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Picture of Jewel, West End, London

Jewel, West End (Bar / Restaurant / Club)
“We planned on going to Jewel last Friday night for a friends birthday. To be fair we might have got their slightly late (11pm), but as there was two guys and a girl you would expect to be able to get in. The first doorman was happy for us to go in, but then his fellow bouncer who was blessed with a head like Evil Edna from Willow the Whisp quickly came out and told us that we'd have to spend £2,000 to make it worth his while to let us in! The guy was generally a rude, obnoxious arse - the kind of bouncer that's not needed on any bar door. If the service and atmosphere is as bad inside as it is on the door (I never did get in) then I would suggest stearing clear of this bar and go for the better option - Jewel in Piccadily Circus. Cretinous!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
A, London 21 Feb 05

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