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Picture of The Brewmaster, West End, London

The Brewmaster, West End (Bar)
“Visiting London for the weekend we came into the Brewmaster for a sunday roast but the whole experience was very disappointing. We checked first that they were doing a sunday roast and that there wouldn't be too much of a wait as we had cinema tickets in an hours time opposite, and were told they did roast beef and roast chicken and they there wouldn't be a wait. Well, we waited over half an hour, had to chase it, to which we got quite a surly response, then were delivered the wrong meal, a roast beef yorkshire wrap with chips rather than the proper roast beef dinner. We informed them it was wrong, that we'd been waiting 40 minutes and I had to wait at the bar for a while til the manager would come out. He reminded me it wasn't fast food (no kidding at 45 minutes and waiting) and then he disappeared again. Other meals arrived at nearby tables in the meantime and it was 50 minutes in total til our food arrived. I said that as we'd only have time to eat half, that we only expected to pay half for the food. They did give us this refund of half off the food and a free drink, but there was no time to drink this as this wasn't immediately forthcoming (I saw the manager chatting at the bar, rather than delivering the drink first). Now to the food, the mean was very tough, the carrots and cabbage had a very strange taste and the yorkshire was flat and in pieces. We ate the roast potatoes which were fine, and then had to go as the film was starting. It only occured to me later, that they'd probably just unwrapped the beef and yorkshire pudding wrap they brought first time and switched the chips for roast potatoes. Poor food and insulting service. The other staff were polite and apologetic but couldn't really comment on how the manager was. I sat through the film hungry and then went to the nearby Wetherspoons and had very good service and quite a tasty meal, wish I'd gone there in the first place! When I'm next in London I will give the Brewmaster a wide berth.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
boc, Bristol 25 Nov 10

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