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Play Bar (closed), Clerkenwell (Bar / Club)
“I used Play to hold a party recently and it was absolutely fantastic. The venue has two floors, each of which has a DJ booth and bar. It only costs £50.00 to rent mid-week which includes bar staff and security. They can also provide a delicious thai buffet from £2.00 a head. I know how hard it is to find an affordable party venue in London but would recommend Play to anyone.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
tabby21, [ Unknown ] 19 Sep 03

Electric Ballroom, Camden (Bar)
“Ive only been on a Friday night when it was a bizarre electro/trance/grunge mix but surprisingly (since Im more of an rnb/cheesy pop kinda gal) I had a really good time. If youre not used to this sort of crowd it takes time to adjust to seeing so many full-on goths and fetishists but along with an increase of men in make-up comes a decrease in both lechery and attitude. The music also took a little getting used to but once I had, I found myself head-banging with the rest (and the best) of them. Drinks-wise its all pretty studenty: really cheap but pretty basic...i wouldnt ask for anything more complicated than a vodka orange since my request for cranberry juice was met with disgust! the main dance floor is also filled with people doing funny tricks with ribbons and the like whihc is good to just sit and be entranced by once you're nicely tipsy. On Saturdays they do a night called Shake which is 70s,80s,90s and is always packed out. Like I said i havent been there yet but its reputation is incredible and I cant wait to go.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
tabby21, [ Unknown ] 03 Apr 03

Picture of Cafe de Paris, West End, London

Cafe de Paris, West End (Bar / Restaurant / Club)
“Lets start with the things it isnt: its not intimate, its not hip, its not cheap and its not easy to get in BUT despite all that its worth going to. The punters can have a bit of an attitude problem and there are only about 4 seats you can use without paying for them but the music is 'jumping,jumping' and they even lay on some podium dancers whihc is always amusing! Little tip though...go to the loo about 30 mins before you need to because the queues fors the ladies are huge even by london club standards.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
tabby21, [ Unknown ] 03 Apr 03

Picture of Belgo Noord, Belsize Park & Chalk Farm, London

Belgo Noord, Belsize Park & Chalk Farm (Bar / Restaurant)
“Cheap and cheerful is probably the best way to describe this restaurant. Its good for either a quick bite or a leisurely evening because the service is good but the staff (dressed as monks!) wont rush you. They do a huge range of Belgian beers, but if thats not your thing then the wine is nice and reasonably inexpensive,and they also do a good range of flavoured schnapps. In terms of food there is one thing that Belgo is all about and thats mussels: huge pots od mussels which come with the best chips in London. I dont know much about the rest of the menu because I love the mussels so much that Ive never had anything else but they do other food like steak frites which is supposedly excellent.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
tabby21, [ Unknown ] 03 Apr 03

brb (closed), Hampstead (Bar)
“Bar room bar is enjoying something of a renaissance after its recent refurbishment. Its quite busy most evenings, but its on the weekends, especially when its hot that it really packs in the punters. It has a refreshingly casual attitude and people are really friendly, sparking up conversations left, right and centre. The bar staff range in attractiveness but at the moment there are some seriously yummy ones! They do a lot of promotions during the week like happy hour all night on Mondays and a pizza and salad for £4 on thursday that also makes it great value. If you are in the area, i would definitely recommend it. It does close at 11.30 though so bear that in mind.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
tabby21, [ Unknown ] 03 Apr 03

bar circa, Hampstead (Bar)
“If you are up for a really big night out then this probably isnt the place but it is great for a few drinks midweek or before the cinema (especially if you're going to the Warner Village in the O2 centre). Its reasonably cheap, there are loads of comfy chairs and the staff are friendly. Its not particularly memorable but its good clean simple fun!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
tabby21, [ Unknown ] 03 Apr 03

Picture of The Diner Camden, Camden, London

The Diner Camden, Camden (Restaurant)
“If you are over yhe age of 40 you'll fit right in, if not go somewhere else!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
tabby21, [ Unknown ] 03 Apr 03

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