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Reviews and contributions written by Danii Williams

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Red Room, Ealing (Bar / Club)
“Was going thru the write ups on places and noticed that my regular friday and saturday hangout was not in here! The thing I love about the Red Room is it is completely un-pretentious and laid back. Friendly staff who will have a bit of a banter with you. The place has alot of history (used to be the Ealing Jazz Club) and has been running for years. Although not modern this place definitely makes up for it by atmosphere. The music varies on the hour so there is always something for all tastes.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Danii Williams, london 17 Nov 05

Picture of Walkabout (closed), Shepherds Bush, London

Walkabout (closed), Shepherds Bush (Bar / Club)
“Wow - The Walkie - thought I would never have a bad word to say about the place........until now. Was there on a friends leaving do (I got there late and had only had one drink before close) when the bouncers kicked us all out. I had my fiends mobile in my bag and could see her inside franctically calling it and looking for it. I explained to the bouncer that I just wanted to tell my friend I had her phone so we could leave but he wouldnt let me in to tell her. The staff inside were all helping her look around for the mobile. I tried to reason with the guy - I just wanted to tell her so we could go! He grabbed me by the arm and forcefully flung me into the crowd where I fell on the pavement. He then started to abuse me and said sh** up you f*cking ugly b**ch. I could understand if I was drunk but I was just trying to get my friend so we could go. Quite a few people who saw it said that this particular bouncer had been agressive to them too. I complained to the other bouncers who just laughed whilst he kept abusing me in the background. My arm was bruised and I would have complained to the police but I didn't want to ruin my friends last night in the UK. I was appalled. Will never step foot in the Shepards Bush venue again!! Bring on the Red Back!!!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Danii Williams, London 17 Nov 05

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