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Top 10 Best Bars & Clubs in London To Find Hot Girls

Picture of Top 10 Best Bars & Clubs in London To Find Hot Girls

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We blokes aren’t particularly bright when it comes to the opposite sex. We know enough to get by. We realise that standing outside Clapham North or Angel tube stations at 7pm on any given day of the week will result in a constant tide of hot eye candy, but we’re not so smart on the specifics. As in, where do we find lots of beautiful girls and sexy ladies in London in one convenient bar, club or restaurant, at one convenient time?

Relax lads, Fluid London has done the hard work for you. Here then is a guide to the Top 10 Best Bars, Pubs, Clubs & Restaurants in London to find Hot Girls.

Or, you can always play the numbers game, and pay a visit to London’s most promiscuous bars & clubs.

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Image of Elk Bar, a Bar, Restaurant in Fulham, London

Elk Bar
Fulham / Bar / Restaurant / Cuisine: Pub

Fulham - Elk Bar is cool without trying too hard to look it. It's still in a pretty plush area but manages to be less ostentatious or pretentious than some of its King's Road relatives. Gratifyingly, the kind of women you're likely to meet here fall into a similar bracket. They are all beautiful and elegant enough not to look even a smidgeon out of place in Chelsea but they're that bit more chatty and charming. On Friday/Saturday nights the bar is jumping and there isn't a seat to be had so the dancefloor becomes an obligation! The kind of woman you're likely to meet here is intelligent and independent-minded but also friendly and up for a laugh. (Arthur Browne) Contact Elk Bar directly

Image of Kettner's, a Bar, Restaurant in Soho, London

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Soho / Bar / Restaurant / Cuisine: French

Soho - Maybe it's the decadent decor with its large mirrored walls for people-watching and checking one's make-up that encourages SO many beautiful ladies to visit this restaurant and bar? Maybe its the location in the heart of Gay Soho that means SO many hot women frequent this establishment without fear of being glared at by men like me/us? Maybe it's the superb wine list, Champagne options and sparkling English wines that gets SO many gorgeous gals through the door? Whatever the reason, they come here in their droves. My advice: grab a cushy seat with your back to wall so you can enjoy the vista before you. Then, if you manage to catch an eye, offer to buy them bubbles at the bar. Contact Kettner's directly

Image of The Ship, a Bar, Restaurant in Wandsworth, London

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The Ship
Wandsworth / Bar / Restaurant / Cuisine: Gastro

Wandsworth - "It's a jungle out there," Randy Newman told us and I can't help but agree. On that basis, The Ship in south London would be my choice of hunting grounds. I make that choice fairly easily, given that I am not the sweaty, loud aesthetic club sort of creature. I come off reasonably better in conversation than on the dance-floor. The patio area is top of my list, especially as it is without music that sounds like a brain haemorrhage to me. Real ale and sunshine added to that combo and that's probably the most level playing field that I'll ever get, so The Ship would be my choice to meet someone. (Omer Hamid) Contact The Ship directly

Image of The Old Blue Last, a Bar in Shoreditch, London

The Old Blue Last
Shoreditch / Bar /

Shoreditch - The indie chick: Picture the scene, it's a night out in Shoreditch, you're with your closest compares and you're looking for a spot that offers a potent mix of trend-setting music and low maintenance female specimens. The Old Blue Last is the perfect pick and this notorious East London nightspot remains on the cutting edge of capital's underground music scene. Prerequisites include: dancing like a lunatic, a penchant for strong libations, and suitably coiffed hair. The music nights are usually free, so there's no excuse for not buying one of these ladies a drink or two. (James McManus) Contact The Old Blue Last directly

Image of JuJu Chelsea, a Bar, Club in Chelsea, London

JuJu Chelsea
Chelsea / Bar / Club / Cuisine: Pan Asian

The Classier Than You: these girls have so much sass their eyes are made from real diamonds and the sun probably does shine out of their perfect derrieres. Consider the location: Chelsea; the King's Road. Nuff said. This cosy club is well known for its glamourous clientele, jovial staff and killer cocktails. It's no wonder Juju followed its 2009 Best New Bar win at the London Club Awards with Best Mixologist in 2010. Buy some smart clothes and start practicing your best lothario chit chat. Contact JuJu Chelsea directly

Image of Tooting Tram and Social, a Bar, Club in Tooting, London

Tooting Tram and Social
Tooting / Bar / Club / Cuisine: Eclectic

The Healer: why The Healer? Well, because a healthy number of the gorgeous gals to be found flaunting their obvious beauty at this stylish bar are employed within the nursing industry, what with St George's Hospital just up the road. And who has ever met a nurse that didn't like to have lots of fun? Those girls love to drink, dance, chat, sing, and, most probably, snog. What's more, the ladies working BEHIND the bar are also the most alluring you're ever likely to witness working behind the bar. Contact Tooting Tram and Social directly

Image of The Book Club, a Bar in Shoreditch, London

The Book Club
Shoreditch / Bar / Cuisine: Modern International

The Maiden of Media: Whether its the exposed brickwork, the by-the-carafe wine, or the possibility of ping pong, girls love a good Book Club and this one is mostly frequented by those we label 'Media Types'. Asymmetrical haircuts, boutique clothing, and a massive pair of fek-off headphones. Throw in an Apple Mac laptop and a tendency to talk about perfecting the art of the flat white and you've got it. Tip: arrive early, eat, play pool downstairs, and watch beauty gather around you. Delicious! Contact The Book Club directly

Image of Amersham Arms, a Bar in Greenwich, London

Amersham Arms
Greenwich / Bar / Cuisine: Eclectic

The Student: Young, attractive, creative girls enjoying themselves to the point of reckless abandon, looking for someone to share their 'sex, drugs, & rock n roll'. The Amersham Arms certainly provides the rock n roll with its ramshackle live music venue, popular with Goldsmiths' local student body. A body that wears tight, grungy clothing and drink pints of Red Stripe. Hmmm. Friday's Whip It! indie nights are ideal for dirty, dirty fun so, as the neon sign above the door suggests: Take Courage. Contact Amersham Arms directly

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