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Picture of Union, Marylebone, London

Union, Marylebone (Bar / Restaurant)
“Best place to spend your weekday evenings around Baker Street if you're not ready to a] venture out to a club or b] your plan is to eat first, and then party - Union is modern enough to have a good beer & premium spirit selection and serves up solid gastro pub style food. Bar staff are friendly, lively and fun. ”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
proxy [Suk Mee], london 22 Feb 06

The Herbert Chapman, Holloway (Bar)
“Surprisingly pleasant pub on the dodgy old holloway road. Very clean, comfy seating, the usual fireplace and big screen sports TV - but best of all well trained staff with a wicked sense of humour - which is why the bar stools are the most coveted seats in the house. The new food menu actually delivers, and sizeable portions of classic british dishes keep bums on sofas and spirits high.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
proxy [Suk Mee], london 22 Feb 06

Picture of The Longford, Hampton & Teddington, London

The Longford, Hampton & Teddington (Bar)
“Seems to me this place is trying to be too many things to too many people. There's the posh gastro pub - feel with fancy red wine displays, back-lit italian espresso machine & ornamental mirrors; wacky back bar fish tanks & staff with the occasional 'i'm mad, me' outfits; and multi-coloured disco lights on a wall full with abstract art pieces. It's more confusing than comfortable at first but its also a huge place with an atrium in the back area bringing lots of light into the dining area next to the well-run open plan kitchen. Lots of potential, the imminent refurb should give it the attention it deserves.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
proxy [Suk Mee], london 22 Feb 06

Ochre (closed), City of London (Bar)
“Ochre is my favourite hangout in the city, located on a quiet little road off ludgate hill so practically undiscoverable for the hordes of st pauls tourists flocking the churchyard round the corner. Hooray. The actual bar is comfy & intimate with low-lying, butt hugging sofas in every corner & a function room downstairs, the atmosphere is friendly with fast and fiercely efficient service [cocktails are a specialty, make sure you try one]. Reasonable prices so devoid of besuited, image conscious drinkers. Absolute gem.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
proxy [Suk Mee], london 22 Feb 06

Picture of The Oakhill, Bromley, London

The Oakhill, Bromley (Bar)
“definitely the proverbial oasis in the beckenham decent pub desert. looks lovely, good layout of seating around the bar so even when its busy you can have some privacy. superb sunday roasts and sizeable 'oakhill-style' sandwiches keep bringing back customers for more every weekend. fireplaces give the rooms a welcoming warmth in winter but the real hit is their gorgeous back garden in late spring/early summer - what better way to enjoy your sunday lunch - or BBQ - than sharing a wooden table and a drink with your friends in the sun, surrounded by an abundance of colourful flowers and greenery listening to water slowly spilling from a fountain into their little pond? see you there.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
proxy [Suk Mee], london 22 Feb 06

Picture of Northumberland Arms, Fitzrovia, London

Northumberland Arms, Fitzrovia (Bar)
“once past the initial impulse of avoiding tottenham court road at all costs there are much worse places you could end up in than the 'arms. everything here is straightforward & unpretentious: service is fast, food is substantial and good looking cocktails & liqueur coffees keep the girls happy. can't fault it.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
proxy [Suk Mee], london 22 Feb 06

Metro, Holloway (Bar)
“Metro 'bar & canteen'is a good looking, spacious venue offering top quality, uncomplicated modern british food during the daytime and cocktail fuelled DJ parties on special evenings. The fact that its located in between a college and 2 Uni's guarantees reasonable prices, fresh faces & good attitudes all round. all areas of the bar including the back room are available for hire - as are the decks for all aspiring bedroom DJ'on certain weekdays. Sophisticated, friendly and unintimidating.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
proxy [Suk Mee], london 22 Feb 06

Long Room, Ladbroke Grove & Kensal (Bar)
“This bar seems somehow misplaced in the queens park area. Put it anywhere east and people would kill - or at least queue - to get into this warehouse sized, bright, beautifully designed space. Recent noticable changes are a shorter, snazzier italo menu, DJ's on selected nights and later opening hours [0:30am]. Unchanged are the well made cocktails, pizza specials, friendly staff & reasonable prices.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
proxy [Suk Mee], london 22 Feb 06

Picture of The King William IV, Hampstead, London

The King William IV, Hampstead (Bar)
“If you think about how much ka-ching walks by the king's door every day [hampstead high street, darling] it is surprising how unspoilt this pub still is - not a fusiony nibble, sauteed prawn or chocolate souffle in sight. Instead the atmosphere is relaxed, and it sometimes gets a bit noisy with the many different nights they host [hula party in february - genius] great place to drink & not be rushed.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
proxy [Suk Mee], london 21 Feb 06

Jack Stamp's Beer House, Streatham & Norbury (Bar)
“if you dont expect a 'gastro' experience this is a pretty decent pub. they have a good quality thai food franchise going and the juxtaposition of plastic table cloths, framed hunting art and 'lady in love' king prawns in rice paper is quite funny to behold. from what i've been told they are soon up for a refurb but important stuff like the big screen tv, international lagers and welcoming staff will stay.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
proxy [Suk Mee], london 21 Feb 06

Picture of Ember (closed), City of London, London

Ember (closed), City of London (Bar / Restaurant)
“If you are comfortable in the company of work-hard, play-hard types this is a good place to come. Once you've gone through some of the spectacular creations on their customised cocktail menu check out the downstairs club - resident DJs play very danceable house tunes and there's just enough low seating to do all the things you shouldn't... Ember's evening menu successfully follows the not-so-recent trend of british tapas and the general vibe is less self consciously cool than welcoming to anyone out to have fun. ”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
proxy [Suk Mee], london 21 Feb 06

Picture of Babel, Clapham, London

Babel, Clapham (Bar)
“So glad i found this laid-back bar that's trendy enough to attract interesting people; fun, fast, attentive barstaff devoid of attitude [so important - it really annoys me when I get served by someone sour-faced, ignorant & deliberately slow] and ever changing pages of fresh fruit cocktails great for my kind of vitamin intake. Highly recommended.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
proxy [Suk Mee], london 21 Feb 06

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