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Recent Fluid reviews for bars & restaurants in London

The Crown & Shuttle Shoreditch (Map)

Best for: prompt bar service. Great: after work drinks in the spacious beer garden. Even though I would definitely classify myself as a Londoner, there are days...” More
Adasi Miskiewicz, Fluid London reviewer

The Crown & Shuttle
Picture of The Cutty Sark - Youngs, Greenwich, London

The Cutty Sark - Youngs, Greenwich (Bar / Restaurant)
Best for: lamb breast croquettes. Great: views across the Thames. Let me clear one thing up from the offset: the Cutty Sark Tavern isn’t actually located on the...”
Claire Williams, Fluid London reviewer 10 Jun 13}

Picture of The Blues Kitchen, Camden, London

The Blues Kitchen, Camden (Bar)
Best for: Live music; hearty portions, bourbon lovers. Great: Taste; décor; service with a smile. I am Leo Owen, the female Adam Richman (only without my own TV...”
Leo Owen, Fluid London reviewer 09 Jun 13}

Picture of Loch Fyne, Twickenham, London

Loch Fyne, Twickenham (Restaurant)
Best for: Tagliolini with seafood. Great: Relaxing night eating fresh and delicious fish dishes. Amazing staff too! I am walking by the shore of an enigmatic and...”
Alessandra Frosoni, Fluid London reviewer 06 Jun 13}

Picture of Simmons, Kings Cross, London

Simmons, Kings Cross (Bar)
Best for: tea parties with a difference.   Great: kitsch, quirky décor.   Tea is a quintessentially integral part of British society. No doubt if you want to pass...”
Baldwin Ho, Fluid London reviewer 05 Jun 13}

Picture of The Gate, Angel & Islington, London

The Gate, Angel & Islington (Restaurant)
“Top 10 things we discovered about The Gate restaurant when we visited: 1) Hungry diners exiting the nearby Angel tube station should resist the urge of Upper Street. Clerkenwell boasts all the best...”
Christian Rose-Day, Fluid London reviewer 04 Jun 13}

Picture of Loch Fyne, West End, London

Loch Fyne, West End (Restaurant)
Best for: well cooked fresh fish at reasonable prices. Great: fresh seafood, service, and wine. I have one rule when I eat out: pick something that I can’t (or won’t)...”
Sophie Kelk, Fluid London reviewer 04 Jun 13}

Picture of Primo Bar, Waterloo, London

Primo Bar, Waterloo (Bar / Hotel)
Best for: flashy cocktails and nightly live music. Great: service and location. My name is Ol’ Willie Bassoon, of the Ol’ Willie Bassoon Five, the wildest free-form...”
Fergus Price, Fluid London reviewer 01 Jun 13}

Picture of Elistano, Chelsea, London

Elistano, Chelsea (Bar / Restaurant)
“And in this week’s episode of Graze In Chelsea, Prosecco is bubbling away from the very start and there’s a will-they-won’t-they situation between Tagliatelle and Risotto at a west London Italian restaurant. SCENE...”
Nina Koo-Seen-Lin, Fluid London reviewer 31 May 13}

Picture of The Longroom, City of London, London

The Longroom, City of London (Bar)
Best for: salt beef; a good selection of ales. Great: post-work pub for beers and salty food in The City. It is a well known fact that young women should do as their...”
Anna Robin, Fluid London reviewer 30 May 13}

Picture of Negozio Classica, Swiss Cottage & Primrose Hill, London

Negozio Classica, Swiss Cottage & Primrose Hill (Bar / Restaurant)
Best for: romantic, intimate meals.   Great: wines and antipasti.   "When a man is tired of London he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford"....”
Adasi Miskiewicz, Fluid London reviewer 29 May 13}

Picture of Smith's, Hammersmith, London

Smith's, Hammersmith (Bar)
Best for: quiet drinks in the evening. Great: multitude of cocktails for celebrating. Everyone loves a good celebration. A celebration makes everyone cheerful and...”
Verity Nelson, Fluid London reviewer 24 May 13}

Picture of Old Mary's - Youngs, Paddington, London

Old Mary's - Youngs, Paddington (Bar)
Best for: Experimental cocktails. Great: Atmosphere for sharing those spooky ghost stories.   “I see dead people” or at least I thought I did after my fourth cocktail....”
Baldwin Ho, Fluid London reviewer 21 May 13}

Picture of The Ship, Wandsworth, London

The Ship, Wandsworth (Bar / Restaurant)
Best for: alfresco riverside BBQs and cosy dining rooms. Great: menu; hospitality. Cap’n Price at your service. Gather round, ye landlubbers, and I’ll tell you the...”
Fergus Price, Fluid London reviewer 21 May 13}

Picture of Salvador & Amanda, Bloomsbury, London

Salvador & Amanda, Bloomsbury (Bar / Restaurant)
Best for: curing food envy. Great: Spanish atmosphere. Hi, my name is Claire and I suffer from food envy. It’s a serious condition. Just ask the people who have...”
Claire Williams, Fluid London reviewer 17 May 13}

Picture of Loch Fyne, City of London, London

Loch Fyne, City of London (Restaurant)
Best for: seafood; and casual dining with clients and colleagues in The City of London. Great: fishy on a little dishy. Tucked away in the cobbles of Leadenhall...”
Holly Black, Fluid London reviewer 16 May 13}

Picture of Lazybones, City of London, London

Book a table at Lazybones, City of London now - fast, free and confirmed!

Lazybones, City of London (Restaurant)
Best for: slow-cooked fast food. Great: City location, friendly staff and selection of drinks. Lazy I am not, though my name may denote it, Food long cooked and...”
Sophie Kelk, Fluid London reviewer 15 May 13}

Picture of The Crooked Well, Peckham & Camberwell, London

The Crooked Well, Peckham & Camberwell (Restaurant)
Best for: cocktails, catching up with friends, and lively nights. Great: gastropub, atmosphere, pints, parties, and cocktails. There are some things that are always...”
Abi Smith, Fluid London reviewer 11 May 13}

Picture of Mari Vanna, Knightsbridge, London

Mari Vanna, Knightsbridge (Restaurant)
Best for: a truly authentic Russian Grandma experience; and quirky toilets. Great: home-infused vodka shots; bottles of vodka iced next to your table; and London afternoon...”
Christian Rose-Day, Fluid London reviewer 07 May 13}

Picture of The Luggage Room, Mayfair, London

The Luggage Room, Mayfair (Bar)
Best for: chic cocktails. Great:…..for some more cocktails. Darren and Sofia are out in the streets of a London they love, in an unusually warm spring night, tired...”
Alessandra Frosoni, Fluid London reviewer 06 May 13}

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"Found myself in the city just as the rush hour was starting, so decided to kill a bit of time until the trains began to empty. As one of the remaining pound-in-the-pot pubs in the area, this is the classiest..." Which venue is this?


"Girls were rude demanding tips for a poor show. If this is the best club London has to offer don't bother going anywhere else in the city." Which venue is this?

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