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Picture of Sunset Strip, Soho, London

Sunset Strip, Soho (Bar / Club)
“I've been a visitor to this since the early seventies then under different management but in those days and right through the the eighties , nineties and naughties one thing remained the same. You pay your money and you watched a show. Two hours later you leave back into the fresh air and overall had a good time. In the last few years I've noticed things were changing, for the worse. Last Saturday I made, probably my last visit to the club, I hesitated before I paid my money but decided I give it one more go. My fears were soon realised. The amount of men drinking and talking to the women in the entrance lobby should have forewarned me. Yes that's right no striptease show. That happened last time too. As soon as I paid the £15 entrance fee I was accosted by a stripper, or should I say a East European woman. A striptease artiste she was not. "There's no one down there", she said but I can give you a private dance for £40. I'm not gullible and I sort of knew this was going to happen and with a sinking feeling I agreed. "The show probably go on later as it gets busier" she said when I enquired. It was 4.00pm in the afternoon! Years ago you could go in at 1.00pm and the show would have been in full swing. It was busy but all the men were in the bar no doubt being fleeced of their money with promises of private dancers. How gullible. Down the stairs past the empty stage and into the private dance cubicle. But, I knew my prices first it was £10, then it was £20 now it's a staggering £40. For what? 3 mins of gyrating in front of you, you can't touch even though she's brushing herself against you or she will probably "scream the bleeding house down". Then the Arthur Daley management would be down in a shot or the guy playing the records. Not that I would as I had time whatsoever to get remotely turned on. As it was I gave her £20 and turned down her offer of "aving two of us performing for you". After she finished it was "would you like another one" in a thick accent. "£40 ? you would like very much eh" I made my excuses and quickly left. All in all I was in there under ten minutes and had parted with £35'. The point I'm trying to make is this; this so called club is the palest of shadows of its former self. It's not interested in giving men value for money by putting on a proper show its there for one reason only... To make money... "Short cut the show girls... Just take the money flash your tits and move onto the next sucker". My advice, and I'm serious ditch the private dances, reinvent the old fashioned striptease format and you're on a winne”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Gerry Broomfield, Bromley 30 Jun 15

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