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Picture of Capital Restaurant (closed), Knightsbridge, London

Capital Restaurant (closed), Knightsbridge (Restaurant / Hotel)
“There are a few things in each of our lives that we believe to be absolute certainties. I will always feel a little bit sick before getting a haircut. Pens will never remain on my desk for more than 24...”
Jacqui Parr, Fluid London reviewer 05 Aug 10}

Picture of Zilli Green (closed), Soho, London

Zilli Green (closed), Soho (Restaurant)
“THE VENUE HAS NOW CLOSED AND WILL REOPEN SOON AT ANOTHER LOCATION. The centre of Soho is the ideal location for many things: sitting outside a café on a sunny afternoon; impromptu Saturday night...”
Jacqui Parr, Fluid London reviewer 26 Apr 10}

Picture of Doukan (closed), Wandsworth, London

Doukan (closed), Wandsworth (Restaurant)
“Doukan is a deceptive beast. It might look like a simple high street café from the outside, but the moment you step through the door and are charmed (almost literally) off your feet by the attentive staff,...”
Jacqui Parr, Fluid London reviewer 05 Apr 10}

Picture of Azou Restaurant, Hammersmith, London

Azou Restaurant, Hammersmith (Restaurant)
“There’s something indisputably appealing about its classic Moroccan décor that makes Azou such a warm and authentic place to eat. The rich colours and clean lines which epitomise this now-popular North...”
Jacqui Parr, Fluid London reviewer 16 Feb 10}

Picture of Simply Vegan (closed), Kentish Town, London

Simply Vegan (closed), Kentish Town (Restaurant)
“I have many, many guilty pleasures. Watching crappy television programmes is just one of them, and is certainly one of the few I can discuss openly in polite company. During one particularly decadent period...”
Jacqui Parr, Fluid London reviewer 01 Dec 09}

Picture of The Refinery, Borough & Southwark, London

Book a table at The Refinery, Borough & Southwark now - fast, free and confirmed!

The Refinery, Borough & Southwark (Bar / Restaurant)
“Heading into the centre of a deserted Southwark on a Tuesday night is quite a strange thing to do. The streets were pretty much empty, except for a few harassed-looking souls heading towards the tube station...”
Jacqui Parr, Fluid London reviewer 21 Nov 09}

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Fluid Reviews

Interview: Aldo Zilli

Interview: Aldo Zilli
Celebrity chef Aldo Zilli chatted to Fluid London's Jacqui Parr recently about going green. Find out what he said. 13/07/2010
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