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Reviews and contributions written by Julianna Barnaby

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Picture of Locale, Fulham, London

Locale, Fulham (Bar / Restaurant)
“When it comes to finding Locale, some might say it is tucked away, while the more sceptical would opt for hidden. Whichever you go for, it’s definitely the kind of location that benefits from a handy map...”
Julianna Barnaby, Fluid London reviewer 10 Mar 10}

Picture of Graphic, Soho, London

Graphic, Soho (Bar)
“I’ve never been sure what kind of person goes out in Central London on a Friday night and hopes for a quiet night out but that person should not go to Graphic. If however, you like smacking good cocktails...”
Julianna Barnaby, Fluid London reviewer 23 Feb 10}

Picture of 22 Below (closed), Soho, London

22 Below (closed), Soho (Bar)
“Carnaby Street was the home of everything cool and hippy a few decades ago, but it’s not so rebellious and exciting these days. Luckily, it has a saving grace in the form of 22 Below. Although not technically...”
Julianna Barnaby, Fluid London reviewer 23 Feb 10}

Picture of Caponata & The Forge, Camden, London

Caponata & The Forge, Camden (Bar / Restaurant / Club)
“Italian restaurants are hardly a rare species in London, so it’s particularly difficult to find one serving unique and imaginative cuisine in a convivial setting – here’s where Caponata steps in. Round...”
Julianna Barnaby, Fluid London reviewer 14 Jan 10}

Picture of Carbon (closed), Marylebone, London

Carbon (closed), Marylebone (Bar / Club / Hotel)
“If Carbon were a person it would be dark, sultry and maybe a little bit moody but ultimately so fabulous you would want to hang out with it all the time. Everything shouts pared-down cool, from the empty...”
Julianna Barnaby, Fluid London reviewer 03 Nov 09}

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This week's faves

  1. SophistiCats (W1)
  2. The Dove (W6)
  3. Sunset Strip (W1)
  4. Nanban (SW9)
  5. Freemasons Arms (NW3)
  6. Ristorante Frescobaldi (W1)
  7. Bucket (W2)
  8. Reun Thai (W6)
  9. Browns Gentleman Club (E2)
  10. The Old Star (SW1)

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