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"My sister and I have eaten here quite a few times, staff are lovely, the food is fabulous .... I frequently recommend it to tourists. It has a really nice feel to it but we love quirky. The owner is a..." Which venue is this?


"I ATE AT THE HOLY BUSH WITH MY HUSBAND, SISTER AND NEPHEW _ THE MEAL WAS A DISASTER ESPECIALLY THE BILL OF 180 POUNDS - so called crab on toast was a pate - meat pie was like concrete with dry meat and..." Which venue is this?

This week's faves

  1. Yates’s Wine Bar (WC2)
  2. Freud (WC2)
  3. Bourne & Hollingsworth (W1)
  4. Gigalum (SW4)
  5. The Castle (SW17)
  6. Rowley's (SW1)
  7. Randall & Aubin (W1)
  8. Purl (W1)
  9. Waterloo Bar & Grill (SE1)
  10. VOC (N1)

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