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Dollar Grills & Martinis (Bar, Restaurant) 2 Exmouth Market, Farringdon, Clerkenwell, London, EC1R 4PX (Map)

Cuisine: Burgers
| Transport: Farringdon

Picture of Dollar Grills & Martinis in Clerkenwell, London
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Dollar Grills & Martinis has closed down

It has re-opened as Paesan.

Click here to view our listing for Paesan.

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"We went to this Place as our Last step in London:, but it was One of the Most Heart warming experiences we ever had. The Lady especially cooked for us and it was sooo Good. She was so lovely! Thanks!!!" Which venue is this?


"Some nice girls, when I went for a private dance I was surprised that some girls were touching themselves, the blonde girl with fake tits who danced for me even threw her knickers at me?!?!? which I politely..." Which venue is this?

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