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B@1 (Be at One) (Bar)

Picture of B@1 (Be at One) in Hammersmith, London

14a The Broadway, Shepherds Bush Road, Hammersmith, London, W6 7AF
Cuisine: [Other/Unclassified]
Tel: 020 8741 8173 | Email to B@1 (Be at One) | Transport: Hammersmith (Hammersmith & City) | Write review

B@1 (Be at One) Review

Best for: Cocktails galore at good prices.

Great: Breakfast Martinis and dancing barmen.

The lonely London cocktail club (where lonely cocktails hang out in London):

Caipirinha WLTM party animal with radio-friendly ‘now that’s what I call party!’ taste in music, either a student or someone who likes a night out to remind them of their student union. Can be posh or not, but must like 2-4-1 cocktails and be willing to start and finish the night at B@1 bar in Hammersmith, however many stop-offs in between.

Raspberry Cooler is looking to go out with a teetotaler, or at least someone who’s had a heavy night out, who is quiet and in need of an antioxidant boost. Basically, WLTM someone that appreciates there’s more to non-alcoholic smoothies than mushed up fruit. Interested in mint and lychees and keen blender fanatic. Attends regularly for a good puree.

English Fizz seeks drinker who likes refreshing drinks and gin-based cocktails. Hobbies include making homemade cucumber syrup, growing fresh mint and squeezing lemon juice. Is well suited to chase elderflower liqueur and prefers tall glasses with plenty of ice cubes. As a quintessentially English drink in both flavour and appearance, strongly dislikes over-flamboyant presentation such as colourful straws, paper umbrellas and sparklers (i.e. Eurotrash). Looking for someone who distances themselves from the noise of the dancefloor and bar area, sticking to the round leather booths and tables toward the entrance of the B@1 bar in Hammersmith. Must have a GSOH (good sense of Hendricks).

Breakfast Martini is still on the lookout for a breakfast time date. Commonly mistaken for a pre-dinner aperitif, the mix of marmalade, Cointreau and lemon is the perfect AM pickup. Have been on A LOT of dates and am very popular but continuing to look out for the one (non-drinking-problem-attached) morning martini partaker.

Cranapple Clash wants a barman. Ideally one of the Abercrombie-looking ones from B@1 bar in Hammersmith. That guy with the dark hair, Eastern European name and cut-glass vowels. Or the guy who looks a bit like Clark Kent’s other, less famous, English alter ego (is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s BARMAN!). Even if not aesthetically gorgeous, should wear polo shirts and jeans at all times (baggy, straight-legged and skinnyish versions all acceptable at B@1 bar in Hammersmith) and must be willing to chat to everyone and make them feel welcome/like old friends. Should also like dancing behind the bar while making 12 mojitos on the trot in happy hour, and in quiet periods maybe just with fellow workers or unaware punters.

Passionfruit Margarita WLTM thirsty soul capable of not gulping down tequila like Robinsons barley water. Interested in reposado tequila (good stuff) and prefers sugar on glass rim to typical salt. Comes from a big family (Strawberry, Frozen, On The Rocks and Mexican Iced Tea) and seeks like-minded drinker keen to broaden their bevy horizon with alternative Margaritas and versions of other cocktails. There’s a whole B@1 cocktail menu out there after all.

Those not in the market for a new relationship may still want to jot down these essential deets:

B@1 bar in Hammersmith; just off the Broadway and short walk to Hammersmith Apollo.

Happy hour 5-8pm Monday –Thursday; 5 to 7pm Friday – Saturday; Sunday 6pm to Midnight (excluding bank holiday weekends where Happy Hour moves to Monday).

Bartender's Choice - Monday-Wednesday (two cocktails £5 each all night). more

Nathalie Bonney

Customer Reviews for B@1 (Be at One)

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“This bar is awsome. The bar staff are really friendly and the atmosphere is amazing. Strongly recommend B@1. We had the most amazing nite there, I'm sure the bar staff would remeber us... ”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Ian Wilson-Clarke, Barnes (8 years 11 months 4 days ago)

“Hit Bar & Restaurant is very impressive. The atmosphere is calm and chic, the interior soothing, the staff are friendly and very helpful and approachable. The food is of a great quality and very well presented. The place is clean and minimal but effective. I work in Hammersmith so it is a great place to take lunch, an after work drink or an evening meal. Many of my work colleagues have grown to like it to and i'm sure it will soon be our daily hangout!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Meral Colak, London (12 years 6 months 1 days ago)

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Additional Information

  • Dress Code: Not Specified
  • Group: B@1

B@1 (Be at One) Food & Drinks

B@1 (Be at One) Drinks Menu

Be At One offers over 170 cocktails with something for everyone whether it's something for the softer pallate or a more sublime classic for the seasoned drinker.

Updated 08/01/2008

Item Description Price
Mango Mojito Havana Club Anejo Especial Rum, mint, sugar and lemon juice churned with Mango liqueur and purée then topped with soda. £ 5.90
Lychee Martini Bombay Sapphire Gin shaken with lychee liqueur and lychee juice £ 5.90

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"Not too bad overall, girls less classy than other strip joints in London, Kristina let me touch her which was ok can't complain though would have liked a better ass haha" Which venue is this?

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