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Recent Fluid reviews for bars & restaurants in London

Bouzoukia on The Hill Muswell Hill & Hornsey (Map)

“Nestled on the edge of Muswell Hill Broadway is Bouzoukia on the Hill. This large Greek restaurant, gives you the authentic feel of dining in the Mediterranean country, without the air miles. Upon...” More
Gabrielle Sander, Fluid London reviewer

Bouzoukia on The Hill
Picture of Satay House, Paddington, London

Satay House, Paddington (Restaurant)
“As you step from the quiet Paddington street and in through the door of Satay House you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d entered the wrong door. This is THE Satay House? The Malaysian dining experience...”
Christian Rose-Day, Fluid London reviewer 21 Sep 08}

Picture of Sugar Cane, Clapham, London

Sugar Cane, Clapham (Bar / Restaurant)
“Half way up Clapham's Lavender Hill hides a little Hawaiian oasis, a shrine to the Gods of Tiki - Sugar Cane. Furnished with a stylish mix of tropical kitsch (think masks, intimate grass roofed booths,...”
Steve Molesworth, Fluid London reviewer 12 Sep 08}

Picture of The Botanist, Chelsea, London

The Botanist, Chelsea (Bar / Restaurant)
“If you are on the lookout for a prime spot to dine and watch the whirlwind of central London life go by, The Botanist in Sloane Square is full of the right attributes. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, bar...”
Arthur Browne, Fluid London reviewer 17 Aug 08}

Picture of Archangel, Kensington, London

Archangel, Kensington (Bar / Restaurant / Club)
“The Archangel is situated opposite the Royal Garden Hotel on Kensington High Street, just a 5 minute walk from the tube station. Spread over three floors, the venue boasts a basement nightclub with a 2am...”
Gabrielle Sander, Fluid London reviewer 02 Jul 08}

Picture of Star & Garter, Putney, London

Star & Garter, Putney (Bar / Restaurant)
“In London’s crowded food and drink marketplace, it’s a lot harder to get noticed these days merely by being a pub which serves food or carries the ‘gastropub’ tag. So the Star & Garter has made the decision...”
Arthur Browne, Fluid London reviewer 01 Jul 08}

Picture of The Crown, Hackney, London

The Crown, Hackney (Bar / Restaurant)
“Geronimo!!!!! No, this isn’t an impromptu celebration of the great Apache chief but a loud, baying call in honour of the company that brought you such monuments to relaxation as The Morgan in Mile End...”
Christian Rose-Day, Fluid London reviewer 25 May 08}

Picture of First Out Cafe-Bar, Soho, London

First Out Cafe-Bar, Soho (Bar)
“It's not cool and it's not creative...what a refreshing change! First Out is a rough-around-the-edges vegetarian cafe on the ground floor with a strong menu of organic dishes, while downstairs an equally...”
Duncan Welch, Fluid London reviewer 02 Mar 08}

The Albion, Kensington (Bar)
“I’ve lived round the corner from the Albion for four years now but it only came onto my radar in the last few months when the new owner took over. Casually walking past one Thursday I was overwhelmed by...”
Melissa Davis, Fluid London reviewer 02 Mar 08}

Picture of Beach Blanket Babylon, Shoreditch, London

Book a table at Beach Blanket Babylon, Shoreditch now - fast, free and confirmed!

Beach Blanket Babylon, Shoreditch (Bar / Restaurant)
“If you're not beautiful then don't even think about walking into BBB for either drinks, food or a job. The advert in the toilet, which I'm not sure complies with employment regulations, states clearly...”
Melissa Davis, Fluid London reviewer 11 Feb 08}

Picture of The Rake, Borough & Southwark, London

The Rake, Borough & Southwark (Bar)
“Claim #1: it’s the first licensed pub in a hundred years to open within the legal confines of Borough Market Claim #2: it’s London’s smallest pub Claim #3: it has 380 different beers per year and...”
Christian Rose-Day, Fluid London reviewer 10 Jan 08}

Hoochi Mamas, Tooting (Bar)
“A compact but thoughtfully designed bar just by Tooting Broadway tube station with a laid back atmosphere and warm ambiance. The décor is simple but effective: wooden tables and chairs combined with inviting...”
Arthur Browne, Fluid London reviewer 09 Nov 07}

Picture of Duke of Sussex, Chiswick & Brentford, London

Duke of Sussex, Chiswick & Brentford (Bar / Restaurant)
“Opinions are divided on life’s many little quandries: are the New Zealand rugby team the world’s greatest underachievers; should we put Britney out of her misery and have her spayed; is the old ‘chicken...”
Christian Rose-Day, Fluid London reviewer 10 Oct 07}

Picture of Napa Restaurant, Chiswick & Brentford, London

Napa Restaurant, Chiswick & Brentford (Restaurant / Hotel)
“You probably wont find many reviews of Napa. Barring this one, there’s not much out there. Perhaps because only a handful of people have sampled its near perfect cuisine. Perhaps because those that have...”
Christian Rose-Day, Fluid London reviewer 30 Aug 07}

Picture of The Morgan Arms, Bow & Mile End, London

The Morgan Arms, Bow & Mile End (Bar / Restaurant)
“Pete Doherty won an award in 2005. And rightly so. Not by himself, mind. He had a bit of help from ‘them other fellas’ in the band (The Libertines). Doherty, and them other fellas, snapped up the Best...”
Christian Rose-Day, Fluid London reviewer 28 Aug 07}

Picture of Apostrophe, Bloomsbury, London

Apostrophe, Bloomsbury (Restaurant)
“Certainly not! That’s the kind of response most ‘normal’ Londoners would give when asked if they’d like to go shopping on Oxford Street this Saturday. Unless, of course, they enjoy the suffocating feeling...”
Christian Rose-Day, Fluid London reviewer 10 Jul 07}

The Bald Faced Stag, Finchley (Bar)
“Some folk have a strange knack for spotting unforeseen potential. Everyone thought Sebastian Coe was on the sauce when he first wandered across the wastelands of East London and cried “Glory, our Olympia!”....”
Christian Rose-Day, Fluid London reviewer 05 Jul 07}

Picture of Raduno, City of London, London

Raduno, City of London (Bar / Restaurant / Club)
“raduno, a three storey brasserie, bar and club, is situated directly opposite Smithfield’s meat market in Farringdon. All three floors have a great view of the long market building which bursts with charisma....”
Clemmy Manzo, Fluid London reviewer 05 Jul 07}

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