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Reviews and contributions written by Judith Innes Williams

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Picture of Gazette Brasserie, Battersea, London

Gazette Brasserie, Battersea (Bar / Restaurant)
“Overall a very disappointing experience. Having read some reviews I thought it worth trying. However I was very disappointed by the grubbiness of the glass table over the rustic oven. What could have been quite fun was overshadowed by the dirtiness of it. Especially when one was expected to use it for one's bread! The food was very sub-standard. The bread was doughy and had a rancid taste. The chips tasted as if they'd been cooked in years old oil and were inedible as were the dishes of spinach and mushrooms, both of which had an overpowering taste of burnt garlic. The bavette was overly salted and the steak was over-cooked and tough. As to the presentation, my prawn starter arrived in what at first appeared to be a tupperware container but turned out to be a pressed glass jar whipped straight from the fridge and plonked on the table. Two starters were served in Le Creuset saucepans from which it was difficult to eat. The wine, while very nice, was decanted at the table in an over-elaborate procedure which resulted in much spillage. It seemed out of place with the rest of the restaurant's theme. In fact the overall impression was one of schizophrenia as they clearly weren't sure if they wanted be rustic french or chic sophisticated. The price would have been just passable had the food and service not been lamentably below par.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Judith Innes Williams, London 29 Oct 07

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