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Picture of Tagine, Balham, London

Tagine, Balham (Restaurant)
“The Tagine has a policy whereby guests must spend a minimum on food. This policy is not stated at the time of booking or on the website. If guests fail to meet this minimum spend, the management team/waiting staff pressures the guests to order more or to leave. During my experience, my friends and I ordered several starters with the intention of ordering mains after. Also, we brought our own alcohol in accordance with the BYOB policy. The owner, who at the time could not guarantee we would proceed to main courses, told us he was ‘not making money on this’ and that we should order more or leave. From this experience I believe the minimum spend is roughly a starter + mains per person. The owner’s tone was rude and my friends and I felt embarrassed by the confrontation he initiated. Upset by the exchange, we cancelled our order. As we were seen outside by our waiter, the owner stood shooing us and gesturing to the door. The clear implication of the interaction was that by ordering only starters at the beginning of our visit, and thereby violating the minimum spend, we were being cheap. The Tagine treats its guests based on whether they spend a sufficiently great sum of money. Warm hospitality is not afforded to all diners. This is truer given that other poor reviews cite rude staff and spending pressure as reasons for bad feedback. As someone who works in hospitality, I believe that all paying customers are guests. Staff should never seek to pressure or embarrass diners and should clearly communicate minimum spends.”
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Zokouri, Balham 06 Feb 20

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