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The Kings Head Theatre Pub, Angel & Islington (Bar)
“I stumbled upon this place searching for a late night drink. It was terrible. Mainly because of the clientele - rabid older women in the style of Anita Robson but wearing clothes intended for teenagers, and Hugh Grant circa-four weddings era ''drama'' types with holey jumpers and scarfs who seemed to think that drinking in a theatre bar would actually make them ''theatre, dahling''. However, their seemingly unassailable self-conferred superiority did not stop them leching at us all night. Watch out if you''re even vaguely normal, cos this aint the place for you. Our evening ended when an obvious eastenders extra reject started a fight with my friend. I think this was simply for being attractive and alive. To start things off, she pulled my friend''s hair. We couldn''t believe it. It reminded me days of Grange Hill, where she probably learnt that technique from her one day as an extra in 1977. The band was awful, and so is the place. Most of the people drinking here seemed to need AA; they were, as a crowd, generally arseholed and letting everyone know about it. Being drunk isn''t usually such a terrible thing, but in this bar, it is. And a waste of an evening.”
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Mazzy, [ Unknown ] 01 Oct 04

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