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The Diner Shoreditch, Shoreditch (Bar / Restaurant)
“Bar none, the Diner Shoreditch is the Worst service I have had at any restaurant anywhere in my life! We went there for brunch in late June 2009. The waitresses failed to place our order and other tables correctly and then argued with the chefs loudly about this. They then blamed us the customers for their mistakes and there was no apology whatsoever for my order that was never placed and I waited over 45 mins for, not to mention failure to bring other orders in any kind of timely fashion. After I said I would not pay for the meal I waited so long for and we did not leave a tip, we were given the most sneering of looks from the waitresses as we left. I was so fuming I went back in and told them how incredibly rude I thought they were and that tips are earned...just like frustrated reviews like this.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
cea34, London 26 Jul 09

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