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The Avenue, Ealing (Bar)
“Free entry but...All the folks in here were too old to get into any night club or trendy places! What on earth was I doing here! I saw a few drunk cougars dancing around :-s and dirty old man dancing like james brown! Its small, Nicely decorated, good music but the people are old and past it! If your old and can still bust a move its the place for u. If your young, trendy and want to party with people like yourself - Avoid, or else u will be bored and spend the night people watching.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
BashmentPrincess, London 28 Nov 10

The Barracuda, Ealing (Bar / Club)
“This place wad called Barracuda back in the day then it got changed to "Bar Eight" and from here it went downhill! Read the previous posts please (there is no point in me repeating lol) I have NOT only been here once or twice, I have given this place a good chance and enough time to build themselves up but honestly it gets worse and worse. I went last night and the name has been changed back to 'Barracuda' The place was full of drunk or miserable unfriendly indian folk. Wonder why? Because the rubbish indian boys who were meant to be the dj's, played indian, bhangra music or they mixed every other cool reggae, hip hop song with a fast dance beat and ruined the sound! There was no flow! This went in allllll night! A d.j that shouts out "twist the light bulbs" every 2 seconds is a joke and the poor sods that actually follow his instruction....HAHAHAHA! I seriously wish I had taken the name of the dj's to name and shame them right here...Yes it was that bad!!! Wait till priory is fully refurbished and the downstairs is also open, this should be sometime in January 2011. :-D This place has atmosphere, decent cool friendly people. check it out people and don't bother with Barracuda / bar eight / whatever nonsense they name it, u all know the building!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
BashmentPrincess, London 28 Nov 10

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