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Picture of Buddha Bar London, Knightsbridge, London

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Buddha Bar London, Knightsbridge (Restaurant)
“The price for sushi in this city is way way out of control. It really doesn’t have to be nor need to be this expensive. Buddha Bar’s prices are stratospheric for nothing special at all. A California Roll for £20 quid …like come on here. It’s one of the simplest and least eclectic rolls invented. The décor is nice, and the bartenders are super cool, one of them even does magic for his customers, and they don’t mind a complimentary drink here or there, which is quite refreshing in a city full of tight wods. Their own Buddha Bar beer bottles are a cool Buddha man shape yet the beer tastes like a Grolsch. But the extremely high food prices far out-weighs a worth-the-money dinner experience. One could say well a place like that is only for rich people, but let’s look at it from a normal rational perspective. No matter how rich someone is, does it make sense for him to pay £100 quid for a liter of fuel? …or £50 quid for a pack of cigarettes? …or £30 quid for a Big Mac you see my point? Sushi prices are now beyond the point of normal, worthy, rational …it’s at the point of ridiculousness. I recommend to go there on a full stomach and just drink at the bar sitting on a bar stool ONLY. - The Phantom Gourmet Ego”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Ego, Boston 27 Jul 17

Picture of The Honor Oak, Forest Hill & Honor Oak Park, London

The Honor Oak, Forest Hill & Honor Oak Park (Bar)
“The food here is so sub-par, over-priced, cheap, tasteless, and small portioned that it simply is not worth it. The appetizers were so small it was a pathetic insult to serve to the customers, very disappointing. The service was bad as the usual typically rude British service, the couches were dirty and unkept …how could the kitchen in the back be any better? So the calamari rings were cut way too thin, almost like strings and they gave less than only 10 rings, yes I counted! And put on top of a salad, why put calamari on top of a bunch of greens that had no salad dressing? hmm …maybe to make the dish look bigger than it was? Maybe because they were too cheap to give actual calamari in their calamari dish? Next the beef brisket tacos were the smallest 3 tacos that I have ever seen, It was like ridiculously too small, I wish that I had put a 50 pence coin next to these tacos and took a pic. Both of these appetizers were worth less than half of their menu charged price really, we were thoroughly disappointed. Still hungry ofcourse I ordered a hamburger. The bun was hard and stale, the meat was ground chuck and ground up in a course fashion so you get that non-crushed bone fragment chunk on your teeth when biting down while chewing. It was certainly not a fine ground beef like a Great American Hamburger. The cheese wasn’t even melted on top of the patty so the cook didn’t put the cheese on the beef patty while it was still on the grill. And the cheese was a very cheap cheddar Asda version slice that had zero taste to it, besides tasting like plastic. The burger was overcooked to a well-down after I had specifically asked the bartender taking my order to put down a medium-rare cook on the ticket and I even went to the cook myself which he said he would oblige no worries. It once was a good pub back in 2015, but it has changed ownership 4 times in the last 2 years and I think I know the reason(s) why. The service is terrible, the food is even more terrible, the menu changes constantly, a new “cook” NOT chef is hired every 2 months, there is zero consistencies in management, service, food quality and standards, and it is in a poor location with nothing else around, and now it’s in the toilet! This pub is absolutely terrible, and I will never recommend anyone to order anything from it’s menu besides a pint of beer which you would hope that they can’t screw that one up too. Anything more you are threading at your own peril. Bon Appétit - The Phantom Gourmet Ego ”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Ego Gourmet, Boston 27 Jul 17

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