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Picture of Libertine, Fitzrovia, London

Libertine, Fitzrovia (Club)
“Was told by a promoter that me and my friends would get free entry and a table with drinks all night. We were a bit dubious as we had read some reviews online (all of which were very bad) about how the cow at the door doesn't let people in based on their race and weight. However we were reassured by the promoter that things would be fine. We turn up at 9:45 like we were told and there was already a queue of women who were also there by the request of other promoters. We met the promoter and he said he was happy with how we were dressed and that it was going to be a good night (we were dressed tastefully in knee length cocktail dresses and heels). We got near to the front of the queue and the front of house said something to the group of girls in front of us and they were ushered out of the line. Then my friends and I got to the front of the queue and the cow with the clipboard looks us up and down and says "i'm not going to be able to fit you all in tonight" (baring in mind only two people had actually gone in the club so far and we were on guest list) with that the bouncer undoes the velvet rope to get us out of the queue. According to the 'shocked' promoter I was allowed in but the woman at the door didn't like how my friend looked. However, the skanky 18 yr old eastern european girls in mini skirts and bad extensions were allowed straight in because they were super skinny and slutty looking. This place really is just designed for men who are living off mummy and daddy's money - So that they can go and splash their parents cash on champagne and be surrounded by skinny, slutty girls who would probably suck d*ck for a sip of grey goose. Don't bother with this club, no matter what a promoter tells you. There are so many other amazing clubs in London that aren't full of skanky young girls and toffs. We ended up going to Casa Negra in Shoreditch and had a great night surrounded by a friendly and fun crowd. ”
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penelope, london 14 Apr 15

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