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Picture of Cafe de Paris, West End, London

Cafe de Paris, West End (Bar / Restaurant / Club)
“Went to Café de Paris for a meal & a dance to celebrate my forthcoming wedding… What a MISTAKE. They told us they opened at 6 but we had to wait until they opened at 7. The meal we ordered proved to be, at best, mediocre. For £60/head I strongly advise you to go to any of the myriad of excellent restaurants in London. Opt for somewhere where the chef knows the difference between a soufflé and a mousse, and where they have a restaurant wine list (not a “family” restaurant list at exploitative prices.) At the end of the meal the 12.5% tip was automatically added to our bill, yet the waitress became very moody about our decision not to pay her a further tip. Next, the entertainment. Great double bassist and pianist; but the Frank Sinatra impersonator was appalling. My grandad gives a more impressive rendition after a few glasses of wine. Finally, the club. Being a hen night, my friends had brought along a little tiara for me. We were quickly told "no headwear". I asked if I could speak to their GM. “The Manager” arrived and re-iterated what had been said. I asked if (were I a Jewish guy) they would have problems with me wearing the kippot. Their response: 1) I would be told to remove it & 2) They HAVE told people to remove their religious headwear. A most depressing end to a miserable evening. So please. If you like good food, good wine, good service, good music or certainly if you think that people have the right to wear religious dress PLEASE BOYCOTT THIS PLACE.”
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Amy Blount , London 22 May 06

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