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Picture of McQueen Lounge Bar & Club, Shoreditch, London

McQueen Lounge Bar & Club, Shoreditch (Bar / Club)
“McQueens has recently been reopened as it's new persona, but don't be fooled... this is not what The Tabernacle used to be. It is, in fact, absolutely the worst bar we have been in to in the few years. Over-priced, rude and completely inefficient service, I even had the pleasure of being personally threatened by the owner when trying to mention the shocking service. We arrived at 9pm and waited 15 minutes at the front of the bar before being served. Mentioning this to the owner, who was roped in to working behind the bar, we were then told that he didn't care and that we were making trouble for ourselves. All of our friends were left waiting outside from disorganisation with their "guest list" which was unbelievably badly operated. Door staff managed to over charge everyone quite conveniently as well.... so good for the bar I suppose. Nobody bothered drinking anything as it took so long to get a drink, while at some stages up to seven staff were placed behind the bar either talking to each other or wiping glasses.... while a bar full of people stood around getting irritable. Avoid this place at all costs. It is absolutely awful, they have no idea about how to run a bar, and the customer service received by the arrogant and aggressive owner is a disgrace......”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Pete, London 27 Apr 10

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