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Mint Leaf Lounge (Bar, Restaurant)

Picture of Mint Leaf Lounge in City of London, London

12 Angel Court, Bank, City of London, London, EC2R 7HB
Cuisine: Indian Average Price: £70.00
Tel: 020 7600 0992 | Email to Mint Leaf Lounge | Website | Transport: Bank | Write review

Mint Leaf Lounge Review

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Best for: Feeling like a cosmopolitan, London or New York style.

Great: cocktails at the bar; attention to detail; customer service in the restaurant.

London. New York. London. New York. As I walk into Mint Leaf Lounge, my mind wavers as it tries to pinpoint exactly where on Earth I am. My phone's map app clearly says: Bank, London. The Oyster card in my wallet seems to substantiate this claim. Yet, technology aside, my eyes are telling me I'm in New York as I take in my surrounds.

I check my coat and proceed to the bar to try and solve my puzzlement. Around me, English accents murmur. Another point for London.

Behind me, a sleek bronze, slate and stone bar - with row upon row of glowing alcohol bottles and metal baskets running up the wall holding Japanese whisky bottles - has the slickness of New York. Another point for New York.

Minutes later, my partner arrives in from the cold night with freezing hands. Another point for New York.

Soon, shiny whisky cocktails - androgynous country of origin - arrive at our small table. The title of one, a Japanese Manhattan, only confounds me further. New York...London...New mind ticks away.

Then we're off to our table for the evening, wandering through the bar area and into a packed restaurant filled with noisy, chatty colleagues and couples. It's dimly lit, with dark wood furnishings, cream accents, marble statues and expansive, geometric gold chandeliers that dangle precipitously above the walkway. 'This screams New York,' I think again, as I'm reminded of countless scenes in Sex and the City where the foursome of friends dined in places just like this.

Our waiter, Endre, appears; he's precise, neat, tidy and with an accent suggesting France. 'Paris?' I question, then realising that’s definitely out of the question because there is too much intensity and darkness to be the French capital.

Endre recommends a Domaine Pascal Balland Sancerre to start, affirming my assumption that he is French. It turns out he’s Hungarian. Confusion reigns.

Posh poppadoms arrive at our table along with our wine, accompanied by tamarind, tomato and sweet chilli dips. The Indian touch scores another point for London; the English are renowned for their love of Indian cuisine.

As our evening progresses, I'm further pulled from one country to another. A smoky, charcoal grilled lamb chop with a tongue-tingling coriander and mint dressing, and perfect, crispy scallops with mango and chilli sauce: Indian fusion, suggesting an innovative New York or London locale.

The manager – an affable but sleekly dressed man – walks casually from table to table, asking diners how they're enjoying their evening in a style of customer service that suggests high American standards. Diners arrive late into the evening, which could suggest either country: the English love curry after the pub; the east coast New Yorkers start their nights out late.

By the time we reach dessert – having also consumed three mains and a bottle of Te Kuha Craggy Range New Zealand single estate red wine – we're nearly too full to continue. 'I'd watch my waistline more if this were New York,' I think, chalking up another point for London. What arrives is a dancing medley of flavours in a compact, irresistible form: fennel and cumin terrine with jelly and berries.

We stay for one final drink. We’re unable to resist the lure of the sexy bar. A quick check of our watches reveals the hour is nearing midnight, and we'll soon turn into bus-riding pumpkins if we do not leave. Reality hits that we could only be in London, since New York caters to the late-at-heart.

I can, therefore, conclude: Mint Leaf Lounge restaurant and bar may be in London, but it walks the line between two countries and, by the time you leave, you'll feel as satiated as a Londoner but as chic as a New Yorker. more

Alwynne Gwilt

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Mint Leaf Lounge Opening Hours

Monday: 11:45am - 11:00pm Friday: 11:45am - 11:00pm
Tuesday: 11:45am - 11:00pm Saturday: Closed
Wednesday: 11:45am - 11:00pm Sunday: Closed
Thursday: 11:45am - 11:00pm    

Additional Information

Mint Leaf Lounge Food & Drinks

  • Cuisine Type: Indian
  • Average Price: £70.00

Mint Leaf Lounge Hire Details

The mezzanine champagne and cocktail bar can be hired for private functions for 60 guests as can the private dining room below which can seat a maximum of 50 guests. Exclusive private hire is available with a maximum of 300 guests.

Updated 03/09/2008

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"Not too bad overall, girls less classy than other strip joints in London, Kristina let me touch her which was ok can't complain though would have liked a better ass haha" Which venue is this?

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