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Picture of Charlie's Angels (closed), City of London, London

Charlie's Angels (closed), City of London (Bar / Club)
“Top 10 things I learnt about Charlie’s Angels strip club: 1) Do you fancy a private dance with a blonde Eastern European? Or do you crave a simple beer to complement the brunette temptress defying the...”
The Duke, Fluid London reviewer 07 Mar 14}

Picture of Whites Gentlemen's Club, City of London, London

Whites Gentlemen's Club, City of London (Bar / Club)
Best for: possibly the greatest erotic experience you’re ever likely to enjoy in London. Great: for blowing your tiny little mind! Babes, chicks, honeys, t*ts, jugs,...”
The Duke, Fluid London reviewer 25 May 12}

Picture of City Cafe at City Inn Westminster, Westminster, London

City Cafe at City Inn Westminster, Westminster (Bar / Restaurant / Hotel)
“One way to get to the City Café at the City Inn is by cab. We forgot all that and chose two feet and a heartbeat. After all, there are things to see in London and, damnit, I keep missing them. To get started...”
The Duke, Fluid London reviewer 30 Jun 10}

Picture of The Draft House Westbridge, Battersea, London

The Draft House Westbridge, Battersea (Bar / Restaurant)
“"It's got a lot of classic Guinness ads on the wall" "Yeah, but how would you describe it?" "Nu cool" "Nu cool? My God man, we are past it. Over the hill. Finished. The kids won't understand a word." And...”
The Duke, Fluid London reviewer 09 May 10}

Picture of Giraffe (closed), Belsize Park & Chalk Farm, London

Giraffe (closed), Belsize Park & Chalk Farm (Restaurant)
“Scene: one grumpy, mildly neurotic, anti-corporate bias reviewer is sent on assignment to a newly opened branch of the Giraffe chain. Reviewer enters said establishment determined to write a terrible review....”
The Duke, Fluid London reviewer 15 Mar 10}

Picture of Tagine, Balham, London

Tagine, Balham (Restaurant)
“Exiting another Northern Line delay ridden disaster, we arrived sweaty, flustered, but most importantly late and in no mood for pleasantries... Once through the velour drapes at Balham’s Tagine Morrocan...”
The Duke, Fluid London reviewer 29 Jan 10}

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