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The Clay Oven, Ealing (Restaurant)
“I booked well in advance for my son's 21st. In fact in July for Saturday 25th September 2010. I was assured there would be a Dj and dance floor for the evening's event. It was particularly for the disco party bit that made me book here and was clear about this point to management. My experience of the night was appalling. The management was pathetic and service shambolic. In between courses the food took ages coming and when it did it was not sufficient to cater for our party of 31 and one complete table got missed off altogether . I had to work very hard ensuring all my guests had the right and enough food. Consequently I could not relax or enjoy my food. I had phoned the manager on Friday the 24th September to confirm my booking and that I would be using the dance floor to party right up to closing time. It was at this point the manager informed me there was another party booking for the same evening. I expressed my concern of having to share the party floor when I was rest assured that the party floor was big enough for both events plus more. While my group was eating we had to endure some very loud and lengthy speeches from the other group which we found intrusive as we could not hear ourselves speak to one another. When my son’s cake came in management did not see fit for a birthday announcement to be made despite requesting it. Later I realized this was because management were putting all their resources into the other group which was over 60 in number and ordering booze all night. Once we had finished our meal a few ladies and children got onto the dance floor at which point a woman from the other group took the microphone from the Dj and told my guests to get off the dance floor as she claimed she had booked the Dj for the night. 15 - 20 minutes went past leaving me and my guests humiliated and cross. I had to approach the manager to ask why this has happened and all he could do for the next 10 minutes was apologize. I asked him to tell the woman to apologize on the microphone which she did not and instead management spent the rest of my important night arguing about the bill in front of my guests and yes on came the bouncers. Given that I had required the entertainment and thus made the booking, it became evident that management did not tell the other party that there would be another group in and tried their upmost to marginalise my party and dismiss us as soon as we paid. There was no customer service or duty of care demonstrated and in fact the manager started raising his voice angrily. This was a rip off evening! Minus zero rating!”
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Rubeena Mehmed, London 03 Oct 10

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