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Dollar Grills & Martinis (Bar, Restaurant) 2 Exmouth Market, Farringdon, Clerkenwell, London, EC1R 4PX (Map)

Cuisine: Burgers
| Transport: Farringdon

Picture of Dollar Grills & Martinis in Clerkenwell, London
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  • View more pictures of Dollar Grills & Martinis
  • View more pictures of Dollar Grills & Martinis

Dollar Grills & Martinis has closed down

It has re-opened as Paesan.

Click here to view our listing for Paesan.

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"Food was fine, service was appalling. Went with a big work group, paid alot of money to be treated like trash by both our waiters. Definitely won't be returning!" Which venue is this?


"I came here following reading reviews online and nothing seems to match what i read online! this makes me believe most of the reviews are either written by the staff or owner to increase its rating. food..." Which venue is this?

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