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Feng Sushi (Restaurant)

Picture of Feng Sushi in Waterloo, London

Royal Festival Hall, Unit 9 Festival Terrace, Waterloo, London, SE1 8XX
Cuisine: Japanese
Tel: 020 7261 0001 | Email to Feng Sushi | Transport: Waterloo | Write review

Feng Sushi Review

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Best for: rejuvenating your chi; colourful dinner; positive energy; learning your manners.

Great: sushi; location; takeaway menu; fresh fish.

Preceding my visit to Feng Sushi I was transported back to the days of living at home with my dear mum and her hippy tendencies. “Don’t drink from that cup, it has a chip”, “put the toilet seat down, you don’t want to flush your money away”, “you can’t put that mirror there, you’ll let the bad energy in.” The grip of feng shui was in rigid in our house and all of the above were to be avoided at all costs for fear of upsetting the balance or the chi. I imagined the people behind Feng Sushi to have adopted the same approach in their restaurant.

I was right: feng in name, feng in nature. A big blue mural on the dominant wall (I found after a quick Google) is supposedly good for healing. The huge tank of beautiful fish are said to attract the energy of wealth and abundance. And the uncluttered clean lines of the table row in the small room are just so to inspire good luck, prosperity and family harmony. It doesn’t mean a lot to me but sure mum would be in her element.

So what about the sushi? Would the mystical feng shui powers evoke positive energy in to the kitchen and on to the plates before us? The chirpy waitress thought so, helping us to order a huge selection of different plates from the light and healthy, feng deluxe, nigiri sashimi and season sections of the menu.

Being a huge sushi fan I had high expectations of the Japanese. As with the restaurant, the food seems to also adopt a certain yin with the brightest most colourful ingredients I have ever seen. Bright colours supposedly dispel negative powers and yield wealth, don’t you know. No, I didn’t either, my mum told me.

The myriad of coloured ingredients on each plate is just as important as the ingredients themselves. As each plate arrived, the urge of rising from my seat and singing “red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and blue, I can eat a rainbow, eat a rainbow, eat a rainbow too” was almost unbearable. A stern friend and the fear of upsetting the chi restrained me. Didn’t mean I didn’t sing it all the way home though.

Fresh and fishy red roe, mellow yellow plump scallops, pink flecks of juicy pomegranate, deep green seaweed, soft and perfectly seasoned purple tuna tartar, shiny orange tomberries and salmon and blue….(OK, there was no blue. Is there such a thing as blue food? Only smurfs are blue and I wouldn’t eat one of those. Unless cornered; never say never).

The fresh food really was top notch and we couldn’t get it on our chop sticks fast enough. On the downside (and no one likes down sides in Feng Shui), the duller coloured foods - the brown crispy baby squid and beige soft shell crab - didn’t impress, and were soggy and miserable. These dishes had no place in a venue brimming with an optimistic air.

Like brown and beige, I too added a dash of negativity to the evening when I answered a call on my mobile while dining. Not only would the Feng master be disappointed in me but my mum probably would have tutted too. Whilst I was on the phone call, the waitress came over and asked if we wanted more wine. I told my friend no and she declined on our behalf.

Bad karma was heading my way for taking that call. I began to wonder why no dessert menus had been offered; a creamy natural yoghurt ice cream would have slipped down a treat. I discussed this with my friend and she enlightened me: apparently, the dessert menus had come and gone and I had been the one to say no. A small, unbalanced argument took hold of the table. No, why would I do that? Yes, you did. No, I didn’t, you’ve gone mad. Yes, you did. Oh yeh, when? When you were on the phone. Oh.

Through embarrassment for my previous rudeness, I didn’t ask for dessert so we missed out and upset the balance through all my own fault. I knew I was never good at this Feng malarkey.

I was good at eating at the small restaurant though and although my soul may not have been restored my stomach certainly was. Off we went in to the night minus desserts but still happy from the good vibes we received.

Red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and….green. more

Rebecca Brett

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“I've been for both a take away and a meal and both times I've been very pleased. The sushi dishes are the best on the menu and perfect for getting after work to take home or to sit in before a night out on Southbank”
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Jenny, Balham (4 years 11 months 4 days ago)

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