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Picture of Libertine, Fitzrovia, London

Libertine, Fitzrovia (Club)
“Myself and three colleagues were meeting with the rest of our colleagues for our Christmas night out yesterday. We was told by a promoter that we were on Tais guest list. We we all dressed very elegantly and sohphisticed as we was on our Christmas party. On approach the bouncer looked at us and out of nowhere some blonde lady with a clip board looked at us menacingly and said sorry Tais guest list is full, I then asked is the club full to capacity as we are meeting our remaining team members for our Christmas party? She is no it isn’t but his guest list is full. I looked at the bouncer a tall black man and said come on what is the issue and he replied I’m not getting involved and her decision is final. I replied there is nothing to get involved in, I wanted a definitive answer as to why we could not get in to the club and he was diverting the subject saying I do not know. We saw lots of white males and females going in and they was not even dressed in appropriate attire but yet they gained entry. What is disappointing is that how superficial this back alley establishment is and the ultimate insult is that my fellow black man stood there and allowed the subtle discrimination to occur all for a pound note. The bouncer needs to rember the dark hole he came from because to discriminate against your fellow black woman is like discriminating against your mother and any other black female you hold on high regard. As for the clip board woman who looked like she was on the wrong side of 39, who clearly needed a some injectable treatments to salvage her haggard looks. She looked at us a saw a threat due to how classy we looked and immediately felt intimidated. Quite sad really in our line of work we could have set her up with one of the finest cosmetic consultants world renowned to fix her falling face. As for the club as a whole it is a disgrace that open discrimination is still happening in 2018, you want to embrace all of the best things about ethnic culture eg the music, the celebrities and our look, you just want it all minus the people. I hope you all see your reflection in the mirror and hope it is the version you like. Karma is real! ”
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Sim, London 26 Nov 18

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