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Picture of Libertine, Fitzrovia, London

Libertine, Fitzrovia (Club)
“We visited this venue on 1st February 2018 as a group of 7. We spent in excess of over £1500 only to find that the doormen stole our driving licences upon entry (they scanned them for ID purposes but never returned them). Initially I thought this was an innocent mistake and contacted the club via email. I received no response via email so followed up with a call. During the phone call I was offered no apology which would be the professional thing to do upon the news of an initial complaint. I was then told I would receive a call back which I did not so I followed up with another call. I was told they cannot find the licences so someone will contact me via email. I was contacted by James Spallone - managing director. Well James is an interesting chap. He insinuated £1500 is not a lot of money to spend in 2 hours (£200 per person) and even suggested I had no reason for complaint as the bill was paid for by one individual who was not me - as if I spent no money so shouldn’t complain that sensitive documents have been stolen by their door staff. I couldn’t quite believe the tone I was faced with. He then sent me another email claiming to have checked the cctv and found the licences were handed back to us. Ok, if this is the case, but he then followed up with another email which completely contradicted this and asked me to provide a description of the door staff so he can find out if anyone is stealing them - well if the cctv shows they were returned then why would you need these details? When I was unable to provide a facial description of the doormen he then claimed that I obviously cannot remember whether they were returned. Obviously if James has checked the CCTV as claimed then he should also have an accurate description of who they were handed to and therefore not require one from me or my guests. I suspect there could be a potential issue of fraud and would strongly advise anyone against visiting this venue. I now see why they have had such bad press in the past - aren’t they also known as the RACIST club? Well they can now add THIEVES to their resume. ”
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Annabelle, London 27 Feb 18

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