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Reviews and contributions written by Jade Jacobsohn

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Picture of Crazy Bear, Fitzrovia, London

Crazy Bear, Fitzrovia (Bar / Restaurant)
Best for: Thai food; Cabaret; Burlesque; Fitzrovia; dark and decadent decor. Great: Live music; Wine; service; atmosphere. If the Crazy Bear were actually a vampire...”
Jade Jacobsohn, Fluid London reviewer 26 Sep 11}

Picture of Vanilla, Fitzrovia, London

Vanilla, Fitzrovia (Bar / Restaurant)
“After a couple of exquisitely chilled mojitos and a few glasses of Chateau St Michelle, my sister and I were sitting in the darkest room of Vanilla Restaurant on Great Titchfield Street discussing, as...”
Jade Jacobsohn, Fluid London reviewer 14 Apr 10}

Picture of The Clarence, Westminster, London

The Clarence, Westminster (Bar / Restaurant)
“Let’s face it – the British are not known for their culinary abilities. We all know that old joke that details the key differences between heaven and hell. Heaven is run by the Swiss. The police are English,...”
Jade Jacobsohn, Fluid London reviewer 09 Dec 09}

Picture of Bluu (closed), Shoreditch, London

Bluu (closed), Shoreditch (Bar)
“There’s only one thing worse than travelling on the tube. It’s travelling on the tube during rush hour. There’s always that tall bloke swinging up against your leg, sporting a deadpan expression to disguise...”
Jade Jacobsohn, Fluid London reviewer 25 Nov 09}

Picture of YO! Sushi, Notting Hill, London

YO! Sushi, Notting Hill (Restaurant)
“Were you one of those kids who travelled a lot? My parents were masochists and loved to haul their four scrawny-arsed midgets on long-distance flights all across the world. For me the part of the trip...”
Jade Jacobsohn, Fluid London reviewer 10 Nov 09}

Picture of 69 Colebrooke Row, Angel & Islington, London

69 Colebrooke Row, Angel & Islington (Bar / Restaurant)
“What’s in a name, right? Well, fortunately for this cocktail bar, the address is! Pull out your A-Z maps, folks – we’re going exploring! This place is not so easy to find! Ok, ok, so maybe I was in...”
Jade Jacobsohn, Fluid London reviewer 28 Oct 09}

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