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B'lo, Chelsea (Bar)
“Any bar that charges a different price for the same drink every time you buy one is a bar to avoid. B'Lo is no exception to that rule. This venue was hired for a private party but the stated capacity of 140 probably includes the outdoors smoking area as there is no way 140 people could fit in there and be able to move or breathe. The quality of the drinks they were serving was such that half the party had left by 11pm. Dont be fooled by the Finlandia labels on the Vodka bottles -this stuff was enough to bring a number of seasoned drinkers to their knees (in front of the porcelain that is). Speaking of porcelain - the toilets are unisex and staffed by a guy who jumps on you, soap in hand, as soon as you have figured out how to open the cubicle door (look, no handles!) Reading the reviews on here it seems that this place has gone downhill quite a lot since 2004. I'm giving them 3 stars for the good and friendly attitude of the door staff and the generally relaxed atmosphere. We supplied our own DJ who was worth 5 stars on his own :) There are many good bars on the Fulham Road - in my opinion, B'Lo is not one of them. ”
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Anon, London 29 Oct 07

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