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Picture of Lowlander, West End, London

Lowlander, West End (Bar)
“A wonderful Belgian / Dutch styled restaurant / bar with a wide variety of speciality beers including the usual suspects of hoegaarden, chimay, leffe blonde / brun, but also has an extensive collection of obscure bottled beers, my peronal fav being the fruilli banana beer or Kwak. (for the glass its served in and its amazing potencey and origianl taste). The food is good value and always presented beautifully, consisting of a good selection of belgian fare as well as a traditional styled menu for the less adventurous. The 'Lowlander' gets extremely busy in the evenings so i advise you either get there late afternoon and start your beer experimenting early or book a table in advance, personally i feel there's nothing better than to arrive around 3pm and work my way through their beer menu after a hard day in the office, before you know it the place is packed out, very atmospheric and the whole experience comes to life. The staff are usually very friendly, although at busy periods i have found it somewhat difficult to attract their attention, but this never a huge problem. Overall i highly recommend the 'Lowlander' for a fun, lively evening of good food and great drink, if you do prefer something a little more low key and traditional try the 'Dovetail' in Clerkenwell. Or if like myself you become hooked on the whole Belgian experience, do them both in the same night. Ahhh, the best of both worlds!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
joe elliott [joe elliott], hornchurch 04 Dec 05

Picture of The Dovetail, City of London, London

The Dovetail, City of London (Bar / Restaurant)
“I have found myself often frequenting this very pleasant little authentic Belgian Bar. I highly recommend you go there to experience the extremely wide variety of beers. My father and i have chosen the dovetail to spend the evening catching up and drinking leffe blonde with merriment, but as the other review states, this establishment does fill up rather quickly. Compared to the 'Lowlander' in Covent Garden (another wonderful Belgian Bar i can often be found in) i find the dovetail very atmospheric and authentic, great value for money and the quality to be very good indeed. The Lowlander can be a little more 'typical restuarant' and can be very expensive, but compared to most other bar/eateries in London they both win hands down by my standards! Go check it out, be advised that if you plan to eat on a fri/sat evening, booking is a must!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
joe elliott, london 11 Oct 05

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"Great place where I had my gorgeous time with John Black, Buford and Bolat MMA!! Miss those times so much...." Which venue is this?


"Terrible behavior and attitude of staff This evening I was good mood and I came to SALSA SOHO in London for the latino lessons and later dance in the social. It was my day off which I have very rare...." Which venue is this?

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