hook and Cleaver, City of London, London

Butchers Hook and Cleaver, City of London (Bar)
“My editor’s always telling me that a review should be an experience; I should aim to convey exactly how I felt whilst carousing in that particular hostellery. So here we go; the Butchers Hook and Cleaver,...”
Colin Napier, Fluid London reviewer 07 Mar 05}

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