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Picture of The Eagle, Shepherds Bush, London

The Eagle, Shepherds Bush (Bar / Restaurant)
“Used be a great garden - until it turned into a giant ashtray. This is our local and, at first, the new management were a big improvement. Now the staff have become distinctly hostile, particularly to families who used to enjoy the garden until their allotted kicking-out time of 7pm. There is a noise problem for local residents caused by the revamping of the garden (this used to be very much an old gits' pub and they never ventured further than the bar) but it is generally caused by the large, rowdy groups who gather late in the evening. The rather frightening landlady clearly hates kids but she has badly misjudged her clientele - most locals are of the young family variety and there are precious few pubs around with a garden to patronise, hence the disappearance of the species from 'her' pub. As for the picnic rugs and games - they disappeared long ago, to be replaced by as many tables as they could cram in above the carpet of fag butts that covers what was once a lawn.”
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Amanda, London 31 Aug 05

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